Sunday, 16 January 2011

Things to make me smile

This is on a magnet that I have on the wall at my back door.  It makes me smile every time I read it.

The 5 steps to happiness:

1)  Find a man who loves to do housework
2)  Find a man who makes you laugh
3)  Find a man who has a great job
4)  Find a man who is a great lover
5)  Make sure that none of these men meet each other!!

Tee hee hee.  Oh I wish!

and this sticker was given to me over 15 years ago.

lol how true is that!???

and this one is in my kitchen and has become very useful over the years........

I measured it, so that my head fits just below this sign!  What does that say about me? Eh don't answer that!

and I will leave you with my most used statement of 2010.............which I have to say has been adopted by quite a few of my friends, including a very good friend's hubby!  She wants to kill me every time he uses it!

The saying "oh deal with it and move on!" said laughingly, of course.

My statement for 2011 is.............."you're messing with my groove" or if I am extremely pissed off with you..................."you're f**king with my chi". (haven't used that one so much yet, but I am sure it will come into play when Father of the Year makes his presence felt!!!).  Tee hee hee

Enjoy your lazy Sunday


  1. That 5 steps to happiness one is so funny! As you say - we wish!!!
    I love that saying "oh deal with it, and move on!!!!" LOL!

  2. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face this morning Lyndy. It is going to be a lazy kind of day. It is already mid afternoon for you and yours while my day is just getting started at 9:30 AM. Hope Jack is having a really good weekend which would in turn give you one.

  3. i love thje deal with it comment - it's one that we use a lot here.
    But you're messing with my chi - mmmmm............ will keep that to use on Jamie who organizes the travel buddies - IF he ever phones me again!!
    Mind you, me and caroline (peter's team leader) have both given him welly this week and i doubt he will ever want to be in the same universe as us!!!

    Never piss off a stressed woman

  4. I used to have a "Bang Head Here" in my office....I think I wore it out :-)

  5. Thisisme - glad it made you smile
    Odie - I was out planting bulbs in the garden when you posted this! Keep smiling :)
    Julie - once you get into the habit of saying it, others catch on!
    Chief - I should have a hole in the wall under my sign!

  6. Love all of those sayings.
    I think mine at the moment is "Suck it up Princess".

  7. Good joke, I smirked. That’s more of a reaction than a two hour Hollywood comedy movie can provoke. My statement is “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Been using that one for a while.

    Mynx – That’s exactly what I said to my last gf.

  8. Hahaha awesome signs. I want to get some of these and hang around my house. Especially the "Bang Head Here"

  9. Drake - a smirk? Oh wow, hight praise indeed!
    JM - they are pretty good and definitely bring a smile to my face :)

  10. I love the first and second one. Hahaha, in Julian, California they have a bunch of shops with magnets and signs with quirky sayings like those. Hilarious.


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