Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Ninja Erin strikes again

 I saw the poop coloured car again today!  I'm still laughing about it.  Little pleases little minds eh?

My weekend was pretty hectic.  Holly's boyfriend David, stayed from Fri to Sun and my friend Kathy and her kids, from Aberdeen, came to stay on Sat night.

Kathy's son James, was barely in the house and he was winding up Holly, yelling up the stairs to her and David to "not use up all the condoms."  Then he ran! I think that was a very wise move on his part.

On Saturday night, we strung up Jack's piñata and had great fun battering it into submission.  These things are a lot harder to break into than you'd think!  Jack was taking it all in and even had a bash himself.
James giving it some welly!

Erin, giving it a whack!  Camera is on shake for effect!

Holly's gonna kill it

Jack having a go

and again

at last the piñata is starting to give up its treasure

Once we managed to crack it open, lots of yummy sweets came tumbling out.  The kids piled them all up into the middle of the mat and Kathy and I shared them out between them.  There's nothing like sweets to silence kids is there?

After putting Jack to bed, around 10.30pm, we sent all the kids upstairs to sort out beds.  Holly has a den off of her bedroom, a really cool room, so it was decided that David and James would sleep in there and Holly and Erin would sleep in her room. There was quite a lot of giggling going on but finally they all crashed out.

Next day was a fairly lazy day.  Kathy got up with Jack and gave me a lie in but then the kids woke me up.....GRRRR!

Once again, little Ninja Erin was ensconced on the swirly chairs.  She was much sneakier about it this time, quietly slipping into the seat whenever someone moved from it. She had the best seat in the house as per usual and the remote control so she was as happy as a "pig in shit".  The day before, she had asked me not to call her 'magass' but I didn't have a clue what she was talking about.  Apparently this is the nickname her dad has given her after hearing about her reaction to the swirly chairs the last time she was here.  It stands for magnetic ass, cos her butt is drawn to the chairs!  Tee hee hee but I still prefer Ninja Erin.

On Sunday night, I decided it was time to wind her up a little cos, well, I had not had my fix yet.  So there she was, thoroughly ensconced on a swirly chair, like the cat that had gotten the cream when I mentioned that her butt had been super glued to that chair all day and that no one had gotten near it.  She sweetly said "no, that's not true.  I would give up my chair if someone wants it" to which I replied "off the seat then".

The wee monkey said "no!" I couldn't stop laughing but still insisted she get up and she curled deeper into the seat saying "no one wants it yet".  Flabbergasted, I spluttered "I do".  She had the grace to hang her head at this point, saying under her breath "I didn't really mean I'd give up my chair".  Kathy and I couldn't stop laughing cos it was just so so funny but we ousted her out the chair none the less and madam was so not impressed, screwing up her face, hands on hips, glaring at me.

I was only joking about giving up the seat!


Not happy about being moved

is that supposed to be a scary face Erin??

Absolutely hilarious from where I was sitting, on the very comfy swirly chair! She is never going to live it down.


  1. love the sound of your weekend.
    Did you stayt sober?!?!?!

  2. Love the photos of Erin!! Hee Hee! Oh, I'm so scared Erin. Well, it sounds like just another day in the life of Lyndylou and family!!! I don't know how you keep up with it all! Seriously, sounds as if you had a fun weekend, which is good. You can almost see the concentration on Jack's face as he tries to bash the pinata!! Loved the camera shake effect! LOL!

  3. There is so much love and joy in your home. I love the stories and the pictures of Erin were priceless.

  4. Hee hee. Love it! Guess what? I had the choice of any seat in the house while my brood were at yours.....but where did I find more comfy?.......on the bleedin' floor by the fire!!

  5. Julie - not a drop of alcohol passed my lips! It's really bad when you are too tired to bother to open the bottle eh?
    Thisisme - it's all pretty fun but pretty exhausting too. That's why I have been chilling ever since
    Odie - yeah Odie, Erin is really really funny. Great for teasing!
    Brian - that is shockin! You should have sat in every seat and then sent up teasing pics! You're just not quick enough. Tee hee hee

  6. wow..all those kids...

    wotta housefull...

    sounds like a really good time, and you are so right about those pinatas, they are tough.

    alwasys can count on a smile when i come here!


  7. What a FABULOUS fun weekend. I am jealous. :) Can I come over the next time you have a pinata party. :) I'll bring snacks. Promise.

    And the last pic' of Erin cracks me up. She just looks as tho' she is about to bust out laughing. I bet she did right after that was taken too. giggle

  8. Bruce - yeah it was a bit of a mad house! Glad I made you smile
    SkippyMom - you sure can. She just burst into fits of hysterics cos it really was so funny. Then she groaned when I told her she would be famous the next day! lol

  9. Looks like you had a blast!!! Good for you!! Laughter makes everything better! : ) Have a good night! : )

  10. Sounds like a great tie was had by least while in the swirly chair.

  11. It sounds like you all had a blast this past weekend! I'm not gonna lie that swirly chair looks really comfy :D

  12. Elle - yes was lots of fun
    Nari - those chairs are quite addictive
    Jax - oh it really is

  13. Oh kids can be so funny! XD

  14. AD - oh this one definitely is!


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