Saturday, 15 January 2011

Saturday ramblings

It's Saturday night and I am sitting in a swively chair.  No one is bound and gagged, except the dogs maybe cos I need to keep them away from the crisps and dips!

I have a Southern Comfort and Lemonade at my feet.  I just took the first sip and OMG I forgot how it touches the parts other drinks don't!!!! Minutes after I swallowed the lovely nectar, I can physically feel all my muscles relaxing and everything straightening out or am I just pissed from the legs up?  God, I am a cheap date if that's the case! And a complete lightweight too. Oh shit I have turned into my Granny, one drink and she was anybody's!

Jack is in respite.  I have had one phone call to say that he has been sick and that it wasn't seizure or temperature related and they didn't think he had aspirated it but they were just letting me know.

I could see that glass of Southern Comfort disappearing in a puff of smoke but then I decided, f**k it, what the hell, if I am needed I can always get a taxi.  Nothing like an ambulance dash to sober a person up let me tell you.

I had a "child free" 4 hours today.  I had an appointment at the bank to review the mortgage and then after I went for some retail therapy.  I popped into this new clothes shop and 80's music was playing in the background and I found myself singing and boogieing along.  The shop owner, who is lovely, said it was the CD that her hubby had bought her for Christmas of 12inch tracks from the 80's.  Straight away I said "oh is Born to be Alive on it?". The other shop assistant said "I think that was 1979 so it won't be on it".  This set off a whole conversation re this track and we couldn't remember the artist.  So the shop owner, phones her hubby and tell him to look up their music "bible", which he did, what a sweetheart and he said that there were two songs by that name, which one did she mean, so she started singing it down the phone to him, like that helped!

He opted for the second track and it was a guy called Patrick and as soon as I heard that, I got excited (little pleases little minds!) and asked "was his last name Hernandez? and what year was it?". Turns out I was right about his last name but the other shop assistant got the year right. Do you know the song I mean?

Then they noticed my suede handbag and after ooohing and aaahing at it, were threatening to distract me so they could nick it! It is lovely, I have to admit and today was only it's second "outing".  My big sis sent it to me for Christmas and of course it's purple which is my favourite colour!  Handbags and shoes are like a women's version of porn.  Just show them pictures and their eyes light up, pupils get dilated and they get a bit flushed with excitement! Well that's my theory anyway and I am sticking to it!  So guys, now you know what to her a handbag or shoes and she will be putty in your hands.  Or is that just me? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, me thinks I will have to do a survey.

my new bag......mmmmmmmmmm!  Had to put it on Jack's bed to show it up!

I spent the next hour humming a song by Yazoo called Situation, which was playing as I left that shop.  You just can't beat the music from the 80's or it just me? Look it up on YouTube, it's very catchy.

I need to go and fill up my glass but before I go, I will give you what you have all been waiting for.............mega drum roll please......................the link to the blog of the one and only, talented and oh so fabulous......................................Holly!!!!   I am chuffed to bits that she has named it after the nickname I often use for her which is the "monster from the duvet".  What an influence I have been on this child eh? And didn't she do well? Actually don't answer that cos you have already commented many times to that fact and as for her taking over my blog...................."NO WAY!!!! It's mine, mine, mine!" I say, stamping my feet and chucking my toys around.

I feel so much better now or maybe that was the the soothing sip of Southern Comfort I just partook of.

Go check her out but be sure to come back.  Have a fab weekend :)  Click here


  1. Glad you have a relaxing drink by your side (or on the floor!). Hope you don't get called out, and hope Jack will soon be home again. I used to love Yazoo! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and I did love Holly's post!

  2. I too am glad you are getting some "you" time and hope it happens more often. Did swing over to Hollys site and had fun reading it and was all keyed up to leave her a comment but there was no comment to click on. Disappointed.
    Maybe you can fix it.

  3. Holly is a fabulous writer. I am now one of her followers but you let her know that she is only allowed to read one of my blogs if she comes visiting. Now I have 2 lovely scottish blogs to read :)

  4. The number of potential sexy innuendos in this post were frightening. That’s one beautiful handbag. And I would know, being the occasional cross-dresser and all.

  5. Thisisme - so far so good
    Odie - comments fixed so you can go back there now :)
    MYnx - she has been told!!!
    Drake - lol sexual innuendos, oops is that a bad thing???? Yep it's gorgeous!

  6. bbbbaaaaaaggggggssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not so much the shoes - i have small fat feet. Well, maybe not so small. But it doesn't stop me looking!!
    Lou and i found s shoe shop in San fran - i swear - to look at you thought it would be a priceless shoes or deichmans - the boxes were out, piled high with shoes on top.

    Salivating and a bit flushed we entered said shop for a look see.
    OHHHH MAN - we nearly died - JIMMY CHOOS!!!!!
    Out of the box!
    We could look, touch and salivate away!!
    What - are these folk mad or what?? $600 JC's on offer for any old person to touch!!!
    So shake the hand that touched the Jimmy CHoos!!

    Now - if thios had been in Glasgow - only certain shops would havae had these shoes on offer and they would have been displayed in an artfull manner with about 30 big burly security guys round them!!!

    We did laugh and laughed even more at Matthew's reaction - Jummy Choo - was that not a chinese takeaway??
    And $600 for a pair of shoes - what dpo they do - make your breakfast?!?! Wash the dishes?!?!? Go out to work for you????

  7. Julie - oh my god Jimmy Choos.........I'm not worthy!!! That is my dream but paying that for them, hell no!!!

  8. I'm so following Holly! You sound relaxed and I totally agree with you about cute shoes and handbags. I go Gaga for those, well anything fashion related that I love!


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