Friday, 18 February 2011

I'd like to thank............

It's  award time again and I can never get enough of the things :)

Twilightgazing@As it is, As it happens awarded this to me earlier this week cos she reckons I am quite funny. Woo hoo, thanks girlie, I aim to please. So if you haven't dropped by her blog, then go check her out.

So the Rules to this award are:

** Link to the person who gave you this award.  Done :)

**Say seven things about yourself that no one knows (or at least you think no one knows).
I have been given this award before but hey far be it for me to pass on the chance to tell ya more about yours truly so here goes:

1)  The day I was given Jack's 1st diagnosis of cerebral palsy, I went straight round to my mum and dad's house and was really upset.  I had Jack balancing on my knee, he was about 9 months old, I was crying and quite distraught when he started really chuckling and laughing.  He obviously thought the noise I was making was hysterically funny and we all fell about laughing cos he'd not laughed up til then.  

2)  I went to see the band Marillion in concert and one of the guitarists kept throwing his plectrum at me.  He must have thrown at least 10 but I kept missing them! Bummer but he did think it was quite funny as did the folk around me who were managing to catch them.

3)  I have only ever been in love twice but I've been in LUST more times than I care to mention! I know which one I prefer ;)

4)  I cheekily chatted up an ambulance driver to give myself and my friend Angie a lift to my car in his ambulance! She had just had a dose of radiotherapy, was tired and my car was parked quite a bit away!!!  You see what a little bit of flirting can achieve?

5)  I really value my friends and have only ever let go of 2 or 3 of them because they were no longer good for me.

6)  I have laughed so much that I have peed myself!!!!  Ooops!

7)  I love fashion jewelry and a really quirky piece can set off an outfit.  I like really unusual stuff.  I am not a lover of gold but prefer silver, white gold or platinum.  Not that I own any platinum jewelry, I wish :) 

** Pass the award along to seven other people who post about at least the slightly amusing things and tell them.

Well I think, since this one has been doing the rounds a lot lately that you all deserve it, so help yourselves people and I look forward to hearing 7 things about you all.

** Pass the rules on. Done, I think?


  1. Jack sounds an awesome boy and obviously takes after his mum with his sense of fun. Confession, I've pee'd myself before from laughing too much too. And flirting? well there is nothing like a bit of flirting.

  2. chucklin at mum crying... kids are good like that hey.
    After 3 kids , I can't laugh tooo hard LOL
    What is a plectrum?

  3. Congratulations Lynn, you are so deserving of this award.

  4. marrillion? script for a jesters tear was like my favorite album, and i am sure i had this in vinyl,
    when this came out.

    amazing that just the mention of the band name, and the flood of memories!

    flirting works for everyone...

    i used to make some good tips from the gay guys when i would flirt as well.

    i had to be careful tho' some of those gay guys were pretty possesive!

    flirting is a freaking awesome feleing, on both sides of the flirt!

  5. A girl has to flirt sometime, it is in the rules.
    You have had kids, you laugh, you pee, also in the rules lol

  6. Twilightgazing - he is totally awesome but then I am biased.
    IWBY - it really was funny! A plectrum is the little triangular piece of plastic guitarists use to pick at the strings.
    Odie - thanks my friend.
    Bruce - Marillion were just the BEST! I love that album, also Misplaced Childhood and Clutching at Straws, total class! I absolutely love to flirt and luckily for me, it comes naturally :)
    Mynx - I like these rules!

  7. Whoever hasn't laughed themselves wet before isn't really living!

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