Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Beastie

Just before his shower two nights ago, Jack had a seizure and was very sleepy.  Granny Mac, who comes on a Monday night to shower him and give me some time off,  then came and took him through for his shower.

It takes about an hour to get him ready for bed as all the preparation and hoisting is quite time consuming. When he was finally in bed and medication given, she came through to tell me that the wee "beastie" that he had in his hand was still there and he hadn't let got off it the whole time he was in the shower, had his hair dried and was dressed again.

Awwwwwwwwwwww how CUTE!  Now this is something unusual cos often after a seizure Jack is totally flat out and incapable of holding onto anything for prolonged periods of time, in fact in general he struggles to hold onto anything for very long.

This is the Beastie, I think he really likes it!

I just realised that he has wee Beasties on his pj's
At least 3 or 4 hours later, when Holly and I were going off to bed, I checked on him as always and couldn't believe it when it was still in his hand!  Clutched loosely, but still there, so I called on Holly and the two of us were hanging over his bed both giving it "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww, how sweet is that?".  The two of us just looked at each other and we both leaned in to stroke him, me on his arm and Holly on his face, both of us stealing kisses after.

These are the moments that steal into my heart and make him so adorable, keeping me going when times are tough.  Which they are at the moment.  I have had Jack home for 3 weeks now and he is due back to school tomorrow and it can't come soon enough!

The hardest thing about having Jack at home for long periods is that I am not the type of mother who just leaves him sitting in his chair watching the TV, although there are times that you just have to do that in order to get some stuff done!  But mostly I have him out on the floor, stretching his legs, sometimes he manages to get up on his knees but he has very little upper body strength these days so he can't maintain it for long so I have to be down on the floor with him, keeping him safe. I also do physio with him to keep his chest clear and of course the best bit about him being on the floor is that I get lots of cuddles.

Jack managed to get underneath the Christmas tree

Jack with another of his Beasties
So while I am doing that with Jack, the housework starts to slide and it depresses me.  The washing piles up and I usually manage to keep on top of that but the ironing........not a hope! And the washing is horrendous as Jack goes through so much bedding and clothes, add to that a teenager who changes more often than I have hot dinners and I just wanna scream! I manage to run the hoover around but dusting, hell no.  So after three weeks of total house neglect I was so glad to see Nancy this morning.

She hadn't known about Jack's latest ambulance ride and my subsequent adrenaline rush but as soon as I started to tell her, I just broke down.  She gave me the biggest hug I have had in a very long time and it was such a MUM hug if you know what I mean? Afterwards I felt so much better especially when she quickly made short work of my messy house and ironing. And Holly being the star that she is, got Jack up for me today, dressed him, washed him, wiped his nose, cleaned his ears and wiped the yucky stuff off of his lips much to his disgust............he was so not impressed!
Loki just loves Jack....

and just has to be curled up next to him at all times! Cute.
That's too major adrenaline rushes in a short space of time over a fairly hectic time of year and all that I can say is that I am no adrenaline junkie.  I mean wtf?  People actually willingly do crazy stuff to get an adrenaline rush. For crying out loud.......why? What is that all about???  lol

So you'll have gathered that there will be no abseiling for me, cliff jumping or canoeing down rapids just for the rush that you get, no sireeee, not me, not now, not ever.  I can't even go on a roller coaster without nearly crapping myself.  Plus all that kinda stuff is meant to be done by people who don't have their own, in built buoyancy floats which severely impede any kind of sporting activity.  Enough said!

So will someone tell Jack that cos I don't think he listens to me! lol


  1. Sweetie...I don't know how you do it but I know that you do. Everyone said that to me over the years with my husband and health issues. Emergencies by the dozens to the ER, depression, attempt at suicide, cancer, HepC, and so on but I just didn't know anything else and I trudged on. You're the same way and it's perfectly ok to ask for a hug once in awhile. I'm sending you a few now!! Hugs! You're a very special lady and your children are beautiful!

  2. You never stop amazing me! I absolutely love reading your blog. You are a wonderful mother and Jack and Holly are very lucky to have you.

    P.S. The photos of Jack and the dog are priceless!

  3. Oh Lynne - i just wish i stayed a bit closer and could comem and make you a cuppa!
    Paul's 1st day back @ school today and after taking the tree down i'm seeing things that need cleaned or tidied.

    But as they say - tomorrow is anothe rsomething or other!!!

  4. BB - thank you for your virtual hugs, very much appreciated and you have correctly described me as someone who just trudges on cos what else is there.

    JM - Aww thanks :) the photos are so cute, Loki just adores him!

    Julie - Cups of tea are always welcome. Yep it never ends :)

  5. I really do think that you're a lovely mum to Jack & Holly (Loved the photos by the way)and I know that it must be very hard for you at times, and such a worry too. I'm glad you got that hug that you so richly deserved.

  6. JM and I were talking the other night about how much we enjoy reading your blog...I'm going to share a technique I've mastered that may help you a little...repeat the following..."dust does not's a figment of other people's imagination"...I believe this and therefore have no problem not dusting :-)

  7. It was great seeing pictures of Jack and I really got the awww's when I saw the ones with the dog. Precious.

  8. Hey times are hard sometimes but you can get through it. You're awesome!

    Yeah some adrenaline I get like from roller coasters (some) and getting onto the freeway...haha yeah that's an adrenaline rush for me, but a lot is too much.

  9. Thisisme - glad you liked the photos and thank you for your support

    Chief - I love it!!

    Odie - yeah Loki is so funny around Jack, she is quite a special little dog
    Ditz - Oh I am with you on the freeway thing, it just doesn't seem natural to slot yourself in amongst cars going really fast!

  10. I have a poem, I think I may have blogged it, that I got when the boys were babies. All about what is really important. When I find it, I will email it.

    Your photos are beautiful. Typial boy to love his beasties

  11. Me again, found the post that I would love you to see.
    I am not sure we knew each other when i posted it, ignore it if you have read it alredy.

  12. Mynx - omg the poem was lovely and made me feel so much better! I definitely needed that today :)


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