Thursday, 7 February 2013

Naturasil cured me of my witchy afflictions

Last year while Jack was in hospital, he developed a wart on the wrist of his left hand. It wasn't a problem at first but then it grew really big.

I tried one of the over the counter remedies which involved freezing it but as soon as I put it on, I could tell that it wasn't painless and he wasn't a happy boy. As it didn't work anyway, I sought advice from his Health Visitor and the advice given was to put duct tape on it for 7 days, remove it, file the wart down and repeat.

You can imagine my face when she told me this but I will try anything if it is going to work. The duct tape didn't even last hours, never mind days! That boy of mine was so sneaky at getting it off, all without pulling at it. I found duct tape stuck to everything, including the dogs but not to be outdone, I kept at it. After 3 days I gave up!

who would have known this would be a remedy?

I didn't really know where to go from there so I left it a while. Then one day, I noticed a spot on my face, not far from my lips. On closer inspection, after trying to squeeze the damn thing to get rid of it and only causing myself pain, I realised it was a wart! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I was horrified! I knew straight away that Jackyboy had passed it on to me and I even knew how.  I am always putting his hand up to my face and kissing it so it was only a matter of time before he shared the love.

It looked huge to me and I was convinced that every body could see that I had turned into a warty old woman over night! Whilst visiting Holly at Uni, I pointed out my affliction and gave her my woes while she fell about laughing, saying it didn't look that bad. But it did!

That damn wart taunted me from the mirror, practically grew arms and waved at me every chance it got and I was convinced that people were staring at it when they talked to me.It seemed to grow bigger every time I looked at it. If I didn't know better I am sure it was laughing at me.

After an evening where I swear it doubled in size, fluffing up like bloody mushroom, I decided to take action. As it was on my face, I knew I couldn't burn or freeze it off so I had to find something more natural.

Surfing the net, I came across a product called Naturasil. It was a homeopathic treatment which claimed to get rid of all types of warts. It cost £24.99 for a tiny bottle that claimed to get rid of the nasty bugger that afflicted me without pain or scarring. I found that hard to believe but really people, I was desperate to be rid of my new unwanted friend so it was a small price to pay.

The box is a bit dog eared, a sign of a lot of use

The instruction said to apply it 3 times a day over a 3-6 week period. I tried to follow it to the letter but sometimes I would forget and only apply it once or twice. I saw no change in my "not so little" friend for the first few weeks but then suddenly out of the blue, it seemed to have shrunk and wasn't so hard, less warty. Excited I kept at it until one disappeared!

How can it be there one day and then just poof? Gone into thin air. I inspected my face all over for signs that it hadn't gone just merely migrated to new pastures but no, it really had gone. I literally screamed, punched the air and did a wee dance around the bathroom. So chuffed was I that I text Holly to tell her that my affliction had buggered off!!! Mmmm great text to get from your mum eh? She was like "emmm, ok, that's great".

I should have had the foresight to take a before and after pic but I am really not that organised.

So now that I knew that it didn't hurt to use and didn't cause scarring, I set to work on the main man, Jack's nasty little friend. He was a lot more resistant to the whiles of Naturasil and it has taken a lot longer to see a difference but his hard, lumpy, warty friend is almost gone but not without a last act of rebellion, the little b**tard! Now we have a smaller friend sprouting up next to the original one but I am on him, armed and dangerous with Naturasil. That sucker is going down!!!

So now Naturasil is my new best friend. This skeptic has been won over, well and truly.

Now this stuff works on skin tags and verrucae too apparently so now I am trawling my body looking for any. I feel a bit like Lady Macbeth....out damn spot! Out I say! (See, cultured too. I am a woman of many talents..not).

Now I can go out, safe in the knowledge that my little friend can no longer yell and wave at people as I pass by. I am not vain but you have no idea how happy that makes me.

Oh the trauma!

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