Thursday, 17 February 2011

Retail therapy

Remember my post Lets Go Shopping?  I will admit that I didn't spend long deliberating cos they were just totally awesome so check them out............

Please ignore the 'peely wally' (white) legs!

The reason I loved them so much is because they were made to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Beano comic published by a Scottish company and it is a comic that I grew up with.
The best news is that I got them for £80 on her website instead of the £203 that was charged everywhere else.  BONUS!!! Don't you just love a bargain.

That meant that I had some money left over so I bought some underwear, which was a necessity rather than a luxury so now my boobies are happy! LOL

Not content with spending my money, I decided to spend Jack's Christmas vouchers too and since he has so much stuff to pack for respite, I thought I would buy him some groovy luggage.  The holdall that I have for his stuff is really big but still I find myself having to carry some of it.  I wanted something funky cos after all, he is a groovy kinda dude so I trawled the net and ordered this cool holdall.

This is the 'blog' design! Very fitting huh.
There wasn't much change so I bought a stethoscope as the physio had recommended one for listening into Jack's lungs so that I would know for sure if they were getting congested.  Holly and I had great fun with it!
I really could have done with it last week when his chest was really bad but hey, I'm sure he will give me plenty opportunity to use it in the future.

Jack is in respite tomorrow so the new luggage will get it's first outing.  The bag is huge!  The photo really doesn't do it justice but I should be able to fit everything in it.

He has been quite listless and lethargic today and in a bit of pain.  As it is not contagious, I phoned respite to check that they would still be happy to take him and thank god they didn't see there being a problem, as long as all meds were labelled with his name and the dosage. Huge sigh of relief cos really, I am running on empty and desperately need a break.

I plan to sleep, sleep and sleep!  Well not quite but I'm not gonna plan heaps of things as I am taking Holly and her friends Tammy and Dizz to a concert in Edinburgh on Monday night, to see The Midnight Beast.

It's an 8 hour round trip so that alone will be quite tiring. We are staying overnight so I will get a chance to recharge my batteries before heading back.  It should be good fun.  The girls are getting really excited about it now and the car stereo will be playing nothing but their tunes all the way there, I'm sure.

Oh and I am sure that I will manage to get some blogging in there somehow or other.


  1. Just love those shoes, good choice! Oh and Moontans are so sexy and are so, so in at the moment. One of our radio shows is holding a Miss Moontan competition! Have a totally awesome time away with the girls, you deserve the break.

  2. Enjoy your break and try not to stress about Jack. I am sure he is in good hands.

    Those shoes are awesome. Well done you for getting a bargain

  3. Wow Lynn, shopping and a girls getaway too. I am excited for you so have a blast and unwind for a while. Oh, the prices you mentioned. I don't have a clue. How does it compare with US dollars? Just curious.

  4. You showed us Jack's new holdall. You modeled your new shoes for us. What, no pics of you modeling your new flopper-stoppers??

  5. twilightgazing - moontan? I love that name lol
    Mynx - I will try not to stress :)
    Odie - £80 is equivalent to $129.588
    Don - lol not a chance!

  6. cute shoes
    happy boobies are great :)
    Enjoy the trip away.

  7. I hope you had fun because that sounds amazing. Sounds like you had one of my kind of weekends. I'll be back later on some of your other posts!

    Catch up time!

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

  8. IWBY - Oh I did
    Ditz - thanks :)


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