Monday, 21 February 2011

Lazy day

Yesterday, Sunday, I slept late and didn't get up til 11am. How decadent is that? For those of you who are carers, you will know that this is such a rarity and I suppose I appreciate it all the more because of that.

By the time I got downstairs, both Shiloh and Loki were cross legged and chomping at the bit to get out for a pee.  They are such good dogs.  Nothing fazes them and having to wait a bit longer to go out yesterday was not really a problem for them, they were still jumping about like a pair of puppies.  Once they were fed, watered and fussed over, I made a cup of tea and sat and watched mindless TV.

You see, I was totally 'child free' and the silence was absolute bliss.

Jack was in respite and Holly was staying at David's house.  I was coerced into taking her there Saturday night, after we went  through to Inverness to watch the movie Paul.  I wasn't sure that I was going to like this movie but it was really quite funny and it passed in a blur.  Afterwards, while we were heading home, Holly said that she just loves it when I go into a fit of hysterics cos it is really funny!  Eh, excuse me? Yeah apparently, I have a laugh like Muttley from the Wacky Races.  I wish I could say that I didn't but em, well, yep, I do! Click on the word Muttley to hear 'me'.

Muttley (source)

On the way back from Inverness last night, Holly and David are texting backing and forth and she informs me that he left his toothbrush at ours from the night before and could we go in past our house en route and collect it! I laughingly told her that he'd better buy himself another toothbrush cos I am not driving the 9 miles to Rothes every time he forgets it and he needn't bother thinking he is getting a drawer to leave his stuff here either!!!

I thought my days of sleepovers were over but since he lives quite a bit away from her, it makes sense for him to stay at ours, I have a spare room after all and I suppose at least this way, I get to know him too as they often sit and chat to me.  He has even expressed an interest in helping with Jack ie: learning how to recognize a seizure and using the magnet.  Teenagers get such a hard press these days but I personally think they are great.  They are so much fun and they see the world in such a simple way as they are not bogged down with responsibility.

So Holly stayed at his place on Saturday night and by the time I finally got home it was 11.45pm.  I just fell into my bed, didn't even bother to read.  Now that is a rarity, shows how tired I was.

So Sunday was a day of reading blogs, writing posts and catching up on tv programmes that I had recorded. Oh, that and doing bits of the never ending job that is housework.  I think I am finally getting to the bottom of my washing basket.....I can see the bottom, woo hoo but not for long as the 'duvet monster' will just replenish it when I am not looking!  She is soooooooooo sneaky that way.

I have also put away the mountainous boxes of supplies that arrived for Jack the other day.  Thankfully it only comes once every 4 weeks cos I am usually sweating by the time I am done!

Today, Monday, I am taking Holly and her friends Dizz and Tammy to The Midnight Beast concert in Edinburgh. We are so looking forward to it so it should be great fun.  A car full of hyper teenage girls is just my kinda fun, I think!  Ask me later, I might have changed my mind!

I have left my dad in charge of the dogs so hopefully they will get plenty of walks and attention.

Have a good day folks :-)


  1. sounds like you had a good rest!!!
    Rest - what's that?!?!?!?
    Is it your mid term? Ours was last week. I thionk. It seems sop long ago it passed in a blur!!!

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend. That is GREAT sleep. ::jealous:: :D

    And I have to agree - if one more person tells me - oh teenagers, BAH - I swear I will scream. I was warned for years about the teenage years and guess what - I have some darn nice kids that didn't give us trouble and are thriving. And if I recall - my husband and I didn't suck as kids either. At least I know we didn't give our parents grief - no way.

    Jack sounds like a good guy.

  3. That is awesome that you had a day all to yourself & the dogs. I was so happy to know you got extra rest and relaxation. I thought you would get a kick out of seeing that Scotland Neck sign. It is about 17 miles from my house and the only town I know of that has parking in the middle of the street. Strange town. Enjoy the concert and have an awesome week.

  4. Hey Lyndylou,
    I've been late in catching up on my new blog friends...thanks for the comments you've left me lately. Now that I am back home and operating on my own timezone, I'm looking forward to my first lazy Sunday morning reading blogs and laying about. But today, I'm off to work after two weeks away. Yikes! - G

  5. Good luck with the teenagers tonight! Having a day to sleep in is heavenly, with or without someone else to care for. Love the animal pics. :)

  6. Sounds like an awesome weekend and you got some much needed you time!

  7. Julie - ours was last week too
    Skippymom - glad you agree :)
    Odie - I did get a kick out of the Scotland sigh, made me smile :)
    GD - That's ok I know you have had a lot of stuff going on :)
    Krissy - had a ball with the teenagers, great fun
    JM - it was definitely awesome
    Chief aka Dad - me too!
    Bruce - I did both :)

  8. i loved penelope pitstop..

    oh and BTW i gave you an award! (on the JADIP blog)

    Bruce Johnson JADIP
    Evil Twin
    stupid stuff I see and hear
    The Dreamodeling Guy
    The Guy Book
    The Guy Book

  9. Bruce - me too. Oh wow, how cool, thanks :)

  10. Oh,so glad you got a real sleep in.Hope the sleepover with the teens was fun.

  11. Oh,so glad you got a real sleep in.Hope the sleepover with the teens was fun.

  12. Oh to be able to sleep til 11 would be so nice.

  13. Yay for sleeping in! Love it when I get to do that!

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

  14. IWBY - oh it was bliss!
    Laynee - it is such a rarity for me but so lovely when it does happen
    Ditz - me too.


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