Thursday, 10 February 2011

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.

I got an award this week from Jax@You are Loved. This one is a bit different cos you have to tell 4 lies about yourself and one truth! And you guys have the job of sussing out which one is the truth. Tee hee hee

This is fun, I like these kind of awards!

Ok, here goes then.

1)  I met the Queen and had a long conversation with her, when she visited Elgin, when I was about 14.

2)  I crashed the car once cos a wasp flew in the window and buzzed around my face.  I drove into the back of a bus.

3)  Once after finishing my late shift at the hotel, I was 'flashed' at by some weirdo guy.  I was totally traumatized and my friend nearly wet herself laughing!

4)  Driving to school one day to pick up Holly, I spotted all these people standing out in their gardens watching because an ambulance was on the grass at the opposite side of the road, just along from the school. The paramedics were seeing to a child who was on the ground.  I pulled in as I thought I recognized the wheelchair next to the paramedics.  I panicked cos I thought it was Jack but it wasn't.

5) In one of the hotels I worked in you had to wear a kilt as part of your uniform.  One sunny day, after work I was at the bank in the main street of Aberdeen taking money from the ATM.  A gust of wind came and blew my kilt up around my ears and I flashed my bare butt to a tour bus full of pensioners who had just drawn up!!!! which one is true then?  I will let you know later how right or wrong you were and then I will pass it on.

I look forward to hearing your views.  Have a great day folks :)


  1. 1 is such an obvious lie (queenie disny usually gab tae us likes!!) that it may actually be tru!

    3 well you're talking to the girl who went to a convent school. We had a lane that pervos and wierdo and their atachments frequented on a regular basis - i kniow it happens so it must be true.
    4 wel, you care bout your weans so i'd never forgive you if you went on and ignored.

    5 i'm hoping did happen cos it's a hoot!!

    so that leaves 2

  2. I reckon its the wasp one. I can see you doing that.
    And if you were flashed at, I imagine you doing the exact same thing i would...point and laugh!! :-)

  3. I am going for the one with the wasp too, but hoping it is the kilt. Too funny.

  4. Congrats on the award!

    Since it's something *I* would do, I think #2 is the truth. :)

  5. I say it's number three, sounds like it could happen to me at work any day :D

  6. Other than number 1, they are all pretty believable. I'm going to pick number 5. Not because it's seems the most likely but because it made me laugh...

    Plus, had an employer ever made me wear a kilt I suspect that would have been my experience with it.

  7. I think all have a ring of truth to them, but just with a quirk to make them not the total truth :). As wind has the ability to lift skirts right at the most in appropriate time, I'm going with number 5.

  8. i'm gonna go with 4....if it turns out to be 5 , Im so made I missed it :-)

  9. I'm going to go with 5 because it is just hysterical :D

  10. #5 because you have admitted to going out without knickers
    And because it is so funny

  11. Julie - lol you've really thought about this!
    Odie - good choice
    Kinks - you know me well
    Skippymom - mmmmmmm you're good
    ARNSam - you hate wasps too me thinks!
    gewuerzgurke - really? eek!
    Nari - I hated wearing a kilt
    twilightgazing - well said my friend
    Kitari - very good choice :)
    Chief aka dad - tee hee hee
    Jax - yes it is quite good eh
    Mynx - I know, shocking!

  12. I know which one, i know which one! is there a prize!!

  13. Kay - lol I know you know! Sorry no prize was just a bit of fun:)

  14. I would have to say four would be the truth, but what do I know?

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