Thursday, 31 March 2011


I am typing this post from my bed. I have a sore throat and my muscles ache....a lot!


Holly helped me get Jack up this morning cos I was feeling so yuck. He slept through it all, lucky for some eh.

It was highly amusing having her help cos she kept getting in the way!  The funniest bit of all was her reaction to taking off his clothes because he was soaking wet having peed out the side of his nappy. Being the person I am, I made sure she was down at the business end taking off his pyjama bottoms and she was making "ewww" noises the whole time, picking them up by her fingertips once she'd gotten them off.  Even in my unwell state, I was bent double with laughter.  She was not impressed especially when I made her carry them and his bedding to the washing machine. Wicked eh?


I used to be like her.  Bodily fluids were enough to turn my stomach but nowadays I have a perverse kind of fascination for them.  I am constantly monitoring Jack's bodily functions.  Making sure he has enough fluids, keeping on top of constipation and now the most fun thing of all, NOT, keeping his chest clear of gunk!

Over the course of last weekend, I spent quite a few hours while Kathy and the kids were here, trying to get Jack to cough up all the yucky stuff just sitting in his upper airways.  You can tell it's sitting there cos it makes a crackling, rattling sound when he breathes. Jack on the other hand is a tad mean with his offerings and prefers to not give them up without a major battle.  So when he finally coughs up some stuff, I am literally jumping up and down with excitement, much to the amusement of James (13), Kathy's eldest.

After watching me get all excited and praising Jack for his meagre offerings, James was looking at me as if I'd lost the plot (quite a normal reaction to me really) until I explained just how important it was to get rid of this stuff and how delighted I was that the gunk was white or clear as that meant no infection.  James thought about this a while then said "so really, you managing to get all this up is like the best thing ever, like finding gold, white gold" " and I laughed and said "you know what, I think you could be right!".


So the gunk coming out of Jack's chest is now nicknamed White Gold and oh boy did I get lots of white gold over the weekend.  Clever clever boy.

Then last night, not only was my clever boy up on his knees quite a bit but he was also very vocal.  So vocal that Holly recorded it on her iphone!  He doesn't do this often but when he does, I join in so that we are turn taking, it's hilarious cos his face is usually a picture! He's probably thinking wtf?

We have had a home visit from the people at Rachel House, the hospice I told you about.  They came on Friday and then they phoned yesterday so we are booked in for a few days from Monday 11th April to Thurs 14th April and then again for 5 days in July.

I did break down over the weekend, in the arms of Kathy, not once but twice then we ended up laughing.  I know it is a positive step as we need this type of support but at the same time I was feeling kinda overwhelmed about it all.  I know I will feel better once I have been down there.  More than anything, I am looking forward to just being his mum for a few days without having to do the caring bit.

Now I am going to cuddle up in bed and die quietly or perhaps not, depending on how many times I can annoy Holly for a cup of tea.  She was sent home from school for being sick yesterday but she is much better today. I haven't the voice to yell so I will just stick my foot out the bed and bang on the ceiling til she comes running! Oh yeah, it's going to be a fun day!!! TTFN.


  1. hope you get better soon!
    I even managed an hour or so after Paul went to school - no worker this morning, bit of a pisser, but the team leader working on it.
    White Gold - will now have to go and tell Lou, who bought herself a white gol ring from the money she was given!!
    He he he!!!!!

  2. Feel better soon lovely lady. hugs

  3. Oh dear, so sorry to hear that you are feeling so yucky! What a pain - probably literally! Get well soon, and don't worry about us for a couple of days. Just concentrate on you! I love that comment about white gold - priceless! Tell Holly to keep up the good work and to look after you. I know what you mean about the Hospice LyndyLou, but, as you say, it is a positive thing, and you will be able to be his mum for those few days, AND, just as importantly, it will give you a break, which you must surely need. Hugs coming your way x

  4. I hope you are all feeling better soon. It cannot be easy being sick when you have so much to do. Kudos to Holly :) - I love that you just bang on the floor with your foot. When I am in bed and can't get up I use the house phone to call my husband on his work cell when he is downstairs [otherwise the neighbors would hear me yelling!] heehee

    Good thoughts to you all to feel better soon.

  5. Sending you happy thoughts. Get better soon!!

  6. Hope you all feel better soon. Too much sickness too often girl. Take care of yourself.

  7. So sorry you are not feeling well but so glad you felt well enough to post--your posts can have me laughing, tearing up and shaking my head in agreement at all once. Sending get well vibes your way!

  8. chicken soup and nyquil!

    and a lot of rest dear one!

  9. Aw I hope you feel better soon!!!

  10. I think you'll want to get a twitter button to your website. Just marked down the article, although I had to complete it by hand. Just my $.02 :)

  11. Julie - I love white gold, aye the real mackoy!
    Mynx - thanks my friend
    Thisisme - yep totally priceless and you are right about the hospice
    SkippyMom - pure genius phoning him on his cell phone!
    A Redhead Named Sam - awww thanks :)
    Odie - I know, I'm run down or maybe I've been run down?
    Emptynester - lol thanks for the vibes, much appreciated
    Bruce - good advice and I am taking it!
    JM - me too
    Anonymous - there is a strip of buttons at the bottom of the post with a twitter button on it. It is just under the "you might also like" bit of the blog. You can just post it straight to twitter. I am on twitter but to be honest, I haven't really worked out how to use it! lol I am under the name shilohandloki

  12. Anon - oops that should be shilohnloki....sorry

  13. I hope you get better soon!

  14. Get better. You need to get that white gold out of you too.

  15. Jax - hope so too as it's been 2 weeks now
    AD - I know but unfortunately it's more like tarnished gold I am coughing up! Ewww!


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