Sunday, 2 January 2011

I Feel Loved

Despite all the drama in my life lately I was surprised and chuffed to bits to be given a blog award, twice.

OMG!  What can I say, it looks good enough to eat!  But me, sweet??? Eh, umm, aww shucks, if you say so!

So a BIG thank you to Morgan @ The Adorkable Ditz Missteps and Chief aka dad @ Unsound Reasoning for thinking of me and their kind words.  I am not worthy! but I will grab it with both hands accept it gracefully (what? who me?) and pass it on.

Now there is a price to pay  for this oh so yummy award, the price being that I have to tell you 5 guilty pleasures that I enjoy and pass it on to 3 bloggers.  So since I got it twice that means I have to tell you 10 guilty pleasures..............mmmmmmmmmm...............I am not sure I can come up with 10 clean ones though but will give it a shot and award it to 6 bloggers.

Right here goes nothing!

Guilty Pleasures
1)   I love being the first person into the bed when I have changed the sheets and duvet cover.  It is the height of bliss!
2)   I much prefer shower gel to soap, especially the fruity kind and my favourite at the moment is by Naked Body Care called Starflower Body Wash.  It's gorgeous and I can't wait to get naked in the shower! ;)
3)   My favourite hobby is winding Holly up when she is in "paranoid Annie" mode.  It's a case of light taper and stand well back. Tee hee hee.
4)   After a long walk with the dogs, it's just ace to have two dogs curled up sleeping at your feet and they look so cosy that I gently rest my feet on them while they are sleeping and I drink my cup of tea.  The best pair of slippers ever.
5)   A glass of red wine. Just that first sip is enough to soothe my aching bones and calm my frayed nerves but  a sip is most definitely not enough.
6)   Hugs are the best, one size fits all but a cuddle from your man surpasses them all, it is the best.
7)   Screening my calls.  There are times that no matter how much I love you, I just don't want to's not's me! ha ha ha
8)   Stealing kisses from Jack while he is still asleep first thing in the morning.  My god that boy is so scrumptious!
9)   The thoughts of pure evil that some of my friends have.  They are totally hysterical and have me laughing and chortling throughout the day especially when it comes out of the mouth of some of the sweetest people I know.  I think I am rubbing off on them......eek!
10)  When Nancy (the lovely lady who cleans my house once a week) comes on a Wednesday and sorts out my house and gets me motivated to change around rooms and pack things away into the garage.  It's just like having my mum around.  Pure magic.

and lastly

11)  I know, I know it was only supposed to be ten but hey sue me!  A book is my most guilty of all pleasures,lying in bed immersing myself in someone else's world and being gripped by the story line, it doesn't get better than that...........mmmmm...........unless there's a fireman thrown in for good measure!!

Now to share the love with the people I am passing this award onto.

1) Talkative Taurus because she makes me laugh with her funny stories about her mum and for the Now and Then "blast from the past" post.
2) Jo @ Raising Seth who is just starting out on the road of raising a disabled child and who I silently champion and cheer on daily.
3) IWASNTBLOGGEDYESTERDAY whose daughter is a transgender and this blog is all about her point of view as a mum and coping with all the discrimination.  This is close to my heart as I have someone in my life going through this.  But it is not just about that, she has a wicked sense of humour too.
4) Mynx @ Dribble because I just love the way she thinks and she is such a lovely supportive lady.  Her other blog is pretty hot too!
5) Amy's Short Stories which are written by a 10 year old girl who has Autism.  Her stories are really good,  written so well and are lovely to read.
6) Odie @ The Simple Life for his ace post A Story Worth Telling and for all his positive comments on my blog.

Please look them up and enjoy.

P.S.  I apologise to Morgan for calling her Megan in my last few comments and posts. Brain not engaged at all this weekend!!! Will tell it to be on top form in the future, bad brain!


  1. Not to put a downer on your parade Lyndylou, but I'm Morgan, not Megan. No worries happens all the time! I'm glad you like it!

  2. Ummm, well...I kinda got stuck at the "I can't wait to get naked in the shower! ;)" part....but I'm sure the rest was good too :-) are awesome!

  3. Morgan - oh bloody hell, trust me! I have amended it, apologies hun

    Chief - lol what you like!

  4. congratulations Lyndy & thanks for mentioning my blog. I feel so very blessed to have 3 healthy grown daughters & 3 grandchildren as well. You have seen way to much of hospitals caring for your precious Jack & I hope & pray that this will be the year that Jack has less seizures or even better that they find out how to stop them forever. God bless you.

  5. Totally a worthy winner of "the Pav"
    Love your guilty pleasures. Especially the clean sheets and a good book.
    Thankyou for passing it to me too. I am very honoured. Hugs xx

  6. Many congratulations on your double Award. You certainly deserve them. Re. No 3 - that is SO mean . LOL!! Re. No 7 - I do that as well!!

  7. ooh ooh ooh I got an award :)

    Thanks heaps Lyndi for the mention:)

    now off to think about the cost involved for tomorrows blog.

  8. Odie - I am so glad your family is hale and hearty cos I wouldn't wish Jack's condition on anybody.

    Mynx - you deserve it my friend.

    Thisisme - re no 3, a parent has to get their fun somehow!!! lol No.7 -now everyone will keep ringing til I answer. oops!

    IWASNTBLOGGEDYESTERDAY - you are very welcome :)

  9. I don't know how I never commented on this before now. I must have replied in my head as I was stealing the award. LOL Thank you sooooo much! It means a lot to me, especially the comments about my blog. So glad we found each other in blog world. :)

  10. Krissy - you are very welcome and your blog is ace :)

  11. Krissy - you are very welcome and your blog is ace :)


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