Thursday, 13 January 2011

Giggling is good for you

Holly and I often have conversations that head off in the strangest directions!  Last night we went out for dinner to one of her favourite places, La Caverna in Lossiemouth.  My Holly is a creature of habit so once she finds a place she likes, that's the choice every time!  Jack was with Marion (carer) for a few hours.
inside La Caverna
It was very quiet in the restaurant, it was just us two and we were having quite a good laugh, catching up on what she had been doing at school.  There were times we were giggling so hard that the waiter must have thought we had lost it!

Holly being the typical child, when we had first sat down, handed me her coat and scarf and I had them sitting on the chair next to me.  So when we were getting ready to leave, I started to put my jacket on and Holly's like "well, pass my scarf then" as I am in the middle of trying to get my arm into my jacket!  "Hold on a sec, will you" says I wrestling with my jacket.  So she starts muttering about "if we were on a plane and the oxygen masks had dropped down, I would have died of oxygen starvation by now cos you would be too busy faffing about!".  Calmly I said, just as the waiter appeared " well you could just have a sook of it while you were waiting for me to finish what I am doing".  You should have seen the waiter's face, it was hysterical and I had to try really hard to keep my face straight when he asked "was everything all right with our meal and did we want the bill?"

When he left, Holly, who hadn't seen the waiter's face, carrying on the conversation, said "so I'd just have to frantically suck at the mask until you were ready? But parents are supposed to get their mask on first, then the kids get theirs (has she forgotten that she is now 16???? soon to be 17!) so, would you then prise mine off my face and put it on yours and give me the other one?".  At this point, I am laughing hysterically cos there would be no prising anything off of her face, believe me cos she has a thing about other peoples germs and do you really think if the aeroplane was crashing that she would part with said mask, no way, no how, no when!!!!

By this time, she has her jacket on and we are up at the desk.  The waiter is trying really hard not to laugh and he asks "are you paying the bill together or separate?" to which I laugh and say "together, cos she has no money" and Holly is saying indignantly "that's because I am a child". I am laughing and saying "and your point is?" and I make the sign "whatever, minger, loser" on my forehead! and she spluttered "you're such a child, you've never grown up!" I was laughing really hard now saying "growing up is overrated Holz".  The waiter is unable to contain his laughter now, I think we've made his evening!

Outside in the car, Holly commented that she could still see him smiling, in the restaurant.  I informed her that he was probably still laughing about me telling you to "just sook it till I am ready and he was probably thinking it was some weird sexual thing!" .  Holly being the typical teenager looked at me with a mixture of horror and disgust, saying "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww".  I was laughing so hard, I couldn't drive the car!

I just love spending time with Holly cos she so gets me and me her and without realising, she is highly entertaining!

When we were visiting Granda Mac last night, another couple came in.  They were friends of Granny and Granda, have been for a long time but I don't know the lady (M) all that well but I know her husband (J) as he is a plumber and he has helped me out a few times.

I was yawning cos the heat in the hospital was getting a bit much and I commented on how tired I was.  Immediately M, jumps on this and asks "why was I so tired" not in a friendly way either and I replied "looking after Jack is quite tiring".  She gave me a look and then the conversation moved on.  Later, as we got up to go, she asked "who was looking after Jack tonight?" and I replied that "Jack was with the carer".  "So do you get help in the morning then?" she asks quite abruptly and I said "no" and she quickly retorts "why not?".  "Because they(the council) don't have the money to put in that kind of help" says I and she grumpily retorts that "I could get my own carer and pay her myself!".  I am completely flabbergasted by this cos does she think I am made of money???  Obviously she has heard that I am!
I could feel Holly bristling beside me and my own heckles were up but I politely replied "do you know how much a carer costs? Also I would have to train them and that costs money because Jack requires specialist care as he takes seizures, goes blue and stops breathing and also is sometimes sick and can aspirate it.".  That's not to mention the other training she would need.

Epilepsy Training
Feeding via pump
Cpr Training
Gravity Feeding

VNS Magnet to stop seizures

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" she said "I suppose that does need special care then". But she didn't sound that convinced and  I was completely flabbergasted cos this is one of Granny and Granda Mac's long term friends, knows the history and knows how often Jack is hospitalised and how ill he has been at times. It didn't help that Granny Mac then stated "that she hasn't had specialist training but she manages!"  That may be so but she would never get a job doing it cos she wouldn't have all the training.

We left soon after and Holly straight away said "she wasn't very nice was she?" and I couldn't argue with her really.  I felt as if this lady was out to have a go at me and having Holly agree that it felt like that to her too, made me feel for sure that she was. We had a good laugh about it with Marion when we got back to the house cos she has a list of qualifications as long as her arm just to be able to look after a child like Jack and actually has a specialist set of training, which no one else in my area has, and that is training in using the VNS.

People surprise me all the time but mostly in a good way. And the ones that don't, well I have to learn to shrug them off and laugh about it.

