Sunday, 3 June 2012

It's June already but it's freezing....

I can't quite believe it is now June. Where has the time gone? And it is so cold still or is it just me?

The days for me seem to fall into each other and then I look up and another week has flown by.

Holly has been up to her eyes in studying for her exams. So far the first two have gone ok and she is quietly confident. I have had to help her keep on track and finally she finished her Art Portfolio which is quite stunning. We took it into school last Tuesday and this was the first time her teachers had seen her stuff and they were very impressed. Some of it is 3D so they are not sure if they are going to be able to send it all off or just take photos.

I suggested that they do both cos you truly can't appreciate the 3D stuff without seeing it. Here's hoping that they do. Once she gets it all back, I will take pics for you to see.

She has one other exam left to do and that is Psychology. On the same day, she starts acting with The Out of Darkness Theatre company doing The Shop. She acted in this play 2 years ago and that was the subject of  my 3rd post on this blog.

While all that is happening, Jack and I, will hopefully be in Edinburgh Sick Kids with Jack recovering from his operation. I have to phone on Monday to check that they have an intensive care bed. If they do and Jack is well, then we head down on Tuesday 5th June and the operation should take place sometime on the 6th.

I have my fingers, toes, legs etc crossed cos seriously I cannot take much more of this bloody tube hanging from his stomach. How he hasn't yanked it out yet, is beyond me cos boy has he tried...hard! He kneels on it, pulls it, it gets caught on things and the damn thing has fallen apart more times than I care to mention that I could SCREAM! If he pulls it out too far, then it will end up back in his stomach and we will be back where we started with him aspirating all the time which is really bad!

So this operation just has to happen next week otherwise I think I am gonna pull my hair out...and really that wouldn't be pretty!

Jack is still in plaster but it has been cut down to just below the knee so he is able to move around quite freely again. He is over the moon and so much happier but it now means the wee monkey can get into so much more mischief and the dogs are no longer safe...tee hee hee.

Jack getting ready to pounce on Loki

Poor Loki, our baby pup was trying to snuggle up to him but he had other ideas and eventually she got away after he was trying to play with her paws, nose and ears.

Last weekend was such a scorcher of a day that we went out for a two mile hike with Granny Mac and the two dogs. Jack looked so cool that people were smiling as we were walking along. What do you think?

Cool dude!
such a cutie

The school prize giving was last Monday too and Jack got a prize. They told me it was for "fighting through adversity and coming back with a smile". Holly didn't get a prize this year but 5 years out of 6 is pretty damn good don't you think? Plus she got to take her brother up on stage, along with Diz, to get his certificate.

Jack's certificate from the prize giving

I was so tearful seeing my two fantastic children up on that stage together. I was bursting with pride. Holly was not disappointed though because she got not 1 but 2 mentions in the Headmaster's speech. She was seriously chuffed about that.

I have been lost under a mountain of paperwork this week. Why is it that it all comes in at the same time? I am finally seeing the the end of it but my passport has gone awol and I was hoping to use it to renew my driving licence photo but alas it's not to be so on Monday I will head out to get new passport size photos. What's the betting that the bloody passport will materialise the minute I do that?

I had a bit of a meltdown this week. Jack was in respite and they called me cos his peg had come apart again so I had to go up and fix it. I was doing ok until they asked me how I was and then the tears came. I was just so bloody exhausted to be honest and once the flood gates opened there was no stopping those tears. That's what happens when you keep it all in!

They were so good with me though and were keen to get me some emergency respite but I refused because it's not that I wasn't coping it's just that I never get time to grieve for all the losses of the last year so every now and then, it all overflows and I end up a gibbering, blubbering mess.

Not a pretty sight, I assure you!

Hoping for a better week though. Onwards and upwards.

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