Tuesday, 7 February 2012

It's a bright bright sunny day here in Scotland

Hey there my little gigglers.

Jack is getting out of hospital on Friday!!!!! Not straight home of course as we are going to Rachel House, the children's hospice, til the 15th Feb but then it's home to Elgin.  Jack is going into local respite for 4 days but we will finally all be home together again on the 19th Feb.

I am so excited but scared at the same time! I haven't done this on my own for over 3 months so it's a bit daunting but for the first four weeks I will be getting overnight carers coming in so that I can sleep, which will make a huge difference and will help ease me in gently.

Jack is looking so well now. We are scheduled to return in May for the fundoplication so that gives us just under 3 months out of hospital before we have to go back.

his first outing, doesn't he look great?

We had Jack out for the first time last week and we were out for over two hours. He was totally exhausted after all that fresh air and made me realise that he is still quite weak still. Since then we have tried to have him out most days, if possible, just to try and get him back into some sort of sleeping pattern.

Holly has still two more prelim exams to go, so her stress levels are through the roof just now. Looking forward to that being over so that we can all chill for a bit and catch our breath. She will be joining us at Rachel House so I can't wait for some quality time with my girlie.

My lovely lodger Diana flew back to Romania on Friday. Holly and I took her to the airport and we were all very tearful. She was such a lovely girl and although we only had a short time together, we got to know her quite well. She was a good support to Holly while I had to be away and she even came to visit Jack in hospital in Edinburgh last week, as she was through doing a spot of sight seeing. She absolutely loved Edinburgh Castle. We will miss her.

Whilst I have been home this time, I have spent some time putting together a wardrobe that I bought out of Ikea. No rest for the wicked you know! Yes, in my rare moments when I have had nothing to occupy my mind, I decided while in Edinburgh that I would tear out my old built in wardrobes in my bedroom, which I detest so I hot footed it to Ikea (any excuse will do ya know) bought a wardrobe and have now half put it together. Just need to put the doors on so will ask my dad to help with that since he already helped me get it up the stairs. It's not the first time we've done furniture removal together!

got the basic structure going

now it's in place, add the drawers...easy peasy.

Next I have to remove said built in wardrobes but that is a job for when I am home for good. If Jack had still been in hospital in Aberdeen I would have probably taken a hammer to them to vent my frustrations but now that he is being properly cared for, I will take my time and take them out slowly without taking half the wall and roof too!  Watch this space.

Looking forward to being back on Blogger more often and filling you in on all the gory details of the last 4 months.

Take care, have a good week.

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