Friday, 11 March 2011

Check me out!

My very clever but determined boy trying to stay upright not long after having a seizure.

still a bit groggy

starting to get more awake

I am even managing to keep hold of my Beastie!

bit tired though

might just have 40 winks

Jack has not been up on his knees for quite a few months.  I just wanted to share my awesome boy's major achievement with you all.


  1. Your son just completely made my day! So happy for him. Thank you for sharing the smile lyndy. AWESOME!

  2. Lynne those are absolutely wonderful pictures of Jack. I know you are sooooooooooo proud of his accomplishments and I am too. Tell him Odie is sending a big hi 5 and keep up the good progress. Hope all 3 of you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. It was so lovely to see the photos of your brave boy, and even better to get some good news for a change. I know you will probably think me silly, but I believe we can get quite close to our blogging friends, and even I feel proud of Jack, so I can imagine how you must feel! Have a lovely weekend, the three of you, and I hope the snow doesn't get any worse.

  4. well played sir jack!

    nice pics and good news is totally cool!

    smiles all around!


  5. Skippymom - glad to make you smile
    Odie - I whispered in his ear that you were giving him a high 5 and he smiled :)
    Thisisme - I don't think you are silly at all, I totally get what you mean.
    Bruce - he is such a star eh!


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