Thursday, 24 February 2011

Off to the concert we go

Monday morning I was up early, packed and ready to go by 9.30am. Shocked!  So was I!  I am not renowned for being on time but early?  Unheard of.

We were waiting for Holly's friend Tammy who had decided to walk over early but as she wasn't here by 10.15, we set off, hoping to see her on the way, which we did.  She informed us that she had brought 'fake' moustaches!  Random or what?  Picked up Dizz who was carrying a box of bright funky sunglasses so we sat in the car, attaching fake mustaches and donning the shades.

We stopped in Aberlour, the home of the famous Walker's Shortbread and went into the local supermarket there to get munchies for the journey.  We caused great hilarity there cos we still had on our moustaches and shades.  The shop assistant, a guy, asked us what the occasion was and I replied "that we were off to a concert and just thought we'd add a little fun to the journey".  He laughed when I told him "my moustache is fake, honest" and he laughingly said that "there are plenty of women who come in here with real ones, I'll have you know".  We all cracked up laughing, even more so when he shouted, as we were leaving, "that there was a special offer on razors in the next ailse!".  I think we made his day.

What can I say? That's me bottom left.

A couple of miles down the road we came across road works and we wound down the windows and the girls were singing "Bob the Builder" and heckling out the window at the workmen!  The workmen joined in the fun and heckled back although we got a few weird looks for our dodgy moustaches!

By the time we stopped at a McDonalds in Perth we'd ditched the disguises.  After getting our food, much hilarity ensued and we caught the attention of the manager, who swept under our table a half dozen times, kept looking at us and smiling, especially when Holly, after opening the paper bag that held her blueberry muffin, stuck the sticker seal onto her top lip, really sealing it on and Dizz, without warning, reached across the table and ripped it off!!  Holly let out such a screech and I really thought I was gonna pee my pants!  I was laughing so hard that I couldn't breathe, tears were rolling down my face and Muttley didn't have a look in!  Meanwhile, Dizz and Tammy are equally helpless while Holly is cupping her mouth, groaning about how "if this is what waxing is like, then she was never ever getting it done!".

Got a sore lip Holly???

Finally we got to our hotel in Edinburgh.  We chilled for a while before having dinner then jumped on the bus, armed with a map and some sketchy directions from the receptionist.  We found the venue though and couldn't believe the size of the queue, since it was only 10 mins after the doors had opened!  Luckily it moved along quite quickly and this time I wasn't privy to any explicit teenage conversations like last time!! Shame really cos that did give me such a laugh and great blogging material too.

Inside, the venue was similar to the previous one and we manged to get near the front but down the side this time.  I endured (sorry Dizz, but really he was crap) a guy called Sage yelling to background music, mixed by some DJ, for about half an hour, then we patiently waited for The Midnight Beast to make an appearance.  Dizz and I had a difference of opinion about Sage.  She loved him and his music, whereas I thought he was shit! Eventually she persuaded me to cut him some slack.  It was either that or she was gonna torture me with his music at a later date! Some lanky guy in front of us, obviously overdosed on the beans before he came out cos he was farting for Scotland.  At some point, I swear I could taste it. Eeeeeewwwwwwwwww! Some people just take sharing to a whole new level.

When finally The Midnight Beast came on, the crowd went nuts and they were just as good as last time.  Within minutes, I was jumping around, waving my arms in the air and singing my wee heart out.  There were times that they got so close to us that we were nearly able to reach out and touch them, but not quite although Dizz just managed it.  Me, I took that opportunity to breathe some fresh air since 'smelly butt guy' had surged forward too. The concert ended with a bang, literally, as we were showered in confetti.


By the time the band were finished, we were hot, sweaty and tired but Dizz still managed to get up the energy to collect as much of the confetti that she could fit into her hat. Apparently she collects it at every concert. Eh, ok, weird but if it makes her happy who am I to speak.  When we got outside, Holly was most indignant cos some girl thought she was Tammy's mum!  This came about cos Holly was protecting Tammy, who is tiny, from being pushed and shoved by some random girls.  They stopped after Holly glared and one girl said to the other "her mum's giving us a filthy look!".   I couldn't stop laughing cos Tammy is 18 and older than Holly.  I think it was the highlight of Tammy's day.  Snigger snigger.

