Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Laughing is a dangerous occupation

Holly has entered the relationship world....again.  His name is David and he seems kinda cool.  There has been lots of texts, msn and facebook chatting over the last few days and last night while we were in the kitchen, she started telling me about his friend who took over his facebook chat and asked her a lot of "awkward personal questions".

Now Holly was not in the least fazed by this as she isn't her mother's daughter for nothing and I think he got more than he bargained for.

I was rummaging in the kitchen for something to eat as I had an attack of the munchies and came across some very ripe plums so opted for this healthy option, much to my disgust really, as there wasn't anything remotely exciting apart from that.

So Holly is telling me the story as I begin biting into this very juicy plum. With the first nibble I realise that this is gonna be a messy business as the juice is squirting everywhere so I hang over the sink, taking bites and laughing at the funny parts of her story.  I am not making much headway with said plum so with still half of it to go, I shove the whole thing in my mouth and start to chew around the stone.

I am doing ok and have nearly gotten most of the plum away from the stone when Holly makes me laugh so hard that I bloody inhale the stone and it gets stuck in my throat.  Trying not to panic, I try to swallow and pour myself some water at the same time.  It goes down a little bit so I chuck the water down my throat and the whole lot goes down but my face is a picture as I explain to Holly what has just happened.

This sets off another bout of hysterical laughter followed by lots of burping and hiccuping from me and I suddenly start freaking out that I might of aspirated it into my lungs!  I thought Holly was gonna wet herself she was laughing so hard while I was most indignant that she wasn't taking me seriously!  I mean, hello, this is not some small pip we are talking about here, this is a humongous stone for f**k's sake!  Ok, slight exaggeration but you get the drift.

In the middle of my major flap around the kitchen, Holly manages to get a hold of herself and starts texting furiously on her iphone.  I'm now calming down about the aspirating, I think I am spending too much time around Jack but then the dawning realisation that what goes in, must come out, kicks in and my eyes get great and big again while I am muttering  "oh just my luck, no doubt it will come out sideways and my poor butt will never be the same!".

Holly is hysterical with laughter, as am I and then she drops the bombshell that she has just put my trauma as her status update for facebook.

I feel loved!


  1. Nothing is sacred anymore especially where facebook is concerned. I love plums very much and have eat so many. It is hard to imagine what it must have been like to swallow that pit because I know how big they are. Glad you are OK for now. Time will tell how the "rest of the story" plays out.
    It's after midnight there now so I hope you had a great nights rest and will catch up with you tomorrow.
    Odie :)

  2. Wow haha, I'm sorry about the pit.

    I was hoping for more of what has been happening with Holly haha.


  3. OK...when can I move in??? Make sure there's room for my big TV please :-)

  4. Odie - only time will tell!!! lol
    Ditz - oh don't worry I will dish the dirt :)
    Chief - get your bags packed!!!

  5. Hi there. Holly sounds like my two daughters! Any disasters that have happened to me, they both fall off their perch because they're laughing so much!!!! Guess they love us really!

  6. Just hope that pit doesn't sprout before it's out. I hear that even small plum tree seedlings wreak havoc on bathroom "plumming". :-)

  7. Thisisme - she does sound like them. Mind you I was exactly the same with my mum.
    Don - oh you're very funny...eeeekkkk!

  8. Hilarious!! Thanks for the visit today!! Very cute blog!

  9. You made my day. I have a terrible habit of bursting into hysterical laughter when someone is choking (not the best person to have around in an emergency). So I'm laughing as I picture this and THEN you swallowed the pit and the first thing that came to my mind was...wow, tough sh!t. Hahaha.

  10. Julie - thank you :)
    Nari - ha ha ha tough being the word!!!

  11. I read your post alternating between "oh no!" and laughing myself silly!

  12. Clipped Wings - Thank you :)
    Emptynester - tee hee hee

  13. Glad to see your daughter is as sensitive to your distress as mine.

  14. Mrs Tuna - yes you've gotta love them


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