Sunday, 13 March 2011


When Jack could still eat normal food, I used to have to give him his medication, which was in tablet form, wrapped in a piece of cooked ham or chicken.  This was the only way that he would eat it.  He was quite a funny wee guy back then.

One night, about 7 years ago, Marion, his carer was looking after him.  Normally Marion would feed him, bathe him, give him his medication and put him to bed in the time she was there.  This particular evening though, he was being picked up by Granny and Granda Mac to stay overnight with them as his dad was home.  I arrived in time to give him a kiss goodbye and Marion was acting a little bit weird. She looked a bit pale and wasn't her usual chatty self.

I didn't have time to think about it though as I was being licked to death by the labradoodle puppy we had at the time, while trying to usher everyone out the door.

Once Jack and grandparents were away, Marion blurted out "you'll never believe what's happened!"
She looked so so worried that I burst out laughing and said "it can't be that bad, surely?".   She was so upset so I sat her down so she could tell me.

Everything had been going fine with Jack, she'd made up his medication and left it sitting on the counter top while she showered Jack.  When she came back, it was gone!  She searched high and low but no, it was definitely gone and then she caught sight of the puppy, Rollo, sitting there wagging his tail and she knew by the look on said puppy's face that he'd ate it!  Trying not to panic, she quickly got another tablet for Jack, wrapped it in cold meat and made sure he ate it all.


Then she went back to the midication box, pulled out the info on that particular medicine and quickly scanned the side effects and came to the conclusion that it would only make the puppy a bit listless and lethargic.  Whilst I am listening to this story I could feel the laughter bubbling up and I just cracked up laughing cos, really, the puppy was normally so full of beans so it wouldn't do him any harm to be a bit lethargic!  I reassured her that he would be all right and that it wasn't her fault, she wasn't to know that the puppy would jump up and steal it!!!

The next day, late afternoon, Marion text me to see how Rollo was and I text back saying that "so much for being listless and lethargic, he was so hyper, I could peel him off the ceiling!!!!!


He was like that for two days! Practically bouncing off the walls and then he was fine.  Suffice to say, he got a lot of walks that weekend.  He might not have been tired, but I sure as hell was.

This happened one other time, this time on my watch.  You'd think once would have been enough eh?


  1. thats hilarious...I could see this dog's face....:)

  2. When my wife & I are sorting out our medicines in the pill organizer sometimes we will drop one and we scramble quickly so Rocky won't gobble it up. So far we have been lucky. That was a funny story Lynne. Have a great afternoon.

  3. That really was funny, and I can just imagine that puppy being absolutely hyper. Hope you're not snowed in up there!!

  4. omg - that was sooo funny!
    I thought Marion ws going to say SHE had eaten the food with the meds in it in haste!!!

  5. dogs are the ultimate scavengers...those two dogs at the end are priceless!

    and this was a great post! i needed a smile!

    thanks a bunchy!

  6. This is hysterical! Brought a smile to my face :D

  7. That's pretty funny. Sorry about you being the tired one over it though haha.

  8. IWBY - yeah he was good at looking innocent!
    Odie - I know, you really have to watch
    Thisisme - snow is not too bad, thankfully
    Julie - lol that would have been just as funny too
    Bruce - aye my two are always scavenging
    Jax - glad it did
    Ditz - I know, he wore me out!

  9. Glad the pup is okay - and it had an okay effect. Speed for puppies!

    My Mom accidently took two Mircle Gro plant tablets one time [I think she thought they were antacids] and when she called poison control the woman on the other end actually laughed! As did we when we found out that she would be fine. No harm. We told my Mom that if she noticed a difference in her height [she was the shorty in our family] that perhaps she should slip in a couple now and again. heehee

  10. Wrapped in meat or cheese and Bailey would have been all over that, too! I can't believe you let it happen again though. LOL

  11. Skippymom - lol that's hilarious!
    Krissy - I know, I got complacent....he had grown a lot bigger and I'd put it right to the back of the kitchen worktop. He still blinking got it though, sneaky dog

  12. LOL! I love it!

    Actually almost the same thing happened at our house last week, except it was 1/2 a muscle relaxer the puppy ate after it slipped from my sleepy hands late in the night!! I worried for a bit when she was litless, but after a while she staggered up and vomited everywhere!

  13. Kellie - I think tiredness was half the problem, well that's our excuse anyway!

    Poor you, on top of everything else you got going on, you'd to clean up puppy sick too.....yuck!


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