Monday, 14 February 2011

Romance is in the air

Last night, Holly's two friends, Daniel and Jordan came to visit.  Daniel and Jordan brought me a Valentine Cake!  How sweet is that? I thought to begin with it was for Holly but they said "no, it was for me, cos she was going to be getting stuff for Valentine's Day anyway".

It was a white cake with a red heart in the middle, with the words "hot stuff" written on it. That totally made me laugh cos, what, who me?  They are just being kind but I was so chuffed none the less.

We all had a slice of cake and I washed mine down with wine cos after the day I had had, I was feeling the need to partake of a smidge.

I love when Holly's pals come around cos we have so much fun.  I just love the way that teenagers think and their humour is just the best.

Daniel has Tourettes's Syndrome and this manifests in tics, involuntary and uncontrollable sounds and movements. His Tourette's can be triggered by the cold, nervousness and stress.  When he has outbursts of swear words, it sends us into fits of giggles just because it is so random and out of the blue. I hasten to add that we are not laughing at him, we are laughing with him and it's good that his network of friends are not in the least bit fazed by his tourettes.

So while Daniel and Jordan were in the house, there was a knock at the door and the dogs started barking like crazy.  I got as far as the living room door when Daniel randomly shouted out 'Fuck' quickly followed by 'Police' (pronounced like po - liss) and I nearly fell over laughing which then had a knock on reaction with Holly, Daniel and Jordan.

By the time I got to the door, I was crying with laughter at the thought of the Po - liss being at the door but instead it was Friend with Perks, standing there, holding out flowers to me and wondering why I was in hysterics! I was totally taken aback I can tell you.

It was lovely to see Friend with Perks and he gave me a Valentine's card as well which was a complete surprise as he doesn't really go in for that kind of thing but he knows that I do. He only stayed about 15 minutes as he was on his way to his work but he really made my day.

During all the laughter, Holly carried on making a Valentine's Day book for David and continued to draw during all the laughter and mayhem.  David likes dragons so the story is based on 2 dragons and the work that she has put into it is immense!  I hope he really likes it. I managed to get some pics of the finished article for you all to get a sneaky peak.  So do you want a wee look???

This is the girl dragon sleeping in her nice little girlie bubble

then one day her bubble gets popped and she plummets to the ground!

Luckily, she lands on a tree first, breaking her fall but then falls further to the ground. Boy Dragon is wondering what all the ruckus is!

Girl Dragon lands on her head.  Boy Dragon is smitten

Girl Dragon thinks...ooohh too but her heart got broken in the fall

She is very sad but then Boy Dragon has an idea

he gets some crazy glue and sticky tape and 'fixes' it!

and now they are ever so happy!

so Girl Dragon asks the question

So there you have it!  Very cute huh?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.


  1. Love it all...cake, visit from 'Friend with Perks'but most of all I love Holly's beautiful art work...brilliant :-)

  2. how sweet - all of it.
    I wanna book fron Holly - d'ya think she'd be my valentine?!?!?!
    She'd prob have the pair of us plus Linda in it surrounded by sc and wine botlles!!!!!

  3. Wow that was some story you linked me to girl. I hate you had that mess in years past but you seem to have bounced back nicely and glad to know you still have the toy to keep you going. Happy Valentines Day to a very lovely lady.

  4. I love the new spring look to your blog! How sweet that Daniel and Jordan brought you that lovely cake and,also, that you had a valentine's card as well. I enjoyed reading that little story by the way. It's nice to have someone like that in your life. I had truly forgotten how dazzlingly talented Holly is. That little book was gorgeous, so beautifully drawn and illustrated. Happy Valentine's Day to you. I'm still in bed with this flu and not feeling much better. I've gone down to under 8 stone!!

  5. I am laughing so hard [with] y'all - that is so funny. I am glad that the young man's friends understand his condition. FABULOUS.

    And how sweet that they brought you a cake. YAY

    I want that book - it is so sweet and well done. I can't wait to show Wallene. She will love it.

  6. Wow!! Holly is incredibly talented, that book is amazing! Personal presents, especially handmade ones, are wonderful to receive - her boyfriend is a very lucky guy :-)

  7. Cutest book and story ever!! I love it. And I would love to get a gift like that.

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  9. That artwork is beautiful!!

    And a hand-delivered Valentine's card from your 'Friend with Perks' was such a sweet gesture. Awesome, simply awesome.

  10. She did a fantastic job! I can imagine his outburst was hilarious as it certainly had me chuckling. Friends with Perks is a smart man since he knows how to keep his perks going. :)

  11. that is just too cute! i love it! and that was so nice of them to bring you the cake! lucky yoU! nobody brought me a cake! haha you deserve it!

  12. Linda - I know, it's all good but nothing beats the art!
    Julie - I'm still waiting for my book! Yes it would be just like that
    Odie - lol yes some story right enough
    Thisisme - it sounds like more than just flu you have!!!
    Skippymom - I know, he laughs with us, just as well. Hope your daughter liked the book too
    Ruthytoothy - they sure are
    JM - me too
    A Redhead Named Sam - it was just awesome
    Krissy - I am still laughing!
    Chief aka Dad - I didn't think you were the jealous type ;-)
    Corey - the cake was very yummy!

  13. My word that is just plain adorable!

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