Saturday, 5 February 2011

It's all natural

For the last 4 weeks I have been going for a massage at our local college, where my friend Heather is in her second year studying alternative therapy.

The first 3 sessions were a Lifestyle study and now we are on to Stress Relief and oh boy do I need that!  The treatment involves a back, neck and face massage and it truly is a little slice of heaven.

I was just saying to Heather this week that really, she was born to do massage and I believe it should definitely be on prescription!  I wish. If I ruled the world, I would make it happen!

There are a lot of massage tables in the room, separated by curtains and it can get a bit noisy but I seem to have no problem switching off.  Unless of course you happen to be in the same room as a lady who is answering questions about her health, in a very loud voice and it seemed to go on forever cos what she didn't have wrong her, wasn't worth mentioning!  I thought her list of ails were going to last the whole length of my massage which was an hour and at one point I found myself having to stuff the pillow in my mouth to smother the fit of giggles I took at one particular ailment.  That poor woman, she was definitely in need of a massage!

Then you get bursts of giggles from behind curtains which is what Heather and I are like but we do try to keep them quiet, honest!  Another time I was away on 'planet Lynne' in total bliss when this really loud snore made me jump and I was terrified that it was me!! I think the whole room was giggling at that point and my blissful state was replaced with helpless giggles.

Funnily enough the girls doing these courses often struggle to get 'guinea pigs' to practise on which I think is crazy cos it just the most relaxing experience ever.  You do have to pay a small amount towards it sometimes but not what you would normally pay for that kind of treatment.

After Heather finished her first year, she converted part of her house and set up Burnbank Holistic Therapies where she practises a variety of different treatments.  This is where Holly and I had our treatments the day before we went to Mallorca.

Heather mixes up a special blend of oils to soothe my aching bones and she has even given me the left over oil to take home so that I could massage it into my poor sore hand.  It really has made a difference and the swelling is finally going down.  I have even used it on Jack's right hand the last few days because his muscles have been so tight.  He seemed to like it because he never took his eyes off me and his hand was fairly relaxed by the time I had finished.

My skin has not been the same since I had chemo and radiotherapy and can be quite sensitive at times.  I suffer from stress eczema which is mostly on my head but when I am more stressed than usual I get it on my face.  It is a real pain and I have tried loads and loads of creams, lotions and shampoos but nothing seemed to work until I discovered the Forever Aloe products.  Unlike other aloe vera products, they contain 99% of aloe vera which is a huge amount compared to other similar creams.  I now use the skin care range and the shampoo every day.

They are slightly more expensive but I have found that you don't need to use a lot, so it lastsfor ages.  The company is American but distributes world wide. They sell all sorts of goods even aloe vera juice that you drink.  I tried them but like all things that are good for you, they were an acquired taste although Holly, surprisingly, really liked them!

Holly was given some of their make-up range for Christmas and she fell in love with the lipstick and it soon became her favourite which I have been tempted to borrow, once or twice!  Sssssssssssshhhh don't tell.

I am a huge fan of natural products.  I love Body Shop products and my all time favourite is Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel. It smells gorgeous and I've been told by a reliable source that showering in the fruity smell of pink grapefruit can fool a man into thinking that you are at least 6 years younger! Woo hoo, I'll have your entire stock then please, pronto pronto!

The mens range smells gorgeous too.  I have a friend who just swoons every time she gets a slight wiff of the White Musk range, it's really quite funny, kinda the same way I react when I get a sniff of Lynx Dark Temptations shower gel that I buy for Jack.  It's chocolate scented, what's not to like? and OMG it smells truly gorgeous. Both Holly and I are like "mmmmmmmmmm that's yummy" when we get a cuddle from Jack.

I think I feel the need to rush out and buy it now! What products are your favourites and which of the men's/women's products make you go "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"?

Can't wait to find out :)


  1. i do love a massage!
    Don't get one very often.
    Have to admit, i'm a slut when it comes to shower gel - usually just get the palmolive stuff cos it's a £ and i don't care what it smells like as long as it's ok.
    One thing i have bought recently is Clarins Hydra Quench lip balm.
    It has rose wax (i think) in it and it's soooo good. My lips are so much better since i started using it. Not cheap @ £17, but it lasts for ages and i bought a couple in the duty free, so i'm sorted!!

  2. What luck for you to be able to enjoy massages at very little expense. I wish something similar were close by to me because I surely enjoy being massaged.

    I've never used cologne or any sort of fragrance to make me smell better.....just the usual deodorant and a bit of after-shave on the rare occasions that I shave a portion of my face around my beard. But if White Musk makes ladies swoon I may have to try it to see if swooning might lead to more delightful experiences for both of us. :-)

  3. ooh sounds like heaven

    I want to go back to Bali again..1hour massages for $6 .Bliss is having a facial while having your feet massaged at the same time :)

  4. Nothing smells better than Grapefruit. That's a fact. I'm really not very pick with those products though, my skin can handle everything ;)

  5. This post actually made me happy knowing that you are getting some special treatment like the massages. I think about you a lot girl with all you do for Jack and the pressure you are under most of the time. Just knowing that you are able to enjoy something as relaxing as those times you have had is such a good feeling. I don't use much stuff either but like Don I might have to check out that White Musk and see what happens. Say hi to Holly & Jack for me.

  6. Hi there. I used to be at a college like that, before I qualified to be a massage therapist. I used to love having massages but, sadly, don't get the chance to have them now. (I begrudge paying for them in a Salon really!). I so agree with you that they should be on prescription though. They are so therapeutic, to mind, body and soul. I too have eczema, which is a real pain. I was interested to hear about your head. My scalp is really bad at the moment. Is there anything you use that you could recommend??

  7. OOOO I love massages. Since Cam and I have been courting we have been giving each other massages when our muscles get tense or we get stressed. More often I'm giving it to him because his back hurts him but when he insists on giving me a massage I don't even get tickled which is extremely rare cause I'm really ticklish.

    I love natural scents and the way that lotions and cremes feel on my skin but I always forget to put it on after the shower so I have to nag myself haha.

    I'm not much of a make up person so natural make up is a must. I go with Bare Minerals which is heavenly I forget that I put on make up. The bad part about it is it gets everywhere, but it is an easy wash off your face make up.

  8. Get a massage every 4 weeks and I love it. In fact if I miss the appointment my body sure tells me to rebook soon.
    My boys wear Lynx too. Love the chocolate one

  9. Julie - sometimes you just have to splurge on yourself my friend
    Don - I definitely think you should try it!!!
    IWBY - ooh I have never experienced that!
    Gewuerzgurke - you lucky thing
    Odie - Glad I made you happy :)
    Thisisme - there is a link on the post. Click Forever Aloe and it will take you to the website. Then click shop now. I buy the Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner and it really has made a difference. Their Propolis cream is really good too.
    Ditz - you lucky thing having a man who is willing to give massages!
    Mynx - it is sooooo good for you and the chocolate is yummmy!

  10. Thanks for the info lyndylou. I shall certainly go into that web site and also try the cream. Anything is worth trying and I might be lucky!! x

  11. Thisisme - definitely worth a go and I know the girl who runs the website so it's a safe one :)


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