Monday, 21 March 2011

Here's looking at you

Today is my mum's birthday.  She would have been 68 today.

I miss her but I know that before she departed this world, she equipped me with all the tools that I needed to survive without her.

I know she was proud of me as she was of all 7 of us.  A lot has happened to me since she died and I truly believe that she is still looking down on me, watching and laughing.  In fact, I can probably guarantee that she has nearly fallen off of her big fluffy cloud, laughing hysterically at my latest antics and my reaction to them.

Yes, her very warped sense of humour was one of my legacies and I truly embrace it.  It's what keeps me going.


So Happy Birthday Mum, wherever you are and I will be toasting you tonight with a very hefty dose of  Southern Comfort and Lemonade and a piece of chocolate cake, all the things you used to tell me were bad for me.  Yum yum. I can hear you tutt tutting already but luckily for me you aren't here to give me a telling off........nah nana nana nah! Tee hee hee


  1. big lump in my throat as well as a smile, miss my mum too .
    Enjoy the cake :)

  2. I may well crack open the SC at give your mum a toast tonight!!!

  3. I miss my Mom too. {{hugs}}

  4. I miss mine too but my choice would be Crown Royal.

  5. My husband likes to say that the only thing my Mom gave me was her sense of humor - and that is fine, because it was her best trait. Only trait really I wanted.

    Happy birthday to your Mum - she sounds like a lot of fun and a wonderful woman.

    ::raising my glass:: Cheers!

  6. Happy Birthday to your mum, LyndyLou. She sounds as if she was a fun person, and she was obviously pretty young when she passed away :( It's lovely that you can remember her with a smile. What more could she ask for? Sending you a big hug. My mum passed away 14 years ago this year, and she was older, but I still miss her very much.

  7. Happy Birthday to your Mom, Lyndy. This had me fighting back tears.

  8. Happy Birthday to your Mother, Lindy. Pass the cake and southern comfort would ya?

  9. Happy Birthday to your mum! I didn't know her but I think she would have been proud of your twisted sense of humor! You make lots of people laugh...what's not to be proud of?! Have a good time celebrating tonight! : )

  10. IWBY - I know it's hard isn't it. Cake was good....yum :)
    Julie - cool!
    A Redhead Named Sam - (((hugs))) to you too
    Odie - never heard of that drink :)
    Skippymom - humour is the best trait of all for sure
    Thisisme - yes, she was just 63, died of Motor Neurone Disease
    JM - thank you my friend :)
    Kellie - as we say in Scotland - nae problem!
    Elle - thank you for the compliment and I really enjoyed the 'celebrating!'


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