Monday, 28 February 2011

Idle minds

A few months back, while on Facebook, I got to wondering how they choose the adverts on your profile page. Look what can I say?  I have an inquiring mind so I came to the conclusion that it was to do with your relationship status.

One night after a few glasses of red wine, I decided for a laugh to put my theory to the test.  It was a Saturday night, I was stuck at home so indulge me!

My facebook status states that I am single therefore I was get all the dating adverts on my home and profile  


I changed it to married which instantly caused people to comment.  Within minutes of my status change, I was getting adverts for furniture stores, financial companies and freebies for washing powder.  This had me in hysterics so I started commenting about it and this set off some of my friends who also changed their relationship status or just told me what was on theirs.


One friend, who is married, had adverts for 'falling pregnant naturally' which was hilarious cos she already has 5 children!!!  Another friend, also married had adverts for incontinence and hormone replacement therapy.  I nearly fell off my seat laughing at that one!

Every time I refreshed the page, something new would appear and make me laugh.  The upshot was that when I was 'married' I obviously needed debt advice, new furniture and household freebies but when I was 'single' I needed to join as many dating sites as they could throw at me, take up hobbies or join wine clubs!

Just to mix things up a bit, I then changed it to 'in a relationship' which then caused adverts to pop up for shoes, underwear and mortgages. WTF? Then I changed it back to 'married' and finally got adverts for falling pregnant and incontinence pads! Ha ha ha priceless.

ooh look what I've got to look forward to!

Maybe it was the wine but really, this entertained me the whole night.  I know, I hear you, it really doesn't take much does it but you know what they say, little pleases little minds!

In my pickled state, I forgot to change my status back therefore left it as 'married' for a few days, causing total confusion and questions by the bucket load.  

Ooops! I will admit though that I was happy to go back to seeing adverts for dating sites cos all the other ones were just reminding me of how old I was and lets face it, who really wants that?


  1. Funny, mine just keeps on wanting me to lose weight and go on holidays.
    The eldest son changed his from single to "in a relationship" (gulp) should ask him what he gets

  2. I can always count on you for great laugh to start off my week girl. Never would have thought about changing status to have fun but maybe I should try it. Have an awesome week and say Hey to Holly & Jack.

  3. LOL....I mine is for clip in hair diets and holidays :)

  4. Haha that's funny! I love the "people you may know" thing because every time I log in, one of my ex boyfriends is on there.

  5. That is funny!!! I would have never thought to do that. Now when I'm bored I'm going to mess around on Facebook! Thanks for the idea! Also, thank you for commenting on my friend Colbie's post today at Stop by again soon!

    Elle and

  6. LOL! Well, that's one way to spend your Saturday evening up there in Scotland!! Really funny though. Just shows how much we are tracked in our lives!

  7. That is hysterical. I would hae never thought to do that. I'm not on Facebook often enough to realize what advertises. Now I know what I'm doing when I have time to kill :D

  8. I love your sense of humor!!! And I checked flight prices to Scotland...not bad :-)

  9. Mynx - lol holidays? you lucky thing.
    Odie - it was a lot of fun at the time, or was that just the wine, clouding my judgement??
    IWBY - clip in hair, you needing a makeover?
    Jumble Mash - eek! I would be tempted to take a sneaky peek!
    Elle - yes boredom does make you do the silliest things
    Thisisme - I know, a bit scary if you think too much about it!
    Jax - lol I think I may have started something here
    Chief aka Dad - aye my homour is a bit warped! That's good then, you can visit some of the places your grandfather Robert used to hang out :) I am sure Julie and I would be able to put you up if you made it to our neck of the woods.

  10. Hysterical!

    Over a year ago I had problems with Facebook when someone using my name (and I know this happened to other people - their names being used by someone else) sent porn to a few of my female Facebook friends, some of them personal friends who had visited me in my home. They stopped having ALL contact with me, even refusing to answer my phone calls when I wanted to explain what happened. So I de-activated my Facebook account and will NEVER go back there.

    If I did, I might get ads for all sorts of porn sites and horny babes on the make.

    Should I go back and check out the babes on the make? :-)

  11. Don - OMG!! That is horrible but hysterically funny at the same time! Poor you :(

  12. lyndylou, at least I still have lovely friends such as you.

    Dang! I may be a poet and don't know it.


  13. Yeah I noticed that when I went back to single after the break up and back in a relationship when I got with Cammy. Oh Facebook...

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps


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