Sunday, 6 February 2011

Lets go shopping......

Did I tell you that I was given a contribution fee for being on the radio?  I was so chuffed and totally not expecting it.  It was £50 but I am so delighted cos who'd have thought I'd get paid for having an opinion.

So now I have the dilemma of what to spend it on, cos I really think I should spend it on myself, don't you?

How about putting the money towards these...........

I love love these, especially the silver version!

Who knew that Irregular Choice now made handbags?

or something you won't see.....

I do need some new stuff.....

or this tattoo....

I like cheeky faeries

or more jewellery.........

I like this muchly!

I am finding this very difficult to choose cos I am not used to spending £50 pound on myself!  But I have to say that I think the shoes might just win cos I absolutely love love love them and a girl can't have too many pairs of shoes right?  They are way over my budget but what the hell, I still have Christmas money to spend too so watch this space!


  1. the bag is pretty cute too. And you can never have too many lacy undies

  2. The shoes!!! Definitely the shoes!!

  3. Decisions, decisions!!! What a lovely surprise for you and, I agree, you MUST spend it on yourself and have a real treat. Those shoes do look very special, I must admit. Do let us know what you finally decide on. Hope your weekend is going well up there with Jack & Holly.

  4. This has to be a "chick" post but I will say the only thing that caught my eye was the fairy. Have fun shopping, the shoes do look cute.

  5. I love the bag. But I think the best way to spend money on yourself is a tattoo. Of course you can't always do that. So I say the handbag!

  6. You had me at "Let's go shopping..." JM and her sisters have me so well trained

    Love the new blog layout :-)

    I vote for the undies and just so you won't think you've wasted your money, I'll look but with only one eye :-)

  7. Mynx - I need new undies really but the bag and shoes!!
    Julie - I know, I know!!!
    Linda - I absolutely love them!
    Thisisme - I will let you know, will provide pics too!
    Odie - I know but I couldn't resist the girlie post :) I love the fairy.
    gewuerzgurke - lol a girl after my own heart.
    Chief - Awww am glad you like it :)
    I would allow you a sneaky peak since you are moving in an all!

  8. While I love shoes, I love that tattoo more! I'm totally into faeries too and am planning on getting one tattooed on me as soon as I have the extra money sitting around and find one that calls to me. (I'm thinking one with a book, but I don't know yet.)

    I vote tattoo!

  9. What a nice surprise! I agree. You need to treat yourself. In my opinion...go with something you want and wouldn't normally get for yourself, because otherwise it's not really a treat.

    Love the shoes and the handbag! Maybe you can find them on ebay even cheaper, so you can buy both??

    Have fun making your decision! :)

  10. I love the shoes! You should treat yourself every once in a while!

    p.s. I have something waiting for you at my place!

  11. So many decisions...Why do we have to choose between so many good things!

    I myself would go for the bag, but that's just me with my bag obsession. I should do a blog about that haha.

  12. The shoes! I love them

  13. The shoes! I love them

  14. The purse. SO the purse.

    Congrats on the fee. That is great.

    Please. Buy the purse. heehee :D

  15. Hmmm well whenever anyone asks me what they should spend their money on, I ususally insist it be spent on me...Since that is impossible in this case Im gonna say the shoes, because my roommate sitting next to me reading this is now insanely jealous of those shoes. If you bought them you would forever know someone else would be jealous...

    Your blog is way cool and ima follow it..I encourage you to check out mine. I just wrote about how i was attacked by a bunny. So yeah check it out :)

  16. Hannah - I would love a fairy tattoo but don't do pain!
    Chief - lol who doesn't ;)
    Judy - mmmm both, even better!
    Jax - definitely, ok am hopping over for a look
    Ditz - I have a shoe and bag obsesssion!
    C.L - me too!
    Jared - Oh I am all for making your roommate jealous lol


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