Thursday, 6 January 2011

Granda Mac and his dodgy knee

My ex father-in-law, Granda Mac, is in hospital.  He had a knee replacement operation in March last year and he got an infection in the bone.  It took them about 8 months to realise that's why he was in so much pain and was unable to straighten his leg.

In order to pin point the exact place of the infection, he had to endure lots of tests and very painful scans but finally he went into our local hospital on 28th December to have the knee replacement removed.

Sounds simple but no, it is much more complicated than that because they can't just leave the knee empty so they have to put something in it's place. The plan was to fill the knee with cement and then zapp him with very very strong doses of antibiotics.  His knee has to be kept straight as that was something he wasn't able to do at all while the replacement knee was in.  This process will take about 8 weeks in total as he has to have the cement in for 6 weeks and then they will put in another replacement knee and he will then have to endure more physio and more antibiotics to ensure that he doesn't get another infection!  By the time he is finished it will be nearly a year since all his trauma began.

Granny Mac surprised him at New Year by coming to see him just before midnight to take in the New Year with him.  It was really important for both of them as they have never spent a Hogmanay apart in the 40 odd years they have been married.  I thought this was the sweetest thing and from what she told me, they were really quite emotional but they still managed to have a wee smidge of the alcoholic stuff as the nurses were prepared and had a glass of wine for Granny Mac and a wee whisky for Granda Mac. In fact I believe they had two glasses each!

Now that's my kind of prescription!


  1. How lovely the hospital accomadated them like that. Making a horrible situation a little more bearable.


  2. Poor Granda Mac. That really is something that he is having to go through. Must be very unpleasant. But how lovely that Granny Mac (love those names!) went into hospital so that they were together for Hogmanay - that is so sweet, even after all those years.

  3. I am happy they worked with them to make it special. My youngest daughter had knee problems and had surgery to repair some damage & they sent her home to recover. I came home from work (this was years ago) and could hear her screaming from outside the house. She had also received a staff infection at the hospital and had to be taken back, opened up again, cleaned out and then start all over with the healing process. I feel their pain. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.

  4. JEBUS!!!POOR GRANDA MAC! It doesn't bear thinking about.

    How sweet Granda and Granny are,wanting to spend Hogmanay together, those nurses sound great :)

  5. Cement? In the knee? With the technology we have these days that just seems crazy. But hey if it works than it works!

    Send Grandpa Mac my well wishes

  6. Wow well I hope he gets better. Alcohol helps relieve some pain from what I've heard...Don't ask me how I know.

  7. What a horrible experience for him! Bless his heart.. My dad had both hips replaced, and I'm so glad he didn't have complications. I hope he has much better luck with the second knee replacement.

  8. Having had surgery to my knee 11 months ago vi can feel the pain!!!
    But nothing as bad as that.
    I do hope it works out ok - the alcohol can be great!!!

  9. Mynx - yeah for a small hospital the nurses are pretty good.
    Thisisme - these are the names I've given them and they've kinda stuck
    Odie - your poor daughter, sounds awful!
    IWASNTBLOGGEDYESTERDAY - I don't think Granny Mac would have coped without seeing him to be honest.
    JM - that was my reaction!
    Ditz - alcohol is a very good medicine at times :)
    Krissy - yes fingers crossed.
    Julie - oh I don't relish the idea of knee surgery at all, glad you are better.

  10. I came over to thank you for visiting my Blog and taking the time to leave a comment, so thank you.
    This post is interesting for me as my son has two dicky knees, had five ops and still they are not right-surgeon said that the next inevitable step is replacements.

    I do hope all goes well.
    Thanks again.


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