Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wee Sis

My wee sister has just discovered the joys of facebook.  Last week she couldn't even remember her email address and password! This week she not only remembers it but is now stalking me on facebook and nicking my friends!!!

Holly's new man had just asked to be my friend and the next thing I knew she had asked to be his friend too. That would freak anybody out let me tell you.  The poor boy must think the rellies from hell have hijacked his facebook page.  Holly was most bemused. Then it pops up that she has asked to be friends with some more of my pals, one she hasn't even met!  

Last week she only had 4 friends, this week she has over 76! which she boasted today that she really does know them all. Show off! Yeah apart from the one she nabbed from me!!!

When she popped in today to see if I needed an order from Avon, she told me that she has made contact with loads of people she knew at school.  I laughed and said "I hardly have anyone on my facebook page from school cos I didn't much like them then so unlikely to like them now!.  She thought this was hilarious as she knows everyone nearly in Elgin whereas I left Elgin pretty much from the age of 16 and didn't come back til I was 25 so hardly knew anyone any more.  Wee sis on the other hand has, apart from a couple of years, lived and worked here since we moved here at the age of 12.

I think she has discovered the joys of the internet as a way to pass the time after recovering from all her treatment for Breast Cancer.  She is still quite tired so sitting at a computer stalking chatting to me on facebook is obviously quite relaxing for her.  I couldn't stop laughing when she called me up a few days ago asking me how to copy and paste something from my page to hers.  I gave her instructions over the phone but she wasn't taking them in so I hijacked her page for 5 minutes and did it myself.  She was most impressed but really I should have taken the opportunity to write something rude funny on her page and blame it on her!

Damn I really should have eh? I could have told everyone she had just been for a no 2! Totally juvenile I know but very funny don't ya think? I feel like I have been transported back 30 years and the wee sis is being a right pest and enjoying every minute of it.  At that time she would have really bugged my happiness but now she is just highly entertaining as sisters often are. Luckily for me she is annoying our older sis too so she is spreading the "love!".

I likened her today to a facebook ninja, silent and sneaky and popping up where I least expect her!  We did have a good laugh about that and she even posted about it later.  Gonna have to watch what I say me thinks.
When we were kids, we didn't really get on but yet I was the one she told all her secrets and worries too. It could be that we were too close in age, there are just over 9 months between us (that is a whole other story!) and that she being the baby was spoilt rotten and she knew it. These days we get on great.

She used to wind us all up so much so that we wanted to smack her one but that wasn't allowed as she was a wee dainty thing.  I soon learned to take my chances though and when I did lose it, I would put my hand over her mouth so she couldn't yell, smack her one then run like hell with her yelling for our mum, ringing in my ears.

That didn't happen often but she was very stubborn and you couldn't make her do anything she didn't want to do.  As annoying as that could be, I soon learned that she was also so loyal that even under torture she would not give away a secret and would attack anyone who said a bad word against you. Her star sign is Taurus and I can usually spot them, in person, so quickly as they all have similar traits.  When Holly was born and I realised that she was under the Taurus star sign I was dreading that we would fight like cat and dog but apart from the first 5 years of her life, it has been relatively argument free, thankfully.

Wee Sis also loves it when her birthday comes on May 1st as for about 2 and a half months she is the same age as me.  When we were young it used to make me mad cos the only time anyone asked how old we both were was when we were actually the same age. Grrrrrrrrrrr! You'd have thought she would have got fed up of this game by now but at the ripe old age of 43, she is still at it and has started the countdown, somewhere on facebook but neither she nor I can find it!

Ha ha ha perhaps ninja Lynne got in there and wiped it???  We will never know :)


  1. Hahaha
    my middle sister has a scar on her wrist to this day from when I chased her around the house one day, I had the youngest moving chairs etc so i could trap her...I caught her with my fingernail...jeebus did she wail....

  2. I mostly tried to stay away from my two younger sisters as I was the oldest and only boy. When we were together there was usually some picking and fighting. Today we are quite close. My youngest sis and I still meet every tuesday morning for breakfast to stay close. Wouldn't miss it.
    Have a blessed rest of the day.

  3. Loved that post. It was really funny with the little Ninja popping up all over the place and latching on to your friends!! You missed a trick there though, when you had access to her facebook page. LOL!! You seem to have a real fun relationship and I envy you that, being an only child. I do hope that sis is recovering now.

  4. What a cute post! I have a little sister and I am a little sister. I know how we are. :)

  5. gimme 'er details and i'll cyber stalk her for you!!!!

    Nice to hear that someone does have a good relationship with a sibling. Sadly, i don't, but he ho - i have good friends, so i'll make do with that

  6. Sisters can be aggravating, though I don't have a little sister. I do know Taurus people rule though! :)

  7. IWBY - ha ha sisters, great fun!
    Odie - I wouldn't be without them now
    Thisisme - missed opportunity for sure
    JM - lol
    Julie - lol I would but she'd kill me!
    Krissy - I think you could be right!

  8. Yeah my brother and I were mean and also kind towards each other growing up. I was such a brat.\

    But it's weird once we both got older and started going places together people have asked us if we were twins or bf/gf.

    He's 4 years older than me. YUCK!!!! XP

  9. Oh, I meant to tell you that I absolutely lurv the "shake a booty" pic! That is awesome.

  10. Krissy - I thought it was most appropriate cos that is exactly what she is like!!


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