Tuesday, 15 February 2011

It's only poop!

Well, Holly's new boyfriend was chuffed to bits with her homemade Valentine's Gift.  His gift was homemade too; he made her flowers and drew her a picture.

How cute is that?  and totally priceless.

She was smiling when I got her up early, I on the other hand resembled a rather grumpy version of 'early man'. I really don't do mornings, they come way too early in the day for my liking!  Holly and I don't even speak to each other first thing, just communicate via grunting noises and god forbid anyone asks us a question cos our brains just canna handle it!

Yesterday my brain really was not working.  Well the multi tasking bit anyway.  My friend, Kathy, called while I was in the middle of getting Jack up for the day.  It was about 11am cos he was still sleeping up til then.  So there I was, phone wedged between ear and shoulder, chatting away while I was in the process of changing Jack's pad.  It was a poopy one, so not easy at the best of times but when multitasking, makes it just that little bit more tricky but hey I normally manage.

Half way through the conversation, I leaned forward to see if I had managed to clean it all up and in doing so, I loosened the hold on my phone and it went 'plop' bottom first into the poop!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!
Meanwhile, Kathy is still chatting away and oblivious to the fact that she is talking to me whilst nestled in a pile of smelly poop but I think my screech kind of alerted her that something was amiss.

Well there was no way I was speaking into that phone while it was in that position so I had to put her on speaker phone so that I could fill her in on the gory details.  Her response was to absolutely wet herself laughing and ring off!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!  Jack is of course, completely oblivious to the drama unfolding around about him as he has slept through it all.

I plucked the phone outta his pad, attacked it with baby wipes and then got a piece of gauze, sprayed it with disinfectant and wiped the phone again.  Suffice to say, it is none the worse for it's ordeal and smells as good as new!  You should have seen Holly's face when I told her what I'd done........hysterically funny, even more so when she then said she would not use the phone ever again.  Since I have 3 phones in the house, she isn't to know which one it was so she most definitely will use it again, unwittingly!

After that little drama, Granny Mac came to babysit while I went for the induction meeting for my course on Health and Social Care.  There is only going to be 3 of us on this pilot course but only 2 of us were there yesterday and can you believe the other girl's name?  Take a wild guess people.  Yep, you've guessed it her name was none other than Lynn Mckenzie!!! I mean, apart from the fact that she has no 'e' on the end of her first name, we are the same.  What is the likelihood of that?  I thought that I was unique but it would seem not and I am truly taken aback cos that is sooooo messing with my groove!  On the plus side, she is a chatty, happy character like 'moi' so we should get on well.

After 2 hours of having my brain bombarded with all that is involved with the course, I wanted to run hell bent in the opposite direction am not scared, honest!  I am trying not to be overwhelmed by the enormity of the fact that the assessor is going to be watching and assessing me while I feed Jack, shower him, change his pad, communicate with him and the many other things that I do.  I am probably doing it all wrong as I have had no training whatsoever and probably am not up to the 'standard' that you have to be, in order to get a job caring but hey it will all be very interesting, a steep learning curve and in a bizarre way, I am really looking forward to it.

I already have my first written task to do and we meet up again in 3 weeks so I will keep you posted on my progress.


  1. oh man - the phone in the poop!!
    Must have been a sign you talk a load of bull!!!!!!!
    Ok - i know i can get away with that comment, cos we have got to know each othner well - and ypou'd say the same to me!!!

  2. OMG girl that was some story & I can just imagine your friend on the other end rolling on the floor. Sorry you had to go through the ordeal but sure makes for some good blog material. Have a great rest of the day.

  3. This is the thing now, if any disasters do fall into our daily lives, we always know that it will make good blogging material! LOL! Loved the fact that Holly's boyfriend also gave her handmade gifts. How cute is that? Good luck with the Course.

  4. You know that your standard of care is going to be way better than any professional standard :)

  5. Julie - lol I expect nothing less from you!!!
    Odie - I know, you would think I make this stuff up but hell no!
    Thisisme - great blogger fodder definitely and thanks :)
    Seth's Mum - I blinking well hope so :)

  6. The way you handle a poopy phone... no problems whatsover with your course! Good luck you will be great at it :).

  7. Ewwwwww that's gross, at least you got to clean it up like new.

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

  8. great post!~ LOL...it is just poop.

    dropping in pee water or the dishwater, it would be ruined most likely, but poop washes off...

  9. LOL That was sooo funny!!! I can just imagine the phone falling in the poo!!

    Good luck with class!

  10. twilightgazing - thank you :)
    AD - Very grossssssss!
    Bruce - I know, lucky I guess ;)
    Jumble Mash - I am happy to say, the phone is no worse off for it's ordeal


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