Sunday, 9 January 2011

The happy traveller returns

Holly is home from London..........woo hoo! What a brilliant time she has had.

They went to see Stomp and were treated to a Q & A session with some members of the cast. Afterwards they then took off to see various shows in the west end.  Holly chose to see Les Misérables as this was the first show she ever took part in. Their last day was spent shopping then more entertainment by La Soirée.

I think she is all drama'd out now!

She brought me back some very cool scenes from 3 of my favourite movies.  At first, I thought that they were photos from the movies but then on closer inspection I realised that they were hand painted and was so impressed.  Suffice to say I love, love, love them.  The artist is featured on a website called Timeart.  The artist's name is Michael Kozlov and she bought me 3 prints from his Movie Legends Collection.

The three prints are:  Dirty Dancing - The Kiss,  Grease -Danger Ahead and Captain Jack Sparrow.  Now I just have to find somewhere cool to hang them.

And check out these funky boots she took home for Jack.

He is going to look such a cool dude in these, the wee trendsetter that he is!

Holly and I are both interested in art and artistic but she is far more talented than I am.  I gave up drawing and painting at school because a teacher kept putting my drawings down, saying I was a copy artist, not a real one, yet come Easter, Halloween and Christmas, it was me that she chose to paint decorations on the class windows.  Unfortunately I believed her and rarely pick up a pencil and pad.

Because of this, I have actively encouraged Holly's artistic side and now I am gonna give you a sneaky peak of the shoes she customised for a friend's granddaughters.  It was her first go at them so, she isn't as happy with them as she would like but hey for a first time effort, they look bloody good!


and lastly, the ones she customised for me (which she hasn't finished yet!)

So this is what she gets up to in her spare time, which at the moment, is few and far between but I hope that after her exams she will finish my shoes in time for the spring and I can show them off cos shoes are my thing and I am renowned for having some really different and funky ones.  Watch this space!


  1. I love the shoes!! I wish that talented so I could customize my own pair :)

  2. OMG THOSE SHOES! How cool!

    Also, there is some blog love for you over at my place!

  3. Those shoes are brilliant and the link to her online store is....?
    You have one very talented young lady there. Much like her Mum I reckon

  4. Glad Holly had such a super time in London. I have to say that Les Mis is my very favourite musical of all time, and I've seen it 4 times! Didn't she bring back some super pressies for you and Jack?! The shoes are super fantastic, and she is obviously a very talented young lady. You must be very proud of her.

  5. Jax - you can still do it, just customise them using "phrases" you like and add the odd flash of lighting or heart, they'll still be unique!
    JM- they're pretty cool eh! Thanks for the award...woo hoo!
    Mynx - I think that is yet to come!
    Julie - thanks, I will tell her
    Thisisme - I have only seen it once and it was the school version Holly was in and it was superb! Yep I am most proud of her :)

  6. Make sure you let Holly know that she has a super fan of her art ability in chilly NC. She has a wonderful God given talent that surely needs to be encouraged.

  7. I love those unicorn shoes more than i can say, they're super amazing!

  8. I'm crushed that Holly didn't invite me along....and there is an advantage to taking me....I pay for everything :-) Glad she had a great time and the shoes are just friggin' amazing!

  9. I want a pair of those!!!! You're so lucky, I want to do that with a pair of shoes. Maybe I should get a pair of white converse and do that. Haha.

  10. ditz - they are quite easy to do :)

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