Friday, 11 February 2011

And the truth is...........

So yesterday, for the Memetasic Award, I had to tell you 4 lies and one truth.  I have had a really good laugh at your guesses and Twilightgazing was spot on when she said that they all had a ring of truth to them.

1)  I did meet the Queen when I was 14, just wasn't allowed to speak to her!I was in the Girl's Brigade and we were kind of there to act as a barrier between the public and the Queen who was hob nobbing with the posh folk at Innes House.

2)  I did crash the car because a wasp flew in the window.  I freaking hate wasps!!! But I didn't crash into the back of a bus, I crashed into the back of a water lorry cos I managed to hit said wasp as it buzzed around my face, knocked it to the ground and was too busy looking where it went and then BANG!!!  My nephew, who was 5 was in the car, as was my dog.  The water lorry had not a mark on it but my poor car was a mess.  We got a lift to my mum's work in the water lorry and my nephew thought this was the coolest thing ever!! Meanwhile I was traumatized as I was 7 weeks pregnant with Holly, had severe whiplash and bled for 7 days.

3) The flasher. This didn't happen to me at all, it happened to my friend Tina, who worked with me.  I was the friend she called in a right state.  When she told me what had happened and the the police had been called, I was hysterical with laughter at the thought of the policemen asking her for a formal identification cos it wasn't like she was looking at his face!  My ex hubby had to take the phone off me cos I was crying with laughter and my poor friend was so not amused, neither was he!  But really, would you have not been the same?  Imagine that identity parade!!! She did see the funny side in the end though.

4)  I was driving along to pick Holly up for an appointment at school and saw all these people staring at an ambulance seeing to a child lying on the ground not far from the school.  I did stop the car cos the wheelchair looked like Jack's.  When I thought I recognized the wheelchair, I started running towards them and was stunned and completely traumatized to find it was Jack.  I pushed people out of the way to get to him and when the teacher asked how I had got there so quickly I looked at her as if she was mad cos this was the first I knew about this!  He had taken a really bad seizure, had to have 2 doses of rescue meds and was on oxygen when I stumbled upon them.  It took me months to recover from that.  He spent a week in hospital. I still didn't get that call!  I think in the confusion, they must have thought they had called me or maybe my phone didn't register it.

5)  This one is so so true!!!  I usually wore a petticoat under my kilt but no knickers cos it got so damn hot!  That day I had slept in for my work so had forgotten the petticoat in my panic and rush to get to work!  When the gust of wind came, there was a 5 second delay in my reaction cos I thought "oh it's ok, cos I have a petticoat on and it wont blow up with the wind" but then when I got a real blast of wind in my nether regions I reacted so damn quick and ran into the actual bank in embarrassment.  I peeked out the window and there was a tour bus full of pensioners, all pointing and laughing at me!!! I obviously made their day and even perhaps their whole holiday.  I waited in the bank for about 10 minutes til they drove off and then I held onto that damn kilt all the way home.

Well done to Nari, Twilightgazing, Jax and Mynx who got it right,  I told ya I was a true Scots Woman!

I pass it on to: Krissy@Talktative Taurus, Tress@Jumble MashMynx@Dribble and Sandra@Absolutely Narcissism
Go and check them out :)                    


  1. So sorry lyndylou. I must have missed that post, because I was feeling so grotty! That one that was true - well, I would have guessed that it was true!!! LOL! Hope you're all feeling much better. I'm just off to bed (8.30p.m.) as not feeling too good at all :( Take care and have a good weekend.

  2. It sure was fun reading all your explanations. I am sure you made a lot of people smile today. Have an awesome weekend and as always let Holly & Jack know I was thinking of them.

  3. Those were awesome. This is going to be fun! Hmmmm... My mind is working on it already. Thanks, lyndylou!

  4. Btw, I am really digging the new look. It is new, right? Or am I having another Alzheimer's moment? I am loving the sunflowers! See, I wanted something cute like this. Hmph!

  5. That was super fun and I loved reading the explanations and your sense of humour, especially the one about the flasher, because I would have done the same :).

  6. Hahaha, your explanations are great =)

  7. Thisisme - awww poor you, I know how you feel, am still struggling on myself!
    Odie - I always tell them :)
    Krissy - glad you are looking forward to the challenge. Yes the look is new, you're not losing it lol
    Twilightgazing - I am so glad you got the 'flasher' humor cos I thought it was just me!
    HavenNyx - thanks :)

  8. Definitely not just you, it was funny :). If you are feeling up to it, there is something waiting at my place for you too.

  9. I just knew it was the last one and thank you so much for passing it onto me. I think I shall have fun with this

  10. Yay I was right! I just had this feeling like it just had to be that one and secretly I wished it was. That is just too funny.

  11. twilightgazing - ooohhh thank you, I will go and look
    Mynx - looking forward to it
    Chief aka Dad - lol what can I say?
    Jax - seriously it was NOT funny at the time lol

  12. xD OMG The true one is hilarious!

    Thanks for sharing!

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

  13. AD - I can laugh about it now but I was mortified at the time lol


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