Friday, 21 January 2011

Riven Vincent's story and Radio Scotland

Yesterday, a parent of a young girl who has profound difficulties, posted on Mumsnet that she was crumbling under the pressure of looking after her child.  She struggles on very little respite and felt the only answer was to put her child into care!!!!!

This sparked a front page story in the Guardian newspaper and TV and Radio stations across the UK have grabbed the story and run with it.  Click on the word Guardian to read the article.

My friend Lorna and I were just discussing this.  I hadn't seen the papers or heard the news so she was filling me in and saying that hearing this story was like deja vu as it was just like having a conversation with me.  Moments later my mobile rang and it was the Manager of Jack's respite unit asking if I would be willing to talk to the charity's PR man as he was looking for parents to speak on Radio Scotland.

After she hung up, Lorna and I just looked at each other and I told her that I now felt sick! A minute or two later Tom, the PR man was calling my mobile and he gave me a heads up of what was involved and I agreed to do it.

Suffice to say that I slept even worse than usual!  The nerves were really kicking in especially as this was going to be a live chat on the show.  At 8.45, just as I was putting Jack out of the door onto the bus, Radio Scotland called.  Within 5 minutes I was chatting, live, to Kaye Adams and once we got started on the subject matter I relaxed a bit.  I had 4 A4 pages of notes in case my mind went blank but never looked at them once!!!

My line had a lot of interference and they switched to my mobile but again it was just the same which was a pity but I think I got my point across well enough. So I hope that despite the interference I was still able to be heard.

Once the conversation got started, the debate took off and there were lots of callers, emails and texts and they let me go at 9.30am to allow other people the chance to speak.  There was so much more, I wanted to say but that will have to be for another time but at the very least for the first time in a very long time, Carers have found their voice and people are finally willing to listen!  My friend Louise had her text read out too so I was so chuffed for her, as she gets even less care than me.

If you missed it you can find it on BBC iplayer, Kaye Adams show.  If you want to listen, click here and that will take you to the site.  It's the one dated today's date obviously!!

Since then, my phone has rung off the hook with people asking for my autograph saying that I came across well and thanking me for my contribution, which they really don't need to do cos I was happy to tell it like it is.

The Manager of Jack's Respite Unit has been on the phone giving me feedback and has said that people are now wanting to take this story further and that if I was willing they would involve me!  Oh WOW!!!

Also she said that she has had numerous emails saying that I put my point across eloquently!  Eloquent, what, who me??? Eh............ok.  She has told me to listen to it again but maybe another time, not ready to go there yet but you can do it for me and tell me what you think eh?


  1. It was soooooo special being able to actually listen to you on the radio program and you did so very good. I now know more than I did about what actually goes on in a day with Jack and I am so proud of you for hanging in there and being so strong for him and Holly. I am hoping that with this getting the public attention maybe at some point you & others will be able to receive more hours a week assistance to increase your rest time. Good job my friend.
    Odie :)

  2. You sounded great and the line sounded fine. Well done you! Nice to put a voice to the words :)

  3. By the way this appeared on a friends facebook post:
    "Louise Sheridan: Hello, I'm a journalist. The Independent is looking for more families who are in a similar situation to that of the Vincent family. Riven Vicent wrote on mumsnet that she has asked social services to take her disabled daughter into care, because the family had been refused additional respite care and they couldn't cope. Please contact me on 0797 186 2423."

  4. Lynne - i've still not had a chance to listen, but i'll try iplayer later.
    But even tho i've nopt heard it, it's great that you have taken the time to let the carers voice be heard - we've all been in that situation of being unable to cope

  5. Eloquent! Well, get you. We will have to make an appointment to speak to you soon!! LOL! Seriously though, I listened, and you came across really so well. I really am full of admiration for you and your little family. Take care.

  6. You were articulate and well spoken!!! If I didn't know better, I would have thought you did this all the time...great job!

    And....your accent is soooooo adorable...I'd listen to you even if you were just yelling at me :-)

  7. Good job for you Lyndylou! I'm listening to it now, but it is odd to hear the accents. Still adjusting haha.

    Great to have your voice heard.

  8. You have a lovely voice by the way. I hope that people will start acting up and help people like you that need help with their disabled children.

  9. I wasn't able to get the link to work for me, but from what you said it sounds like the start of something you will be very good at. Good luck and it's wonderful that you can help others that can't "speak" for themselves.

  10. Odie - aww you are so lovely :)
    Seth's mum - thank you
    Julie - I finally listened to it myself!
    Thisisme - I know, not a word I would associate with me!
    Chief aka dad - thanks very muchly and as for yelling at you, Holly would tell you it's not a pleasant experience!!!
    Ditz - thank you, I hope so too
    Cinnamon - thanks for your kind words :)


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