A nice surprise I got on Monday was another lovely award, this time from Odie@The Simple Life.  I love his blog and hearing about his life across the pond, you should definitely check him out and I love the picture of  Blue Ridge Parkway in the top left hand corner of his blog.  I am drawn to it every time I visit his page, it looks so bonnie.
Thank you Odie

Now I have to list 5 things about myself that you don't already know.

1) I love Faeries! I have a collection of faery ornaments that people have given me over the years, also books on them too.
I have one of these
2)  I was given a £20 voucher for Christmas, from my friend Emma towards a tattoo! Me, who is terrified of needles!  EEEEKKKK!  but I have secretly wanted one, somewhere private where no one can see maybe? lol

3) I love love love SHOES! My rest of my outfit can be fairly plain (which is rare) but the shoes are always a talking point.  Wedges are my favourite.  I would be frightened to tell you how many pairs of shoes I have!

4) One of my most favourite things is looking at a new catalogue!  Even though I might not buy anything out of them, I love opening a brand new one for the first time.  I'm like a magpie, my eyes light up when I see one and I have to have it!  Blame my mum, cos when I was little, she used to give me her old catalogues to play with and I took them everywhere! lol

4) My home is my safety.  As soon as I come in the house and shut the door, I can finally be me and I don't have to pretend that l am having a good day, when I am not.  It is the best feeling in the world!

5) I have a wall and a door at my back door full of stickers and magnets with really funny sayings that people have given me or I have bought myself. I also have a car sticker that makes everyone laugh when they read it and is a real conversation starter!
This is it!
So there you have it!

I pass this on to Linda@Linda's Life who hasn't been blogging long but I just love her writing and I want to know more!!!  Jax@You are Loved who is also a new blogger and is baring her heart by doing the 30days of Truth!  Better her than me!

There is so many other people I want to give it to but I see that they've already received it so I will leave it at that but as far as I am concerned you are all worthy of awards anyway.

Have a lovely day folks.


  1. aww LYNNE - i'[m only mates with you cos i thought you were minted!
    And you're now telling me you're not - FOUL!!!!!

    As for that woman - she sounds a lot like my mother sad to say.That is the kind of reaction she would have had - pay for it yourself.

    What with mother, i wouold frequently say under my breath, what with??? Middle of polo mints????

    On that note, i am sending a securicor van with said middle of popl mints for yopu to pay for a mporniong carer.

    Never let it ne said i'm not good to my friends!!!!

  2. Gosh, that was a very long post today!! I love it that you and Holly are so close and have so much fun together. Tell her that we are still eagerly awaiting her guest post! Congratulations on the Award - it's great to think that people think we are deserving of Awards, isn't it?! I agree with Holly, that lady wasn't very nice, was she. DOH! I love that car sticker!! LOL! Go on = get yourself a tatoo! Be a devil.

  3. Julie - ha ha you're so funny!!!
    Thiisme - sorry it was so long, kinda got carried away, hope it didn't bore you too much though!

  4. Thanks for the award :) I have the same relationship you and Holly have with my younger sister. No matter what we are doing, we are always laughing. I look forward to Holly's guest post :)

  5. You've outdone yourself again girl and I enjoyed every second of reading todays post. You are certainly welcome for the award. You deserve it. So glad you and Holly had that special time together and hope Jack has many good days ahead.

  6. Congrats on the award! You are sure stylish! I also hate how people make assumptions and think you're below them in a conversation.

  7. What a great post and your night out sounds so much fun. I think it is great that you take time out to be with our daughter and spend some time doing normal stuff out of the house. Giggling is good for you. There have been studies to prove it

  8. sorry to say lynn, but um :/ i think you ned to go back to school cause it seems that you cant count to 5 :P it goes 1, 2, 3, 4 then 5
    not1, 2, 3, 4, 4 then 5 ;) xxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Diz - nah nah I never ever do what I am told so I wanted to include 6 things about me cos I had 6 things in my head, so I cheated (rule breaker that I am) and until you came along, I don't think anyone noticed!!!!

    You just blew my cover!!!

    Anyway, what you doing on blogger, get on with your studying!!! lol lurve ya ;)

  10. It's great that you have been able to learn to laugh things off, especially with everything your family has had to deal with. Life is too short to just get bent out of shape about stuff. Your relationship with Holly is wonderful, and believe me, that waiter had a smile for a while after you left. :)

  11. nah rather not :L having too much fun destroying your counting ability ;) having fun miss blogger of the year :) thats what id award you if i could :)

    INSPIRATION MUCH! <3 <3 <3 =D

  12. Jax - it's great to have someone you can be that way with
    Odie - glad you enjoyed it!
    TADitz - me too :)
    Mynx - any respite I get is spent with Holly so she doesn't feel left out
    Krissy - lol I hope he did!
    Beefy aka Diz - awww you are way too kind! (did Holly pay you to say that!)


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