Tuesday, 14 December 2010

It Just Keeps Going

I decided to put Jack to school because he woke up and was clear eyed and gave me a smile so I thought that the crisis is maybe over.

I didn't go back to bed but did sit like a zombie watching naff day time TV before I dragged myself to the bathroom, got in the shower and woke myself up.  I walked the mad dogs who were incidentally "shitting for Scotland" today and my poop scooping skills were really put to the test. Yuck!

I was just beginning to relax at around 2.15pm when the phone rang and yep, you guessed it, it was the school saying that they had had to give Jack more rescue meds.  At this point the seizure was just past the 14 minute mark.  They called back 5 minutes later to say, he had come out of it and was sleeping.  Oh thank god!  I hadn't realised how fast my heart was hammering until after I got off the phone.

If the seizure had got to 20 minutes it would have been a 999 emergency situation which could still happen cos if he fits over 10 minutes again they can only give him one more dose of Midazolam and then it's straight to hospital. 

So now I am clock watching and hoping that he will stay asleep and that the medicine is doing it's job.  If not we will most certainly end up at the local hospital ,which is just a small place, with a children's ward that has had half it's beds closed due to spending cuts so the likelihood is that we will then be transferred to the nearest specialist hospital which for Jack is anything from 70/200 miles away.

If I am honest, when Jack starts to fit like this it usually goes on for days so we, Holly and I, will once again be walking the bleak corridors of the hospital but at least being Christmas, there will be lots of fancy decorations to look at for a change.  Oooh and if I am lucky, maybe the local firemen will pay a visit like they did one Christmas previously and I will be able to ogle them at my leisure!  You see, even during a crisis I can always find a plus in there somewhere.  

Mmmmmmm now that's got me thinking.  Every year I ask Santa for a fireman and maybe this is how I will get one!! lol I have previously mentioned this to one of my friends who helpfully said that all I had to do was set fire to the turkey on Christmas day and I would have not ONE but MANY firemen at my door. 

Oh don't you hate a smart arse?! Me thinks she has missed the point completely!


  1. Lynne - if you do, but i hope you don't - end up in Glasgow (cos truth be told since the centralised PICU you'll end up here or edinburgh) PHONE ME WOMAN!!
    We may not be able to be "right with you", but will try our hardest to get to you. Lou is here or hereabouts even while we're away, so if the worst comes to the worst, she can get to you.
    Will e mail you my mobile and if you end up in PICU here - ask if Chris Lmab is on - his kids go to the same school as Paul and we've known him for years - just thell him you know us. He's a lovely guy and so calm in a crisis!

  2. I hope all is well with Jack and that y'all don't have to spend the holidays at a hospital...I spent only a weekend and it nearly put me over the edge!

  3. Julie - I have emailed you my number just in case I don't get near my email in the next few days. I am hoping we don't end up in Edinburgh or Glasgow but time will tell.

    Dad - me too, I am already hanging on the edge by my fingertips! lol

  4. Ok - will check my e - mails today and text you just so you have my number. Wil also give you our home number as well since i'll be away just after christmas.
    I know Chris would love to meet you, but not under these circumstances!
    Take care


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