Outside, we waited to get a glimpse of the band.  I'd forgotten the camera (oops!) so Holz was using her iphone and she doesn't know how to put the flash on so we weren't going to get good photos.  After half an hour we were rewarded with the appearance of Ashley, Stefan and Drew.  There was a mad dash to be first to get autographs and photos but after much persistence from Dizz, we managed and my three teenagers were ecstatic. Dizz even managed to accost the really crappy talented Sage so finally I was able to persuade them it was time to leave.

Holly's signed calendar

Back at the hotel, it was after midnight before we fell into bed, they were so high.

Next morning we were up early, Holly in grumpy mode, cos hey it's morning............groaaannnnnnnnnn! When Tammy and Dizz joined us, Dizz looked equally grumpy.  It wasn't until she left the room for a minute that Tammy explained why.  It turned out that Dizz slept through her alarm and didn't respond to Tammy's gentle persuasions to get up (she had thrown a pen at her first!), so she dripped cold water on Dizz'z face! Holly and I exploded with laughter especially when Tammy said that "their room had been very quiet since, with Dizz just glaring at her!".  It's even funnier when you know that Tammy is so little and timid whereas Dizz is fearless!  When Dizz came back into the room, I was rolling about on top of my bed, holding onto my sides, crying with laughter. Her only comment was "so she's told you then!".

As you can imagine, the car journey home was much more subdued cos they were all shattered and every time I remembered about how Tammy woke up Dizz, I just collapsed into fits of giggles, much to Dizz's disgust. Great fun!


  1. Live and learn. Up until now the only Perth I knew of is the one in western Australia.

    Sounds as if a wonderful time was had by all, even the little darlin' who got sprinkled with cold water in the face.

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm so exhausted just reading about your wonderful adventure! Sounds as if you all had a super time. You can't beat times like that. Took me back to when I went to a Madonna Concert at Wembley with my daughter and a friend - many years ago now!

  3. OMG Lynne I am with Thisisme about being tired from the journey you took us on. Thanks for taking us along but it was a little bit of a strain on us old folks. Seriously girl it was a riot and you made my day with this analysis of your adventure. We can always expect a wonderful post from you especially when Holly is along. Have a wonderful rest of the week. Hugs to you Holly & Jack.

  4. Sounds AMAZING!! I really wanna come hang out with you guys.

  5. Don - it was probably named after the one here.
    Thisisme - Oh no, I didn't mean to exhaust you! Glad you managed to read to the end!
    Odie - I am just glad you read it all! Now go and have a lie down to recover :)
    Jumble Mash - yes it would be a total blast!

  6. Sounds like just.THE.BEST.TIME.EVER.

    I am too old [I WOULD be the Mom shooting nasty looks at anyone who jostled you guys]- but I would love to come hang out with you guys for the next concert too! I'll bring the mustaches. heehee

  7. What fun! If you ever make it over to the states and to Las Vegas, let me know. I imagine we could make a sepctacular time of it.

  8. Sounds like a blast. I wish I could have been there for the mustaches though.

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

  9. It sounds like you had a terrific time! The mustaches were funny but not random, my sister recently went to a friend's house for girls night where she had fake mustaches. They took pictures and sent them to the jealous guys who couldn't join in on their girls night telling them girl's night turned into guy's night... sorry but you're not invited :D My sister and her friends are hysterical.

    Gotta love fake mustaches!

  10. It sounds like you had a terrific time! The mustaches were funny but not random, my sister recently went to a friend's house for girls night where she had fake mustaches. They took pictures and sent them to the jealous guys who couldn't join in on their girls night telling them girl's night turned into guy's night... sorry but you're not invited :D My sister and her friends are hysterical.

    Gotta love fake mustaches!

  11. Skippymon - oh you can hang out with us anytime my friend :)
    Nari - Oh I wish, we would have a blast
    Ditz - lol I know great fun
    Jax - ha ha your sister sounds very cool :)


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