Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Just to clarify

My car is a wheelchair accessible car.  It is quite wide and has two passenger seats in the front and two in the back.  When I was choosing my car, I made sure that there was enough space for a carer and for Holly to bring a friend or two on days out.

My car is often full of teenagers, mostly boys, and it can get a little crowded at times.  When I have two passengers in the front, the passenger closest to me often has their knees pretty close to my gear stick so when I am changing gears, my hand nudges against them.

the front seat of my car

One particular teenage boy, A we'll call him, to save his embarrassment, liked to sit next to me in the front.  This used to cause a lot of hilarity among Holly and her mates.  They were sure that he had a bit of a 'crush' but I just thought he was pretty funny.

A couple of times while changing gear, I brushed against A's leg and he would shout loudly "Holly, your mum is feeling up my leg!".   This caused them all to fall about laughing as usual but it was starting to get a bit outta hand so I decided next time it happened, I would sort him out.

Sure enough a few days later, I had a car full of teenagers, with A, having pride of place in the seat next to me.  I was driving along, had to change gear and off he went telling his mates that I was once again "feeling up his leg!".

After the hilarity died down, I pulled into the side of the road and stopped the car.  I turned the music down and said to A " I think you are getting a bit confused here, so I will clarify it for you!".  I demonstrated changing gear and commented "this is what happens when I change gear. Right?" as I nudged his leg. He nodded, wondering what the hell I was on about and then I began to stroke his knee, saying "and this is what happens when I feel up your leg! You see the difference? So which one am I doing?"

A's face was bright red and he looked totally mortified but he finally muttered "changing gear".  I replied "that I didn't get that" so he said it louder!  Holly and her pals were in hysterics, and one of them blurted out  " ha ha A, you've just been owned by Holly's mum!!!!".

Suffice to say, he didn't do it again, in fact he wouldn't even sit next to me after that!!!  I'm bad!


  1. I'd sit next to you and hope you have to shift gears often. I'm BAD that way. :-)

  2. ooooh you wicked woman you. This is really cute and I love it!

  3. LOL! This was a funny post, and good for you! Sometimes teenage boys need taking down a peg or two!! Hee Hee!!

  4. kids!

    they just don't appreciate the wisdom of our years!

    hopefully, he will eventually renew his crush, with a new found respect of your wit!

    you rock Lyndylou!~

  5. you're so baaaadddd you're good!!!!

  6. Don - lol your bad ;)
    Skippymom - Tee hee hee I know
    Thisisme - I just couldn't resist
    Bruce - why thank you kind sir
    Julie - awww you know it! lol

  7. Oh teenage boys...

  8. That is hysterical. I could definitely see you doing that :D And it is something my aunt would do! She loves embarrassing anybody.

  9. That's great! Way to put him in his place! Most men need that once in a while! ; )

  10. Good for you! Teenagers can be so damn fickle! And how nice of you to haul them all over hell and back on a regular basis :)

  11. Ditz - I know, they are a scream
    Jax - tee hee hee
    Elle - they sure do
    Kellie - I know, I think I need a "Lynne's Taxi" bumper sticker!

  12. Hey, girlie.. The biggest issue I see with your car is the freaking steering wheel is on the wrong side. :) Glad you put the youngin' in his place, hon.

  13. I wish I was as brave as you! And on a completely separate topic please spill the details of your sounds interesting and I am currently researching a good replacement for my current WAV which I hate.

  14. Hi! Thank u for a very fresh idea. I am wondering why i have never though of this as well. I will definately try to use your blog for getting some more fresh info!


    All the best, Aaron
    here's my site too

  15. Looking for Blue Sky - my car is a peugeot expert tepee. It is a great car. I can get the wheelchair in the back and two passengers. Two passengers in the front as well. I also can fit a suitcase down behind the wheelchair when it is in position.

    I just love it. It is the first WAV I have had and I have no complaints. It also has an adjustable suspension which you can lower to make the ramp less steep when loading the wheelchair.

    Hope this helps :)

  16. Haha! I think “A” got a little carried away every time you change shift. Well, I think the car is just the right size for a WAV, and the only problem is that the guys are just too many. Actually, WAV are built to have large space capacity in order to accommodate the wheelchair. At least, you clarified to all of them what is happening. But it is sad to hear that “A” wouldn’t sit next to you after the incident. I think he really got embarrass about it.


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