Thursday, 24 March 2011

Oh Joy!

I've had a pretty busy week. It's been emotional for a number of reasons, like the two birthdays I've previously posted about.  I can't believe I am now the mum of 2 teenagers!  Eeeek! I refuse to be that old!


A lot has happened this week. I attended a meeting on Friday organised by Enable to discuss the governments changes to Disability Living Allowance here in the UK.  A local MP, Angus Robertson attended to answer questions and to try and explain the changes to people.

The allowance name will change to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and there will now only be 2 levels: higher rate and lower rate, as opposed to 3.

Other changes are:- a medical test is now needed, you have to be ill for a year before you can claim, your wheelchair will be taken into account during the decision making process, your allowance will stop if you are in hospital or a care home for more than 28 days, you can only claim if you usually live in the UK.

My biggest worry is the 28 days in the hospital because Jack is no stranger to 6 week hospital stints and as I pointed out to this MP, the government then assume that the hospital is looking after Jack, when in fact it is me who is there constantly as they don't have the staff to sit with him 24/7. It is assumed by the government that local hospitals/care homes will then have funding for this kind of care should a person require it.  Well, I soon put him straight on that.

Then there is the problem of my car. I pay for it with the mobility part of Jack's DLA.  Are they gonna take it away after the 28 days?  What happens to it then and how will I get Jack to his appointments in Edinburgh and Aberdeen?  Take the bus? Then what is the criteria for getting it back and Jack's payments reinstated? Me thinks that David Cameron and his minions aren't really giving a shit either way because that will be the problem for local government, effectively passing the buck as is the governments want. Once again, David Cameron is punishing those in need, as if their lives are not hard enough.

I left that meeting feeling a bit frustrated and a little frightened if I am honest.  The future looks bleak for many of us and I am sick and tired of hearing about it!!!!


I was only out of the meeting minutes when I got a text from Holly asking me to take her home early from the party she was at.  I was a bit surprised and asked why.  Turns out some of the kids there were taking the piss out of kids at their school who they were referring to as 'retards' or as one particular ignoramus stated "the correct word is mong!".  Just shows what a total idiot he was!  What pushed Holly over the edge was that one particular friend was laughing along with the others when she, who shall remain nameless, has spent quite a lot of time in our house and therefore should know better but alas no.  What cracks me up about this, is that this same girl, is so disapproving of Holly and her new boyfriend and was giving Holly a hard time about texting him just before this incident, really riling Holly but yet her disapproval didn't extend to people laughing at others who are different from themselves. She did finally say something when she caught the look on Holly's face but it was too late.

So Holly left and cried all the way home.  As she said, some days she lets it go over her head and other days she just can't.  Friday was one of those days.  To be fair to Holly, she left because she didn't want to be a party pooper as the girl who was having the party was oblivious to the goings on. She was only home 5 minutes when her pals, who do know better, rushed round and cheered her up.  Total stars.

These same pals, came round on Jack's birthday.  One, Daniel, gave Jack a home made card, in the shape of a bird and the other Jordan, bought Jack a bright yellow piñata and filled it with sweeties! I was quite emotional about it. People surprise me all the time and often in a good way, I'm glad to say.

the card from Daniel

Jordan's Pinata

Jack watching his ebirthday card from Joanna on my new laptop

Holly and I can't educate the world about disability but we can start by educating the people around us in our tiny part of the world.  I do think some of it is rubbing off.

Saturday night, my big sis, Kay and I drove to Montrose as we were going to a party.  My older sis, Julia lives not far from there and she was having a party for her husband Mark as he was 40. We had a brilliant night.  A rock band were playing and they were actually quite good although the lead singer did look like a Liam Gallagher wannabe!

The Southern Comforts were going down well, too well and I was starting to get a bit tipsy.  I was dragged up to dance by a young guy.  We were having a right laugh when a guy passed us carrying balloons and the young guy yanked one outta the guy's hand and presented it to me.  I laughingly took it and was quite chuffed at his gesture although, I would have preferred flowers ya know? lol I danced with him a couple of times and then went back to our table, where me and my balloon continued to boogie together much to the disgust of Kay, who hates balloons.

I was gaily waving my balloon around when Lauren, my niece came to speak to me.  Kay took this opportunity to stick her fork (left over from the stovies) into my balloon, popping it with a loud bang. Both Lauren and I jumped with fright, her drink jumped too and half the contents of her glass landed in my lap!  Both Lauren and I cracked up laughing and were helpless while Kay looked on bemusedly thinking "it wasn't that funny!!". Finally I managed to get breath and explained the situation to Kay who was even more gleeful cos she had gotten me a double whammy!  She killed my fecking balloon! WTF? Party pooper.


Really really funny! Never a dull moment eh?


