Wednesday, 9 February 2011

You gotta laugh.......

Ok, it's official, I am woman, I am tired!

Jack has passed his dreaded lurgy onto Holly and myself, what with coughing and sneezing all over us.  The hazards of having a child who can't put his hand over his mouth!  So now my nose is like a running tap, I am coughing up a lung and my body feels like it had been in a all out war with Mike exaggeration.

I was up with Jack til way after 2am this morning as he was trying to cough unsuccessfully so I sat him up and he tried really hard to get up the gunk, in between dosing on my chest.  After half an hour of him sleeping there and nearly dropping off myself, I managed to get him onto his other side and nearly onto his tummy and he didn't cough at all then.

He was still restless but happier so when I was woken at 5am with the feed pump alarm going off cos he had got tangled, I could truly have cried!  Up again at 8am to give him his meds, flush his tube, change him and shout on Holly to get up, I staggered back to bed telling her to feed the dogs before she went out.

I woke again at 11.30am then got Jackyboy up for the day.  He was quite bright but still coughing a lot but at least it doesn't look so yucky now.  I left him with my dad at 1pm so that I could go and get my massage at the college. I was in two minds whether to cancel it or not but did go and I am sooooo glad I did cos it was ace and she soothed my aching bones.  I felt a bit tearful at one point but I held it together and did end up laughing when there was another client in the room, speaking loudly, telling all her woes!

I know I shouldn't laugh but things like that I find highly amusing and Heather and I were having a wee giggle til she gave me a row and told me to relax! And for once, I did as I was told!

After I left there, I went straight to the chemist to get DRUGS!  Thank god for cold and flu capsules is all I can say.  Since this is the first time I have been out to buy any since I have been feeling crap, I clung to them like someone shipwrecked hanging onto a life belt and gulped them down with the water I'd bought cos I just couldn't wait.

Later when Holly came home, she offered me one of her cough sweets and then accused me of not giving them back!  She had me searching all around me and then posted on facebook that I had nicked her sweeties! I was outraged!  lol and made her search her pockets for said sweets and lo and behold there they were in her jacket pocket!  So I made her apologise to me on facebook much to her disgust.  It was very very funny.

That's what she gets for calling me an ewok yesterday!  She wasn't impressed when I likened her to JarJar Binks retaliation.  Tee hee hee

Apparently she called me this cos I am short!  When I explained that I called her Jar Jar Binks cos he was tall, she was sooooo not could have been worse, I could have likened her to Jabba the Hutt!

At least I am cute and fluffy, whereas.......omg check the teeth and those toes!! And lets not even mention the fingers........just too creepy........oh too late, I just did!

This conversation was sparked off by one of her friends liking a Hug a Small Person Day link on facebook.  Random or what????  Honestly you need to be a fly on the wall in our house sometimes to witness the conversations we have.....from the sublime to the totally ridiculous!  Great fun though and causes much laughter.

So I apologise for the lateness of my posts at the moment, normal posting shall resume ( I sound like the post office!) when I feel less like shit and am able to sit at the computer for long periods without my butt aching cos  did I tell you that everything hurts????


  1. I honestly don't know how you do it and still manage to be so happy and upbeat. You are a wonder Lyndylou.

    I hope you feel better soon you little ewok. And I'd hug you if I was there.

  2. Glad you made your massage, because you need to look after yourself as well,and a little bit of self-indulgence works wonders for the soul. Get better soon.

  3. So sorry the whole family seems to be sharing the same bug but hopefully it will pass soon. This was a very good post. I enjoyed it all and the pictures really made it special. Hope you feel better on thursday.

  4. Feel better girlie! Glad the massage worked I need one sometimes to lull me to sleep. Too bad the big bear Cam Man gave me doesn't do massages only cuddles.

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

  5. children - they are so kind - share their germs and make us sick!!!

    There are frequent mutterings of H.O.B.B.I.T in our house - direxcted at me + Lou!!!

  6. Oh no!
    not sure whats worse? Having the lurgy or being called an Ewok??
    Hope youre all felling better soon.

  7. Haha...I really wanna hang out with you guys. Can I come over?

  8. Well, it's good to see that even though you are feeling so yucky, you still have that lovely sense of humour!! Do hope that you are all feeling a tad better by the time you read this. Take care x

  9. I hope you all feel tons better, the laughter should help :D

  10. urgh, lurgie germs. so sorry yu feel like shit and hope that seeing as I am late to the party,that you are feeling much better now.

    I havsolutely love the fb war with Holly :)

  11. IWBY - still feeling yuck but slowly improving! Fb war was good fun and now I can wind up her new boyfriend too! He just told me I was evil!!!

  12. OK, that's quite a night. Plus you're feeling crappy. YET you're still blogging. Rockstar.

  13. Sandra - aww cool, always wanted to be a Rockstar


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