Thursday, 9 December 2010

Stuck in the Snow

I never did get another call from the school so you would think that my day improved huh?  Not so.

I had arranged for the school bus to drop Jack off at the centre where he has rebound therapy, to save me having to just put him straight into my car when he got home.  Holly was supposed to meet me there too as it was just around the corner from their school,and it saved her the long walk.

The school bus was running late, what with the weather, so I text Ann, the bus auxiliary to check they'd remembered and as I expected they had but were just held up.  Holly on the other hand was no where to be seen.  I called her mobile and it went straight to voice mail and text her too but still no reply, also hung about outside to see if I could spot her.  I was getting a bit frantic cos she never carries her key and it was absolutely freezing outside but I just had to put that aside while I got Jack off the bus and into the centre.

Jack was quite lively and if he hadn't been strapped into his chair, he would have made a bid for freedom!  As soon as he saw the trampoline, he got quite excited and alert.

This is an image of rebound therapy

I don't know if you know anything about rebound therapy but it is basically for all abilities.  Jack for instance can't jump up and down on the trampoline so they hoist him onto a bean bag and slide him into the middle of the trampoline and two therapists gently bounce around him.  All this bouncing around is very good for all of his organs, helps to clear any glut on his chest, encourages eye contact and is basically a little bit of fun.  They also do stretching exercises with him and yesterday for the first time, his left arm came up straight away with very little resistance.  What a wee star!

He also gave them one or two of his rare smiles, not an all out grin but a wee smirk.  He can be quite cheeky at times, bit like his mum.

After we'd finished our slot, he was back in his wheelchair and then we headed off but we found we couldn't get out our usual side door as the snow was piled up the side of the path and the wheelchair was too wide to get through.  I had to run back through and ask them to unlock the main door but they weren't sure that they had the keys!  I had visions of us being stuck there for a wee while but no they found the keys and out we went into more snow!

I got Jack into the car, then headed home. I had just driven into my street when my car became stuck in the snow.  I kept reversing and trying again but after ten minutes it was clear that Jack and I were going nowhere.

Ok this isn't me, but you get the drift!
I phoned the house phone, hoping and praying that Holly did have her key and was home and not freezing on the doorstep.  I was so relieved when she answered and told her to grab the snow shovel and come and help me.  

Meanwhile, I am trying to kick the snow outta my way but couldn't get to the stuff under the car.  This bloody lowered floor is ace for the wheelchair but utterly crap in this kind of weather cos the snow just gets stuck under it.  I had just got back into the car, turned around to check on Jack when he went straight into a seizure.  I stuck on my hazard lights and leapt into the back of the car, frantically trying to reach for the magnet which is in his bag at the back of his wheelchair.  Not easy to get to let me tell you.  

As I am rummaging for the damn thing, Jack lips are starting to go blue and he isn't breathing so I start rubbing his chest and talking to him and after about 50 secs he take a breath and starts to cough, retch and choke and finally I manage to get the damn magnet onto his stimulator.  As I was standing, leaning over him, counting 30 seconds in my head, I was watching all the traffic on the road behind us going by and hoping that nobody was gonna turn into my street and run into the back of us cos we were just on the street and no more.

It took only 2 minutes for the seizure to pass but it had totally floored him and he was out for the count.  I was just getting out the car when I spotted Holly with the shovel.  Thank god cos my stress levels were getting higher by the minute.

I then spent the next 10 to 15 minutes digging out my car, with a little help from Holly.  During that time, lots of people in cars were having a good look but no one stopped to help.  One car came into the street, a 4 x 4, parked two cars up from me and the lady driving it, walked across the road and went into her house, watching us all the while.  I was speechless!  Even if there was nothing she thought she could do, she could have asked anyway!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Finally, the car started to move and was gaining momentum when a van started coming down the opposite side of the street and as he had right of way, I had to stop and got STUCK AGAIN! For f**k's sake!!!!!

Thankfully it was only for a minute or two and then I was off, leaving poor Holly behind but there was no way I was stopping once I got going but I did walk back and help her carry the shovel cos it is quite big.

Once back in the house, I just wanted to collapse but no time for that cos I had to hoist Jack into his comfy chair and then feed him.  He was still out for the count and oblivious but as it was way past his tea time, I couldn't leave it a while so I put Holly on the case and she cooked our tea.

She was really grumpy with me and I had to bite my tongue cos I was really not in the mood for "one word answers" cos I was a very stressed out bunny!!

It's times like this, being stuck in the snow, that I feel such a "girlie" and quite helpless and it pisses me off!!  I hate feeling helpless, it frustrates me and I realise how vulnerable I actually am and that I can't do everything by myself.  It's not that I want to do everything myself, NO WAY, but when you have had to because of circumstances then it gets harder to ask for help without feeling like I've let myself down. 

It's crazy, I know but strong women were not born like this, it's circumstances and life experience that have made us this way, but never mistake a strong women for a hard women, as they are totally different.

I have met a lot of strong women and they are loving, caring and exceptional whereas a hard woman is hard hearted and unbending, not in the same league at all but so many people don't know the difference.

So now you know, this strong woman is not invincible, does struggle at times and does cry but don't be telling everybody now, it will be our little secret so SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!



  1. You are one amazing strong woman. You have my admiration. Hugs

  2. Wow. Just wow. I was reading this post and biting my nails the entire time. You are like freakin' Super Woman. Even if you don't think you are.

  3. Linda - thanks, loved your post today.

    Mynx and Jm - you are very kind, hugs to you too.

  4. Your secret is safe with me...and people suck!

  5. Shame on that woman.
    Hope her lovely 4x4 freeses up and you don't have a working hairdryer to defrost it for her!!!

  6. What a nightmare, I can't even imagine! I don't know how you managed to retell that story with homour!
    And I'm gobsmacked no one stopped to help,I mean I know its cold and all, but I couldn't drive past someone stuck in the snow..if we had that much snow.


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