  1. Despite all you have to deal with 24/365 you somehow manage to maintain a pleasingly humorous outlook on life. That, to me anyway, is awesomely inspiring. Bless you! This world needs more people like you.

    Hugs to you, Jack, Holly, and all of your friends who support you.

  2. awesome post...southern comfort is a fun whiskey...i have had many a canoe trip with SC and coke...

    mentally i would be around 25 if i did not know how old i was age wise...

    my wife would say that i am only around 15...

    i am amazed everyday at the smallness of my circle of influence...but i still try to make my world a better place....

    as Don said and i agree... and i might add you are a beacon to many of us, as you always seem to find the silver lining...

    i totally hate the whole idea of the governmonster deciding the rules...

    here in the states they can't be exected to figure out the small stuff, so the big stuff...fagggedaboutit!

    hopefully they figure out a situation that is equitable for your situation...

  3. Don - what a lovely thing to say, thank you
    Bruce - I would love to party with you, sounds great fun. I think I am about 20 in my head or maybe slightly less! Thank you also for your lovely words and I am hoping to kick some governments butt! Tee hee hee

  4. OMG Lynne, what a mixture of ups and downs in this post girl friend. I really felt for you and Holly regarding how stupid government and so called friends can be and how they can hurt. That was a great picture of Jack. How I would have loved to be there when you were drinking, dancing and having such a time. Seems you surely know how to have a good time when you get a chance. Take care and have a wonderful weekend and as always my best to Holly & Jack.

  5. After that week I am glad it ended with a "bang" [literally and figuratively!]

    Hang tough Lyndy - I am sure the government will work itself out when the understand the circumstances better.

    My best to you all and here's hoping this weekend is just as fun :)

  6. the people who make these new rules dont think!! they try to appease a few ppl by targeting people who malinger and "use" the system to get out of work in the meantime mums like yourself sweat while they crunch the numbers. Hope they see sense in this one.Sounds like a letter writing campaign upcoming.

    Sounds like you had a great night out. I really feel for Holly, some people..I don't know..half a brain really!

    Take care Lyndy :)

  7. I love it how you have to go through all that stuff & rubbish about worrying about disability payments etc., to having a good laugh on your night out. You thoroughly deserve good nights out LyndyLou, and I do pray that everything will come right for you on the other stuff. It must be an awful worry for you, and I can imagine how scared you must get at times. I think Holly and her 'good' friends are brilliant, I really do!

  8. Actually, on re-reading the above comment, it doesn't read quite right. Sorry about that. I certainly didn't mean that I love it that you have to go through all that stuff. What I really meant, was that I love how you try to keep so positive and full of humour despite very trying circumstances. Does that make more sense? Do hope so!

  9. Oh, Lynne - D Cameron et al know little of the lives of those who care and NEED the money. It's hard to juggle things round.
    But chin up - we'll get there - even if we have to bundle Jack in the front of Lou's car!!!

  10. What a busy week you've had eh?

    I've been wondering lately what it might be like to live in the UK and have your countries insurance now that I've got LOTS of bills rolling in. I don't understand how a country like the US can not figure out how to make a national insurance program work. I think it must be too many greedy hands in the pot and no one wants to give up their cash cow.. Damn.

    Love the card and pinata the kid's made for Jack.

    Glad you were able to get out and dance off some flusterations and visit with your sisters. Sounds like a great time!

  11. Odie - yeah it's been a funny kind of week :) Picture of Jack was really good, he was just in from school
    Skippymom - I hope so otherwise I will have a tantrum lol
    IWBY - well said B
    Thisisme - don't worry I knew exactly what you meant :)
    Julie - I already have a picture of us trying to get Jack into Lou's car....hilarious!
    Kellie - It was a fab night and yes we are really lucky here with the national health. I really never realised how good it was until I had Jack.

  12. Thanks for the laughs!! Also, thank you so much for the links to the recipes. I'm going to try stovies the next time we have roast! : )

  13. I think it's great that Holly has some good TRUE friends she can count on. Those people are the ones who will get her through when the rest of the world doesn't understand.

    I really admire your positive outlook all the time. I find you quite an inspiration.

    The government is clueless, and I hope everything works out okay. Don't you wish they could experience what Jack does just for one day?

  14. Elle - stovies are yummy and a Scottish favourite. Let me know what you think.
    Emily - I totally agree re Holly's friends. The irony is that the Prime Minister had a disabled child who died a couple of years ago, aged 6. He would still have been clueless though as he's loaded therefore can afford to buy in all the help he needed :)

  15. Good for Holly to know when enough is enough. Now that I know more about things like Autism and such and what not I really hate it when people say retarded like it was like another word, that and gay. Totally inappropriate words to use in the demeaning way like "that's so gay/retarded"

  16. AD - sometimes you just can't walk away and you have to make your point. Not easy though, especially for teenagers


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