Friday, 24 December 2010

What Is That Drip Drip Dripping Noise?

On Monday, I was priding myself on the fact that, even though Jack had been in hospital, I had quickly got back on track and had hauled out the Christmas tree and decorations.

Holly quickly set to work on the tree, as it's her job and it took 2 days but she finally got there.  

So on Monday night, I was sitting back, blogging, thinking all was well with my world when a "drip drip" noise caught my attention.  It was late, both kids were in bed, so I muted the TV and listened.  Yep, sure enough, there was definitely a drip drip noise but maybe it was coming from outside.

Standing in the bay window, I was starting to think I was just being paranoid when I felt a drip on my head. WTF???  Looked up to see water, dripping through the cornice, in places in a line.  My heart just sunk and I literally ran for some basins to catch it all.  I ended up with 5 basins on top of the wooden valance. It seemed never ending!

Then in my infinite wisdom (hardy har har) I got togged up in my winter woolies, got out the step ladder and brush and tried to knock some of the snow off the roof of the bay window.  By this time it is was nearly midnight, the ladder kept leaning into the window and I was seriously in danger of toppling head first into it.  As I was teetering precariously on top of this step ladder, I found myself laughing hysterically at the image of me crashing head first through the window and all I could think was "fuck, more money!".

Having failed dismally to shake any snow off the roof, I retreated into the warmth of the house and watched the drips for about half an hour before thinking, "I'd better go to bed, cos watching these drips are not gonna make them go away".

In the morning, when I got Holly up, I shouted a warning to her about the leak and was half expecting for her to yell that the roof had caved in but there was no scream, so I lay back amongst the pillows and chilled a bit.

Then I got up and text my brother basically saying "HELP".  He didn't answer so I had to call him and he said he would be there as soon as he finished his coffee, which meant about an hour, as he lives in the country and was walking.  After I hung up, I heard running water and thought "OMG it's getting worse only to run into the room, look and find that it wasn't actually coming from the same place but at the other end of the window!

Once again I was running about like a headless chicken trying to find big enough bowls as this time it was literally running down the wall!  Panic set in then and I was imagining the whole roof coming in so I frantically started flicking through the phone book for "a man who does".

Shortly after being assured that a guy would be round probably in the afternoon, my brother, Stephen, appeared.  He hauled out my dad's rickety wooden ladder and started removing the snow from above the window but as he didn't feel safe on the ladder (who could blame him!) he stopped for a break til we tracked down one to buy or borrow.

I eventually managed to get my hands on my neighbours ladder and Stephen commenced chipping away at the frozen ice in the guttering.  To begin with the leak got worse and then it eased off a bit, thank god!

By 4pm there was no sign of the roofing guy but the drips had slowed right down and seemed to have stopped. This was the point when I had a "woe is me moment" just as my mate Angie text to see how things were going and when I said I felt like crying, she called me straight away and made me laugh.  I just love my friends.

I left Jack with his Carer, Marion, while I donned my Santa hat and Holly and I set off to deliver presents.  The Santa hat was really cosy and no one batted an eyelid as I walked around the supermarket later on, with  lights flashing on my forehead and the flashing bobble!  I was very festive!

When I got back to the house, my next door neighbours, Carol and George (whom I borrowed said ladder from, in their absence) had left me an answering machine message to say that they had seen on Facebook my comment about a leak and they were having the same problem and if I wanted a hand to get the snow off the window, they were happy to help.  Don't you just love neighbours like that.  I am a lucky girl :)

So I popped next door to see them and George cleared the snow off the other bay window for me at 9pm at night, in the dark, while it was minus something or other!!!! He is a total star!  He maybe didn't feel the cold quite so much cos of the two brandies he'd told me he'd had that night already.  Grrr! Jealous or what!

Suffice to say that the crisis is over for the time being til the next bout of heavy snow and freezing temperatures but hopefully that wont be til Christmas day is over and done with at least.


  1. worry about it after Christmas, it may not be as bad as you think. Sounds like you have lovely neighbours. Have a beautiful christmas lovely lady. I feel so lucky to have met you here in bloggy world. Hugs xx

  2. Merry Christmas to you too and as for the rest, the feeling is mutual. XXX

  3. Wow, first the fall and now leaking. Hope nothing else happens until you at least get Christmas behind you girl. At least it is all working out with great neighbors and family. Take care & have a great Christmas Eve.

  4. I hope you'll be able to get that fixed soon. I don't know what it's like to have a leak inside the house, but I know it's not good the longer you let water do that to a house.

  5. Odie - hope you have a great Christmas too X

    The Adorkable Ditz - I will as soon as the snow goes away! Hope you have a great Christmas X


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