Saturday, 26 March 2011

I apologise if I offend......

I saw something yesterday and I couldn't stop laughing!  It's probably not funny to you but it fair tickled me.

I was driving along to pick up Jack from school when I suddenly noticed the colour of the car in front of me.  I couldn't stop staring cos I thought I was seeing things but no, when it pulled in and I'd to drive past it, I wasn't imagining it.  The car was the colour of poop!  A lovely shade of dark brown.  I have never seen a car that colour before in the UK. A shit coloured car, wtf???

It was darker than this!   (source)

I giggled all the way to Jack's school at the thought of me driving a shit coloured car.  I apologise to those of you who own such a thing but this is a new one on me!  Is it just my mind?  Maybe the person who was driving it, saw the colour and thought of dark chocolate but all I saw was shit! Have I just become jaded over the years. Has 13 years of changing poopy nappies coloured (pardon the pun) my view and am I just looking through poopy (sorry couldn't resist) tinted glasses?

Then when I was driving Jack back to school, I passed a poop coloured mini!!! Two poopy cars in one day? Holy Shit!

Later, whilst driving Holly to her guitar lesson I was telling her about said cars and was hysterically laughing at how the dealers were describing this colour.  You know what I mean?  Like Racing Driver Red or Anaconda Green................Thick as Shit Brown!!! EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW!

Holly was looking at me like I had lost the plot but hey she is used to my random ramblings. Then later, we were talking about her boyfriend and the lovely things he has said to her and I mimicked making myself sick, cos she is so besotted, as is he. I am so not a romantic!

Laughingly she said "aww mum, he's sweet, he says the nicest things to me and I didn't believe him at first but now, it's just lovely, it'll grow on you too" and quick as a flash I replied "mmmm, you mean like a fungus!".


You should have seen her face!  I laughed so hard, the tears were falling down my face and I very nearly peed myself! She got a bit panicked cos let's face it, not being able to see for laughing and crying does not make for good driving!

What can I say, your own jokes are always the funniest aren't they?


  1. Holy Shite indeed.
    Must watch out for the shite coloured cars this weekend!

  2. I used to drive a datsun 180B with paint colour Huon me it looked like breast fed baby poo .......

  3. lololol@Lynne...gave me much needed laugh!!

  4. Sitting here at the computer around 8 AM on this saturday morning you have made mine and Linda's day with this one Lynne. We loved the whole story & it got especially cute at the end with Holly. I felt her pain. You three have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

  5. You seriously just made my day. I have never seen shit colored cars nor do I want to. As for the fungus, definitely worthy of a big belly laugh and tears :D

  6. Holy Shit - too true! :)

    We saw one of these on the way to South Carolina a few weeks ago and could NOT believe our eyes. What are they thinking. It boggles.

    If it is any consolation we laughed too. And the driver saw us. oops.

  7. Such a funny post LyndyLou! I've never seen a coloured car like that down here in Devon! I shall have to look out for one. Poor Holly - she obviously is besotted! Bless! I think it's lovely.

  8. I'm amused by the things that amuse you, Hon.

    Henry Ford (the original Henry) is reputed to have said, "Give them any coloUr (the U is for you Brits and Aussies who spell it that way) car they want as long as it's black".

  9. Oh, by the way, since you give us a choice between laughing and crying, I choose to laugh. :-)

  10. Julie - aye you'd better!
    IWBY - ewwwwwwww!!! That's nearly as bad!
    Eternal Optomist - Linda, glad I made you laugh
    Odie - woo hoo I made your day :) Young love is so cute.
    Jax - I couldn't stop laughing!
    SkippyMom - well what do they expect driving a car that colour? Hilarious
    Thisisme - yes it is lovely, young love..........awwww!
    Don - I choose to laugh too. Most things amuse me if I am honest

  11. LOL,

    Maybe they thought is was a tribute to Sweet Chocolate to go with their Chocolate addiction.

    Never Know?????

    made me chuckle -- Thanks

    Anything at Anytime

  12. Thanks for this post, it is great

  13. Let's face it, we're much funnier than our kids will ever know! I thought you were hilarious!

  14. Dan - you just never know! Glad you had a good chuckle :)
    Anon - you're welcome
    Emptynester - I totally agree with mums are hilarious!

  15. I agree our own jokes are the funniest, but maybe that's because they sound so much better in our heads!!! Great post.

  16. There aren't too many brown cars here in the US but that's just what I've seen, doesn't mean they aren't there.

  17. bettyl - oh for sure!
    AD - thank god cos they are so not pretty!!!


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