Monday, 26 August 2013

The deadliest shower....ever!

It's nearly the end of summer and oh boy has it been busy for me!

I have loved having Holly home for 3 months especially since she has provided me with lots of reasons to smile and laugh.

Two weeks ago, she out did herself when she called me from upstairs. She had just come out of the shower and was alarmed to hear a buzzing noise coming from it after she had switched it off. She seemed to think that the shower was going to blow up or electrocute her!

I came upstairs to investigate and sure enough there was a buzzing noise coming from inside the shower. I was confused because it wasn't an electric shower so how it could be buzzing was beyond me. It runs off the gas central heating so instantly has hot water all the time.

I turned the shower on and off a few times while Holly hovered at the bathroom door, looking anxious.. I stood outside the shower door and listened. The buzzing was coming from near the temperature control button. I leaned in to listen closely and that's when I realised that the buzzing wasn't coming from there at all but from the basket that hangs in the corner of the shower.

I put my hand in and brought out the battery powered razor she uses and said to her "were you using this in the shower?" She looked at it, like it was some sort of alien object and looked at me confused. "emm, yes I was, why are you asking?" I had switched it off as I brought it out of the shower, so I promptly switched it back on and it started buzzing gently. I then dropped it back into the basket where it started buzzing very loudly. Holly's face was a picture!

"That's your dangerous buzzing, you numpty!" I said, bursting into hysterical laughter. I laughed so hard that I was clutching my stomach, unable to breathe. Meanwhile Holly is standing indignantly, in just a towel, not sure whether to laugh or cry at her imaginary brush with death.

I was still laughing an hour later but she just kept telling me to shut up which just made me worse. Who'd have thought having kids could be this much fun?

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