Friday, 4 March 2011

Riven Vincent and THAT WOMAN CLARE

Remember in January when I did the radio interview and was in the paper?  Well the lady who sparked off that national debate has finally done a radio interview.

I sat this morning and listened to what she had to say along with the local Councillor who is apparently campaigning on her behalf. The interview was a lot like listening to my own life except that this lady also has a disability herself.  Riven Vincent suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and often needs to use a wheelchair herself.

The most remarkable thing about this interview is the comments from a lady named Clare.  If you want to listen, click here. You don't have to listen to the whole interview to hear her outrageous comments.  Her points of view are aired 26mins and 50 seconds into the recording.

I really would like to know what you think about this.  Can there be other people out there who are in agreement? Thank God that this woman is not in a position of power because believe me people, she would have any human being who was less than perfect, put down because the 'overburdened taxpayer' shouldn't have to pay for their care.

I was utterly speechless at her comments and more so, when she said that she was a parent because she has probably brought them up to be as bigoted, ignorant, uncivilized and as lacking in compassion as her.

She nearly made my ears bleed. 


  1. Never thought to post this myself Lynne.
    thank goodness she isn't in a position to actually influence much.
    May her next poop be a pregnant hedgehog, the fleas of 1000 camels infest her bum and a plague of locusts swoop down and feast on her (probably waitrose or sainsbury's\) food and not allow her out to restock.
    Maybe then she can come out of her sheltered bigoted cocoon

  2. Julie took the words right out of my mouth. Listening to that woman was disgusting to say the least.
    Have a marvelous rest of the day and a wonderful weekend. As always hi to Holly & Jack.

  3. It is sort of like people that post Anonymous comments on other people's blogs - they hide behind the anonymity and spew hatred, just like on the radio.

    It makes you wonder exactly how they are in real life.

    I hope I never meet anyone like her in my lifetime.

    Have a wonderful weekend LL. Hugs to you!

  4. Well I wish I had not heard THAT WOMAN as she has upset me since. I did not realise what bigots were in this world and the thought of people being 'put down' as they are a drain on the British Taxpayer made me see red. She no doubt believes in everyone being killed off at 80 as well. It takes a lot to get me angry but she really succeded.

  5. selfish ignorant woman. Karma will get her

  6. Scary what goes through some people's heads. One can only hope the only influence she has is to bring attention to how WRONG she is and how some people really need to get their heads checked!

  7. Julie - well said!
    Odie - it sure was
    Skippymom - I am in total agreement with you
    Marion - I knew you would feel this way
    Mynx - aye I hope it bites her on the ass
    Emily - she is one scary woman!

  8. Oh my, that woman is just... there aren't the words! And believe me, I'm VERY rarely rendered utterly speechless!! I was so outraged by what she said that I went looking for more information, and I've found her blog, on which she has posted her facebook comments from during the show, and then engaged in "debate" in the comments to her post, too -

    If you have a look at her main blog page, you'll see all sorts of interesting opinions, including that she has set up a Colonel Gaddafi Support Group on Facebook, a rant that "single mothers badly parenting their children was the main cause for the need to dumb down" education in schools, etc etc. I also found this page which tells all about her desire for Britain to have just 1 political party, and what the policies of that party should be. Just mind boggling, honestly!

    And yes, I really should be in bed, it being after 3.30am, but at about 2am I made the mistake of thinking "I'll just listen to that radio clip before I go to bed" and I'm still fuming about it now!

  9. Ruthy Toothy - I know she is totally shocking! I went onto her blog but I just got so angry reading the utter rubbish she wrote and like you I wasn't getting any sleep!

    The worst thing about the radio show was that they knew who she was, her outrageous views etc when they invited her on the show. Riven Vincent handled her beautifully though and certainly put her in her place. Sensational radio broadcasting keeps people interested obviously and in a bizarre way, it helped to raise the profile of parents who are shattered looking after their disabled child.

    Not the outcome that nutter Clare was hoping for me thinks.


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