Friday, 24 December 2010

The Day Before Christmas and Chaos Reigns Supreme

Last night I was upstairs getting the kids presents out to wrap.  I shouted on Holly to bring me up the scissors but as I didn't want her to see the said prezzies, I came out onto the top of the stairs to meet her...........and slipped!

I pitched forward, just about to go headlong down the stairs, managed to throw myself to the side and careered side on into the thick stone wall that separates my house from next door.  As I had put my hand out to save myself, it bore the brunt of the fall and then I literally bounced back, hard onto my butt!

I let out this scream, followed by a major amount of expletives and Holly came running asking what the hell had I done.  It was so painful that I could barely speak and tears were silently rolling down my cheeks as I explained what I had done.  She was gave me hell for coming out onto the stairs when she was quite capable of bringing the scissors up but I explained that I didn't want her to see her prezzies.

Then she burst out laughing at me sprawled there in a crumpled heap and then I was laughing through my tears cos it was quite infectious especially when she said "ha ha, I blinking well hope this will be put on your blog.  It had better be cos all my traumas do!". She is so like me, other peoples mishaps are always hilarious.

So there we were, huddled at the top of the stairs, Holly falling about laughing, me crying and laughing, while we checked out whether I had broken my hand or not.  The thumb and first two fingers of my right hand (oh trust me!) were already quite swollen but I could move them with a bit of effort so they weren't broken, thank god.

Despite this I managed to wrap all Holz's prezzies and she helped me with Jack's.  She is such a star.

This morning my hand hurts and unscrewing the child proof caps from Jack's medication was so fucking painful that eventually I had to use my left hand.  Don't you just hate child proof caps cos they aren't just child proof, they are anybody proof!!!!

So it has been some week so far and Christmas isn't even here yet!  Ah but I so love Christmas.

So onwards and upwards, here's hoping for an uneventful day, lol.


  1. I sure am sorry you have the injuries but it made for an enjoyable story to read my friend. Hopefully you will recover quickly & it won't interfere with your Christmas celebration.

  2. I hope your hand feels better!

  3. Well I'm glad you aren't seriously injured...and I'm willing to kiss all your boo boos and make them feel better but I must say that I'm glad Holly finally got a little pay back :-) Hope y'all have an amazing Christmas.

  4. Odie - it was pretty funny, if it wasn't happening to me!! lol

    The Adorkable Ditz - me too, it hurts but swelling going down now :)

    Chief - believe me, so is Holly, payback is the best! lol

    Hope you all have a FAB CHRISTMAS XXX

  5. hope you have a wonderful christmas even with your sore hand. I broke my middle finger, right hand a week before christmas one year. That sure made getting stuff organised an interesting challenge, being right handed and all.
    Big hugsxx

  6. Mynx - I am right handed too and it was the hand that got it! Ouch!!! still swollen and sore buy hey, I'll live :)


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