Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Woo Hoo I Got An Award!

Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments on this humble little blog.  Please keep them coming cos they are making my day and I have to confess that I am a little addicted to them too.  Is there a support group for "addiction to blog comments?".  No? Ah well, me thinks I will have to start one.  Combine that with my addiction to the "red grape juice" and it would be a hilarious beginning.

I love reading other peoples blogs, it's like people stalking watching from a far.I guess since my social life is severely restricted these days, this is my way to get out there and chat.

And guess what, one particular blog that I follow  unsoundreasoning.blogspot.com has given me an award!

I am over the f**king moon! If you haven't checked him out then please follow the link above.  He is the Dad of jumblemash.blogspot.com whom I also follow and love stalking reading their blogs ;)

Now there is apparently rules to this. Aww shit, you had to give it to me, rule breaker Mckenzie?  Yes the rule is that I have to pass it on to 3, only 3 other bloggers who add to my life.

So, in no particular order, (that sounded impressive huh, like the XFactor results) my awards go to Julie at mycrazylife-julie.blogspot.com.  Julie is a very funny lady from Glasgow, Scotland who has just started blogging and has been a great support to me......Linda  at lindaskye.blogspot.com who is also a new blogger and who is having a tough time at the moment and I am hoping she will smile when she gets this.......Spence Kennedy at the beautifully written sirenvoices.blogspot.com and of course, being the rebel that I am..........lastly to the domesticatedbohemian.blogspot.com who I am a huge fan of.

Please check them out and stalk follow them just like I do.  Also I'd like to thank my agent, who doesn't yet know I exist, my family for without whom I could not provide you with so much entertainment and for you all for dropping in and actually reading my inane drivel.................I am not worthy!

Now I think I need to lie down as I have taxed my brain way too much!


  1. Well done, Lynne..your award is so much deserved....your blog is great...love reading about you,Jack and Holly. Given your life circumstances your blog is very moving and honest and equally inspirational and life affirming :-)
    Thank you for my nomination and it has indeed brought a smile to my face :-)
    Love, Linda xxxxxxxx

  2. Hope you remeber to thank the makers of Southern comfort - it has undeed been a comfort!!

  3. Linda - I glad to have made you smile.
    Julie - just for you, I also would like to thank the makers of Southern Comfort without whom Julie and I would not be here! Tee hee hee job done;)

  4. Congrats and thank you for the kind words!!

  5. Thanks for this. I'll try my best to do it justice and give a link back to you.
    thanks again.

  6. Congrats on the award. Well deserved. Annah from Red means Go told me once that "comments are like crack to bloggers" Never a truer word said I reckon.

  7. YAY Lyndylou...glad I could put a well deserved smile on your face...since you so often put one on mine!

  8. Thanks everyone, I am so so chuffed!


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