Thursday, 20 January 2011


After finishing my last post, I did my usual and posted it to Facebook so that my friends could read it.  Alas it was not to be.  Apparently Facebook have blocked it because the content is either abusive or contains spam!!!!!!!  WTF?????

I clicked on the "what to do if you disagree" link, posted the blog url and said that I disagreed, pressed submit and was told that I would receive a message from Facebook shortly.

Well their definition of shortly and mine are worlds apart cos after repeatedly checking my response whatsoever from Facebook.  So I tried again and again and again and again, each time filling in their f**king form and getting more and more frustrated!!!

Then I managed to get onto their Help page and the information given was that:

You're seeing this error message because the content that you've attempted to post on the site has already been reported as abusive by other Facebook users. You should be able to edit your account if you do not include the offending text or URLs.

If you believe there is no abusive content on the specific website you are trying to post, unfortunately, the web domain that hosts the website has already been identified as abusive. Facebook does not have control over content that is hosted by particular web domains. To request the removal of abusive web pages that may be hosted by this domain, you will have to contact the specific domain provider. 

For more information about prohibited content, please visit the Warnings section of the Help Center. 

So what the hell is that all about???  I was telling Holly and she was equally upset on my behalf and straight away she said, "it's maybe since my guest post on your blog was posted onto my Facebook page by accident!  I bet Dad read it and then read some more and didn't like what he was reading!"

It never occurred to me to think this, cos he doesn't even come up on my radar, any given time or day these days unless he is home and then he just annoys me in the way that a huge, red painful boil on your bum does! 
It says a hell of a lot that Holly would automatically connect the dots in this way and come up with that conclusion!!!  She was like "awww mum, I am so upset for you cos you have found something you love doing that's just for you and someone has come along and spoiled it.  Who would do such a thing but someone who wants to upset you?". 

So then I tried to post Holly's posts from her blogs onto her Facebook page and the same thing!! More complaints and still no bloody response  from Facebook!  What the hell?  Anyone who has read Holly's blog knows that there is nothing abusive in it WHATSOEVER!!!!

It could be a coincidence but who knows???  If anyone else posts their blog to Facebook, are you having problems too or is it just me?  And if it is just me and Holz then according to the above paragraph we have no comeback cos I don't even know what part of the post was abusive??? And why???

So now I am frustrated, confused and quite royally pissed off!

But hey there is more than one way to skin a cat and I found it!  It doesn't look as good but hey at least I can still let my friends read it without having to become followers, although if they did become followers, that would make me a very happy bunny!!!

I may be down but I am definitely not out cos you can't keep a good girl down :)

Just tried again to post this one onto Facebook and woo hoo it went through!!!!  Ha ha ha ah


  1. I know you are frustrated and have reason to be but the way you interject these funny pictures into your rants sure make this old boy smile. I have a facebook account but personally think it is a waste of time. When I open mine up it is usually filled from top to bottom with 2 or 3 peoples posts about really nothing. Just filling up the page playing FB's silly games & such. Don't let it get to you too much we are here for you and that is what really counts. Thanks for starting my day off with a smile.
    Odie :)

  2. I have called by from Southamsdarling as thought it was about time I visited my namesake! Instead of posting your blog to FB why not join Networked Blogs and set it up to post automatically. It works well for me.
    Anyway good to meet you LyndyLou.

  3. Glad you got it working! Facebook can be so freakin' annoying sometimes.

  4. Mean people suck! It sounded like they had Blogger blocked for being reported, but I'm glad you say they fixed it.

  5. I can just imagine how frustrated and annoyed you were getting over this facebook thing. I don't actually post my blog on facebook, so don't have that problem. Poor Holly - she was obviously upset for you, and, if it was your ex, how mean and cheap is that?! Don't let them get you down!!


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