Sunday, 30 January 2011

How the hell did that happen?

This week has passed in a blur and so much has happened, it's been crazy and the culmination of all that craziness is that my friend and I have set up a support group for parents/guardians of children with Special Needs in our area.

It's not the first time I have been asked about starting something like this but before no one else was willing to start it with me.  This time my friend, Louise, suggested it and I said I would help but didn't want all of the responsibility.  So we've taken the first steps and I will let you know how it goes.

Coming back from my meeting on Friday with Louise, I came around the back of my car and slipped on a bit of ice and went crashing down on my knee.  Oh the pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I quickly looked around to see if anyone had noticed but luckily there was no one around to witness my painful hop into the car.

I was expecting to wake up the next morning with a huge bruise and major pain on my knee but instead my head hurt. WTF?  So I spent all day, in-between my occasional groans and winces racking my brains as to how my head could possibly be sore when I didn't hurt it when I fell.

I don't know if it's an age thing or what but I often come across bruises or aches on my body and don't have a clue how I got them.  It causes an endless amount of amusement with Holly and my friends.  It could be that my brain is just overloaded and therefore it just files any useless information into file no 13 (aka the bin!) and then I spend ages rummaging in said part of my brain looking for clues.

Last night my niece and her boyfriend came to see me, to flash off her ring as they got engaged! I salivated over her lovely platinum ring with Leo diamond and there were hugs and smiles all round. Mega excitement let me tell you and I was telling her that I had hurt my head but that I couldn't remember how.  This caused great amusement and she was telling her fianc√© about the time I came into her salon to get my hair coloured and she asked me "did I know that I had a hole in my head?" and I said sheepishly "well, you'll never believe this but........".

And while she was telling the story, I remembered how I had hurt my head this time!  It happened on Tuesday when I had Jack at the Dental Hygienist.  I was sitting on a chair that was up against the wall and we were having a bit of a laugh about something and I threw my head back and laughed and whacked my head off of one of those hand sanitisers.  I mean, who the hell puts one of those right where someone's head would be?  But you'd think once I had banged my head once, it wouldn't happen again right? Wrong!  This is what I get for laughing cos the second time landed exactly on the first spot and was doubly ouch ouch ouch and I was rubbing my head but then it was back into the car and off being busy busy so I forgot until now!  Shocking really.

a lethal weapon if ever I saw one!

So I expect my knee to be really sore around Monday and if I can't remember how I did it, you guys can remind me.

Meanwhile, back to the hole in my head I previously mentioned, I take it you want to know what misfortune caused such a wound? Really, you sure now? Oh, ok, if I must but you've to promise not to laugh.

My friend Maria, was moving into her new house and she asked me to come around in the afternoon of her moving in day to get the tour.  Everything was going well, I oohed and aahed in all the right places, admired all the lovely "nooks and crannies" of her lovely old house and enjoyed some tea and cake.  When I was getting ready to leave, the removal men had made themselves scare so I assumed they were on a tea break.  Maria and her daughter, Maryann walked with me down the house steps and as I turned to wave goodbye, walking past the side of the removal van, one of the guys threw a box out of the side door and literally "stotted" me off the top of my head!


You know in cartoons when the character sees tweety birds after an injury well that was definitely what it was like for me! I staggered and nearly fell over, saw stars and felt sick and I couldn't think what the hell had hit me cos I wasn't exactly expecting flying boxes that day.  After Maria, checked that I was all right, she nearly peed herself laughing and there we were leaning against the wall, hanging on to each other crying with laughter, blood dripping down my face and her poor daughter looking on bemused.

The removal men were very apologetic after they stopped laughing too. Jeez, how kind they were, not!

So you see, I am an accident waiting to happen, I am not even safe from flying objects!  I am still suffering the pain of a sore hand 4 weeks after falling.  After spending 2 hours in A & E a week or so ago, they came to the conclusion that I had dislocated my thumb at the time and damaged the tissue around it and I just need to rest it!  Ha ha they are having a laugh right?

And speaking of laughs, Thisisme @Southhamsdarling gave me an award.  

How cool is this?  As per usual there are rules to this which are:

1) Link to the person that gave you the award
2) Pass the award onto anyone who posts about at least slightly amusing things and let them know you have done so.
3) Say 5 things about yourself that no one knows...eek!
4) Pass the rules on

So I pass this award to Holly @ the duvet monster scribbles because she makes me laugh and she is my lovely daughter :)

and also this week Tress @ Jumble Mash gave me this yummy award

and since I have been lucky enough to receive this one before, click here to see my answers.

I award this one to Geeky Little Mifit who has just started blogging and I think needs a bit of encouragement.

Now for the 5 random things as per the LOL Award.

1)  I used to have a hamster called Spike Hector Turner Mckenzie and he used to play dead quite often then after I would tell everyone he'd died, he used to be swinging from the bars of the cage when I got home!!!
2)  I used to live next door to an ex biker and he once came to the door looking scary asking if we were having a party, when I replied yes, he said well I'd better turn the music up cos he couldn't hear it.  What a scream he was.
3) My very first dog was a gift from my friends for getting through chemo and radiotherapy.  She was called Hoggle and she was the best dog ever.  She used to jump the gate to the ice cream van and collect a milky way every chance she got which was nightly and I would be given a bill at the end of the week!
4) When I was very young, we used to live in the country and I was the best at climbing trees but once I got up there I would go into panic mode and couldn't get down.
5)  Despite the tree climbing I was a girl who loved her dolls and I had loads of them.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend folks :)


  1. Congratulations on the awards that are so appropriate. You can be so funny at times girl. Now you be careful this week and try to let the old injuries get better before adding new one to your accident prone body. Enjoy the rest of your sunday. Say hi to Holly & Jack for me.

  2. Well, you did me proud today, lyndylou!! Enjoyed reading those things about you. (Loved the hamster one). That is wonderful that you and Louise have set up your support group. I am sure that many parents will be helped by it. I know what you mean, it is so much easier if you have another person to share the responsibility of running it with you. I wish you good luck with that. I expect it could take up quite a lot of your time if it really takes off! Make sure you don't go knocking your head, knee, leg, or whatever during this coming week!

  3. you couldn'y make it up if you tried wummin!!!!!
    Has brought a smile to my face, thanks

  4. Wow, what a week! That is great you have begun that support group.

  5. Congrats on starting the support group and on the awards! The LOL award is so well deserved you always have me laughing. I hope your head, knee, and hand stop hurting soon :D

  6. Congrats on the well deserved awards....a hole in your head....hmmm, that explains a lot :-)

  7. Odie - Glad I make you laugh, Holly and Jack say hi
    Thisisme - that hamster was such a character!
    Julie - that's what my friends tell me too!
    Kristy - I think so too :)
    Jax - thanks, I hope so too!
    Chief aka dad - it does doesn't it?!!

  8. daughter is the same, always has a bruise she cant account for!

    good luck with the support group but don't run yourself ragged!

    off to have a look at Holly's blog.

    congrats for the award, well deserved i always LOL here :P

  9. You and me sound very alike, I get bruises that I don't remember getting, I trip off of flat surfaces, I bang myself. Just ask Cam Man about the first day we met. And within 12 hours of meeting him, not on that day but the next, a corner of a wall took a chunk out of my elbow!

  10. IWBY - It's a curse I tell ya. Hope you enjoyed Holly's blog :)
    Ditz - unfortunately Holly is the same as me too


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