Friday, 10 December 2010

My Two Favourite Christmas Tunes

This is my all time favourite Christmas tune.  I absolutely love Kirsty McColl's music and she is definitely at her best in this song.  It is quite a sad song really but it makes me smile when I hear it.  I had my dreams taken from me too by my ex....... but I got them back :)

My other second favourite Christmas tune is All I want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey.  I have since discovered an alternative version by a band that Holly and I just love.  They are called The Midnight Beast whom I have blogged about previously and they are 3 young guys from London.  They make their own videos.  This is the version I will be singing this Christmas.  It is rude but very very funny!  Enjoy.

I hope you laughed cos this was the version Holly and I were blasting out on the car CD Player as we drove past a group of really hot guys.  We had the windows down and were singing our hearts out!  Then we had major hysterics at their faces.  Naughty but great fun!


  1. OMG they are complete mentalists! I love it XD

  2. For some reason the songs are coming up. Probably the I.T. guys at work again, blocking everything I love.

    But I do love that you and Holly were blasting the song and singing along. Especially if the song was rude :)

  3. lol, ace! I've heard you two going on about this but now I've listened for myself, brill, thank u x (and the boys, yes BOYS Lynne are cute too!!)

  4. loonielass - yep they look like they are having a ball eh. Holly and I saw them in concert and they were brilliant!

    JM - aww that's a pity cos the second video is well worth watching and yep the song is definitely RUDE!

    Emma - hey they may be boys but they are LEGAL!!!! :p


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