Sunday, 13 February 2011

In sickness and in health

The dreaded lurgy is still hanging around.  I stood under the shower for 20 minutes yesterday and I felt much better for it.  So much better that I was able to get Jack out onto the floor and do some exercises with him.  He was a total star and was up on his knees for nearly an hour, supported of course. I do his exercises on a crinkly mat so that he makes a sound with every movement he makes which then persuades him to do it again. 

Then I encouraged him to play with one of his toys that had lots of things to twiddle, turn and bash.  He really has lost the ability to do all these things but soon got the hang of it.  He was peeking at it but constantly had to be encouraged to reach out. Once he had reached out, his little fingers automatically tried to grab things so that hasn't totally gone yet.  It is lovely when he shows interest in these things. 

Then just after I'd fed him, he had a seizure and was sick.  The reason he is sick is because the seizure causes his chest to go into such a spasm so that when the seizure relaxes its grip, he then gasps for air, coughs and chokes and this makes him sick.  

Fortunately he isn't sick often unless the seizure is particularly violent or it is quite soon after he has been fed or given some water.  He has been sick 3 times with seizures in the last 2 days.  Twice yesterday and once the day before.  It can be very stressful when he is sick because I have to get him onto his side very quickly so that he doesn't aspirate any of it.  Very hard to do, when you have a child who is totally rigid or is in a chair!

The sickness itself is what I call 'comedy sick'!  There I go again poking fun at something that is so not funny but hey, sue me, it's how I cope.  What I mean by 'comedy sick' is the kind you see in comedy films or comedy sketches where it comes out projectile like, like it's coming out of a fireman's hose!  It might come out in a straight line but it goes every freaking where!  We both end up wearing it and Holly is running about like a headless chicken looking for something to catch it in!  Quite funny really.  After the clean up and panic over, Holly and I just look at each other and start laughing!  

So today after being sick yesterday, he is coughing a lot again, more yucky stuff but still clear at the moment but he is a bit hot.  I am hoping that it stays that way but if not, then it's more antibiotics, more days off school so fingers crossed people.

Ironically when Jack was ill last week with his chest infection, he was so flat and listless that he didn't have any seizures for about 3 days!  Most kids when they are ill, fit more and that is an indication that something is brewing.  Jack hasn't read that particular medical book so he makes his own rules, bit like his mum and does the complete opposite.  I love that about him, it makes me smile that even in his disability he adds his own little quirky slant to it.

Holly on the other hand is valiantly fighting off the lurgy.  She has been to the new boyfriends house to meet all his friends and he has now met hers.  So that awkward bit is over at least.  The poor boy has had to get a contract phone that gives him unlimited texts so that he can stay in constant contact with her.............awww young love! After spending the whole day together on Friday, she spent over 3 hours chatting to him on her mobile while I meanwhile had to suppress the giggles when I was thinking of the bill that Father of the Year was gonna get this month.  It's the price you pay when you give your daughter a contract phone and no hard and fast rules. I am so wicked!

The good news is that now i am able to get a hold of her via mobile now as she always has it switched on in case Daaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvvvvvvvviiiiiiiiiiiiddddddddddddddddddddddddd calls or texts. Oh to be young and in luuurve..  He is so keen that he is coming to see her tomorrow, Valentine's Day, at 10am!  I don't think he has sussed that I don't call her the 'duvet monster' for nothing.  She is so like her mum, not a morning person at all!  Ten in the morning is like 5am to us night birds, it takes us at least an hour, copious amounts of coffee/tea and a shower to function at just the basic level.

So in order for her to be looking fairly decent I will need to wake her at 8am.  When I told her this, she just smiled! Wtf?!!  she must really really really like him!

Aaaawwww cute or what!


  1. awwww - love - isn't it a wonderful thing!!
    Emma - love of paul's life is coming to ours tomorrow - about 12.
    Now - i have a house that looks like a bomb has it it, a camera crew hitting my house on tuesday and not much time to tidy - hope they can edit well!!!!

  2. That is sooooo sweet. Will be interested to find out how it all went. Hope you get some breaks with Jacks condition.

  3. Julie - Emma sounds nice and a camera crew! OMG are you gonna be in the movies? or is this the thing you are doing for the assisted living?
    Odie - yes it is really sweet :)

  4. I hope Holly has a nice visit for Valentine's. Young love is sweet. I have two stepdaughters (14 and 16) who are smitten with boys right now. It's funny because nothing else matters and they spend lots of time washing their hair and primping in the mirror.
    I have tagged you in a survey that my friend Shady passed on to me. If you would like to participate, you can go to my blog and copy and paste the questions, and replace my answers with yours. You would then tag 4 more bloggers to keep it going.
    Keep us updated on the sweethearts!
    Thanks, Karen

  5. Awww, I love young love! I do hope that tomorrow morning when you wake her up she is still smiling. I hope she a terrific Valentine's Day! I also hope Jack gets better.

  6. good for holly!

    10 am is too early, unless it is love!

  7. I was smiling from ear to ear at your descrition of playing with Jack...and then he got sick ..sigh..
    I love the photo of the "comedy vomit" , have been on the recieving end of those a few times lol .I ran out of uniforms one day, had to run around the ward in theatre scrubs lol

    awww young love, thats so sweet :)

    btw when i read my blog name on your site I hear it in my head as

    Iwasnaybloggedyesterdea hahaha

  8. Karen@puppykisses - I know teenagers are so funny :) I will have to think about my answers now for this, I love this kind of stuff
    Jax - yes she was still smiling
    Bruce - 10 is a horrendous time of the morning!
    IWBY - comedy vomit, it is so not funny! That is exactly how I would say your blog name! lol

  9. For me 10 is the perfect start to actually do anything in the day. Time to sleep in and get stuff done.

    Aw love, it's amazing. Haha.

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

  10. AD - 12 noon would suit me better lol


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