Saturday, 1 January 2011

It's the first day of 2011

Today has been a better day.  When I arrived at the hospital, the nurse informed me that the doctors had already done their rounds and they would be guided by me as to whether or not I was happy to take Jack home.

After checking that he hadn't had any more "big" seizures throughout the night, I said that "yeah I will cos he is better off at home but that having said that, I will still wait a few hours to make doubly sure!".

Jack was wide awake when I came in and he looked so gorgeous lying there that I just had to get in about for a cuddle.  Not easy to do to anyone in a hospital bed let me tell you! But I was not to be deterred and then he was in my arms, his head fitting snug under my chin and all was well with my world again.  I don't think he was quite as impressed cos when I put him back down he was raising his eyebrows as if to say "must you???".  Cheeky wee monkey!

I had to wake Holly to get into the house at around 1.30pm as with all this drama lately I seem to have lost my house keys.  It took lots of banging and a phone call before the monster from the duvet surfaced and let me in with a grunt.  If I didn't know better, I would have seriously thought that I had come into contact with a specimen of early man.  The hair was wild enough but fortunately her knuckles weren't dragging along the ground!

Anyway she went straight back to bed, lucky girl and Jack and I chilled most of the afternoon.  At around 7.30pm as I was gravity feeding Jack, he took a seizure and was sick everywhere, coughing and choking and I was trying to keep the syringe out of the way of his flailing arms.  It was getting so bad that I had to enlist Holly's help but the little monkey managed a direct hit on the syringe and half the contents of the tube landed  on my new sofa.  AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH.  I knew it was gonna be him who was gonna christen it.  Oh well I managed to keep it clean for at least a week, not bad with a child like Jack.

Holly was a wee star and cleaned it up and she then leaned in for a hug at which point I said to her that "with all this stress, I think I am developing a twitch!!!".    I thought she was gonna pee herself laughing which then set me off and we were hanging onto each other howling with laughter.  Once I caught my breath I informed her that "I'm not kidding you know. In the ward last night, my eye started twitching on and off and I was convinced everybody could see it! And now it's just started up again. Oh god I am gonna be like a Cyclops with only one eye functioning!!".  At this outburst she started laughing and we were once again, spluttering and chortling with mirth.  And you wonder where she gets all the drama from, well now you know!

So it's just business as usual here.  There is no rhyme nor reason to Jack's seizures, they don't follow a pattern or have particular triggers so you can never tell what is going to happen next. What I do know, is that puberty makes them worse but I am hoping that Jack hasn't read that particular book and therefore will prove them wrong, after all he has already re written the rule book on so many other things.

Aye, he is a rebel without a cause, just like his mum.


  1. Poor Jack is certainly going through it at the moment. I'm glad that you've got Holly there with you. Here's hoping that things will settle down for a while.

  2. I also was hoping that Jack would have more time at home without seizures but I guess you know how to handle anything by now. You might want to edit the title of this blog making the year 2011. God bless you, Jack & Holly.

  3. You need to post a sound bite of you and Holly laughing....I bet it's musical :-) Hope Jack has a peaceful night!

  4. Thisisme - I couldn't survive without Holly, she keeps me sane!
    Odie- Thanks for the heads up re the year...eek! Changed now :) God Bless you too
    Chief - I did think about that today but not sure how to do it! Am a bit of a numpty! lol

  5. I am imagining you and your girl just laughing together and it has made me smile. You have such warmth and love and it comes through in every post. Bigs hugs xx

  6. still convinced Jack is hanging out to meet Louise!!
    Hope things are a little more peaceful for a day or 2 at least

  7. Mynx - Holly and I are best friends.

    Julie - oh I think so, he has a thing for nurses! Any word on the job front for her?

  8. I just knew that the poor suite would be christened soon, as you said at least it lasted a week

  9. Marion - woo hoo you managed to comment at last!!! Hey everyone, this is Marion, Jack's carer who comes to the house twice a week and who often stars in my blogs. A lovely lady X


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