Wednesday, 12 January 2011

This and That

Since she has been the star of many of my blogs, I thought it only fair that Holly should get the opportunity to "guest post" on my blog a kinda "Holly fights back" post!

So at some point this week, once the "masterpiece" is finished, you will be treated to my lovely daughters' take on life with me, her lovely, smart, funny crazy mum.

I have already had a sneaky peak and couldn't stop laughing!  Oh boy you guys are in for a treat.

This is the point where I should be asking myself..........are you nuts????????  Do I really have to answer that? Really? Eh, surely you know the answer to that already!?

In the meantime you will just have to put up with me.  It's a hardship, I know but you "lurve" me really eh.

Anyway, moving swiftly along.

An update on Granda Mckenzie.  He is doing fine, cement is still in situ.  He had a urine infection so was feeling pretty yuck for a while but now looks a damn sight better than he did before he went in.  It's amazing how pain can become etched on your face but I am happy to say he has lost that grey tinge to his skin and it now looking quite peachy.  The surgeon hopes to remove the cement on the 3rd February and replace it with a new knee replacement.  Then hopefully he will get home once he can bend his knee.  The ward he is on is closed for admittances as there is a bug on the ward!  I tell you, you take your life in your hands going into hospital and that's just to visit!

Which brings me to today's news about the little girl, aged 3, who died of Swine Flu.  She had no known underlying health problems, a reason always given on the news for people succumbing to this awful flu. Her poor parents are totally distraught and it broke my heart to see her mum on the news tonight.  I know this is an awful thing to have happened but it has highlighted the government's error in assuming that healthy people are able to shrug off this illness.  It used to drive me crazy when I heard that in the news someone else had died from this flu BUT HEY it was ok as they had an underlying health problem. It is not ok for anyone to die especially when they have the vaccine.  Unfortunately I saw the affects of swine flu in the intensive care ward in Glasgow when Jack was there in Oct. 2009 and it truly is a devastating illness, causing seizures, problems with lungs etc.

Jack is behaving himself at the moment, fingers crossed and he is due to go into respite this weekend. I can't wait cos I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired! I really should just take to my bed the whole weekend but it's highly unlikely cos I always feel that I should do stuff with Holly Dolz which is no hardship as we always have such a laugh but I think I will probably sleep most of Sunday!

Finally our snow is going, yipee but I feel for all the people in Australia who are suffering because of the floods there, it is totally devastating.  I hope and pray the water will finally start to recede and they can finally get some relief.

I will try really hard not to complain about a wee bit of snow again!


  1. Glad things are going ok with Grandad - gotta take care of him!!!

    Know what you meant about the swine Flu + PICU - Louise was working there @ the time

  2. A very good and entertaining post today girl. Can't wait to see what is on Holly's mind. Catch you later.

  3. Can't wait to see what Holly ha sin store for us. I hope everything goes well in your life Lyndylou!

  4. I so agree with you lindylou about that poor little 3 year old girl - tragic, and her poor mum. Awful! Good post all round. Can't wait to see Holly's take on things!!

  5. Julie - yeah it was pretty awful
    Odie - who know's what is in the mind of a teenager eh
    Ditz - I think you will enjoy it :)
    Thisisme - yeah it's totally tragic

  6. Good to hear Grandad is improving.

    The floods are horrific. Another part of the country to me but we are hearing constant updates about them. So sad as the death toll is rising.

  7. So pleased that Grandpa seems to be on the mend.


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