Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Monday morning blues!

Yesterday I spent an hour typing a post then deleted it by accident! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

I think my head is up my bum, shouting lost at the moment!!!! So to clear the cobwebs, I took the dogs out for a walk.  The snow is finally clearing again but the pavements are icy, not good when you are being pulled along by two dogs that are desperate to get off the lead. I let them off in this field which has a burn running along side it and they were straight into it, filthy within seconds.  Loki gets away with it cos she is black but Shiloh who is a golden colour, no such luck but they were having so much fun so I just let them do their thing.

Afterwards we headed up to my dad's to check up on him.  He came home from Shetland on Saturday morning,  home on the overnight boat and was supposed to be going to a football match in Inverness that day but it was postponed because of the snow.  He didn't find this out until he arrived at the pub to pick up his ticket.  When he realised there was no match, he bought his mates a New Year's drink and then they bought him one and so on.

Unfortunately my dad had not had anything to eat since 7.30am so he was drinking on a an empty stomach!  When he arrived at mine around 2 he was in good spirits and of course, since he hasn't seen me since before Christmas, was after his New Year's drink.  I gave him a whisky, a cup of tea and something to eat and he left to go up the town.

The next day I got a phone call from Kay, my big sis, who was telling me that my dad had fallen the night before and had a hole in his head!  He was maintaining that he was fine but Kay was concerned and made me promise to make him go and see the nurse the next day.  I phoned him in the morning and he'd made an appointment with the nurse and then he text me to say everything was ok, not to worry.

But I was going up to just make sure!  And he was fine.  His head is a bit of a mess and his knuckles are grazed but apart from that he is hale and hearty.  He told me that he had another two pints after he left me and was home by 5pm and it happened outside his house.  Thank god he didn't knock himself out as he could have lain there all night, it doesn't bare thinking about.!

Now my dad is not a heavy drinker, he just isn't sensible at times!!!  Which proves to me that no matter what age you are, sometimes you just never learn!

He is going to be 75 this year and still zooms about on his push bike.  He is very fit for his age and will probably live another 20 years as his uncle died last year at the ripe old age of 92.  He was in Shetland (an island off the top of Scotland) visiting his girlfriend, the Lovely Bunty, for Christmas and New Year but that's a whole other story :)

Back home, just in time for Jack and it was all go again. Granny Mac arrived to shower Jack and I went to my bed as I was totally shattered.

I woke at just after 11pm with Holly's face hovering inches from my face and I nearly had a heart attack!  Did I tell you before that my kids are trying to kill me?  I thought she was gonna pee herself laughing as she spluttered through her laughter, "this is another one for the blog eh?"  On top of that she was yittering in my ear about setting the alarm and not doing it right "so could I check".  My brain was still in sleep mode, so I fumbled for the phone to reset the alarm and couldn't get my fingers to work or the brain much to her amusement!   Eventually I did it and then she gave me the kiss that she was about to give me before I woke up.  She laughed all the way out of my room.  Mmmmmmmmmm karma or what!

Jack woke me at 4.20am having a seizure so I found myself stumbling down the stairs and running through to his room to activate his VNS.  It didn't last long, He had another one at 6.25am and then it was time to get Holly up for school. Jack's feed pump went off at 7.30am and then it's time to do his meds, wash and dress him and get him into his wheelchair ready for the school bus.  But the school bus had other ideas and the ramp broke down!!!

So I had to get dressed and take him to school myself only to be met with a locked door at the door leading into Kestrel House (special educational needs dept of the school) so I had to take the long way round and go via reception, get them to phone and say we were here.  This was really annoying cos they were expecting him after all!

Now I am off to walk the dogs again as they are nudging me like crazy and there will be no peace til it's done!

Have a lovely day people :)


  1. omg - all that before you even get a cup of tea in the morning!!!
    Laughing @ your dad - remind me to tell you of the time my health visitor came to visit and i had a hangover!!!!

  2. Lyndy this was an awesome post girl. You had me laughing at the cartoon characters, feeling sorry for you and your dad. All kinds of emotions reading this one. I could just visualize Holly's face just above yours. So funny. Seems you could use a quiet spot to just relax for a few hours with no disturbances. Good luck with that.

  3. Wow what a day!!! And I nearly spit coffee on my computer monitor at Holly in your face. Too funny.

  4. I agree = that was SO funny about Holly being in your face, and then saying "that'll be something for your blog!!!" Hope your poor dad will be okay! I am full of admiration for you with all that you have to cope with. Your must be absolutely exhausted half of the time. Take care.

  5. Give Holly a high-five from me for scaring the crap out of you :-)

  6. Holly is just too funny!! Another great post.

  7. Julie - yes all before a good old cuppa!
    Odie - it was funny, after!
    JM - hee hee hee
    Thisisme - it's not the first time she's said that lol
    Chief - Oh I will :)
    Jax - she is and you will find out more soon enough when she hijacks my blog for a day

  8. Popped in from Ladybloggers! Your dad sounds like a firecracker!

  9. Oh, don't you just hate it when that happens?? I've had so many times when I've been all into typing a post and put so much time and work into it, finally finished it and was so proud of it and then lost it....and the second time around is NEVER as good!!

    I so feel for you.


  10. that is really annoying that the door was locked and they were expecting him. its like the didnt even care. i would be frustrated.

  11. Blonde Duck - he is!
    Steph - I did scream in frustration!!!
    Corey - I was and pretty pissed off too!

  12. Great heavens! What a busy life you have, and still you are full of the joys.

    I am full of admiration, and chastened-how dare I moan about ANYTHING?

  13. Moannie - everyone is entitled to moan! I still do but no one listens lol


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