Thursday, 16 December 2010

I Come Highly Recommended! Get me......Guest Blogger.

I got home today after a long day at the hospital, switched on the computer and was mega chuffed to find that I now have 22 followers.

Then I started reading updates of blogs I am following and so I clicked on Jumble Mash only to find it is her 25th birthday and she feels old! So it's true then that age is a state of mind huh?  25 year olds feel about 40 something and us 40 somethings feel about 25!  Or is that just me? I continued reading and then I thought I was seeing things, so I went back and read it again but no I hadn't imagined it.  This is what I read :

Today I am recommending...

The Giggle Fest

Lyndylou is truly an inspiring person. Wanna know why? Well hop on over there and see for yourselves. I cannot help but be captivated by all that she writes.

Holy shit!!! I was so not expecting that so I was totally blown away.  Thank you Jumble Mash.  You've made my day. A very happy birthday to you who is a quarter of a century old.  Now that SOUNDS REALLY OLD! Tee hee hee.

Then I clicked onto another blog I follow called Dribble by a lady named Mynx and I found that I am the latest guest blogger in her Sunshine Project.  She had requested guest bloggers as she was having a busy few weeks and didn't have time to write but didn't want to neglect her blog.  I wrote a story about Holly and she really liked it. It is really weird to see your words on someone else's blog but really cool too.  My day just got even better.  Thank you Mynx.

So do me a wee favour and take a look at their blogs but don't forget to come back otherwise I will set the dreaded lurgy on you!   (All you have to do is click on their name above and that will take you straight to their page).

I SPENT today at the hospital again. Jack was still very sleepy so it was a really slow morning.  I hadn't even taken a book with me cos if I had, sod's law, he would have been awake and throwing himself all over the bed!  He finally woke about lunch time and he was clear eyed for about half an hour and then he nodded off again.  It was such a relief to see him awake and taking things in cos you never can tell what affect this latest episode has had on him.

My dad arrived at 1.30pm and I was just heading out Jack's room when Liz, Jack's physio appeared and asked "is this a good time?" and I said "yeah, I was heading downstairs for a coffee" and she said "great, we can do this over coffee".  

With everything that has happened this week, I was a bit confused as to why she needed a chat but then I looked at the papers she had in her hand and it dawned on me that this was the follow up to our last chat where I broke down at the school.

After grabbing a cuppa and a sandwich, I sat by the window waiting for Liz to join me.  It didn't have the best view as we looked out onto the smokers shelter and it was also blowing a blizzard outside.   Liz explained that she had some information for me re the children's hospice and if I was up to it, the application form but that there was no hurry. 

So I drank my tea, ate my sandwich and we chatted about everything and anything and I was telling her about my blog.  I told her how chuffed I was that I had followers on the blog and facebook and that yesterday I had about a 100 hits.   She jokingly said "how do you know it's followers and not A follower? Maybe the same person looked at your blog a hundred times yesterday!"  I couldn't stop laughing and I explained that you could look up the stats and it told you the amount of hits from different countries to which she replied "ha ha but it's maybe someone who travels a lot!"  I nearly fell off my seat laughing and just about managed to blurt out "that then would mean that I didn't have a follower but a stalker".  She roared and laughed and the two of us were clutching our stomachs nearly crying with laughter.

I felt so much better and so I put down my tea and said "lets take a look at this then" and pulled the hospice info towards me.  She gave me a long look saying "you sure?  I'm not going to make you cry today am I?" I thought about it and said "no, I am ok today, considering".

And you know, I really was.  The form didn't ask too many upsetting questions and I didn't have to go through Jack's whole story which I have done, over and over, for the last 12 years and believe me, for that I was very grateful.  Liz and I parted company after that and I headed back to the ward.

My dad was surprised to see me and said that I should have just gone home as he was willing to stay with Jack for a bit.  

I drove to Holly's school to pick her up as it was blizzard like conditions outside.  I had about 45 mins to wait, so I took a deep breath and absorbed myself in the hospice info.  It was easy reading but my throat got sore with holding in my emotions but I didn't do that great a job cos the odd tear did make a bid for freedom.  

I read it twice and although it made painful reading, I know that I need this support cos Jack's condition has severely deteriorated over the last 4 years and if I am honest, I would dearly love to spend time with him, just being his mum, while someone else takes over his "exceptional care needs", even if just for a day.

Later at home, I told Holly that I had filled in the form and now we wait to see if we meet the criteria which I think we should but who knows.

Then Father of the Year (she says sarcastically!) phoned and it would be me who answered the phone!  I just handed it straight to Holz cos she is the only one he is really interested in.  The line had an echo, so I think he is still in Angola so he's not home yet.  I have that fun to come, oh deep joy and happiness lol.

No doubt you will hear all about it.  Watch this space.


  1. Linda - can i just say that the "just being mum" time comes highly recoomended by friends who have used the hospice.
    Time to be just Mum to jack and Holly - nothing beats it.

    Hope things continue to improve for you and you know where we are if needed.
    You don't get rid of me easy - I HAVE YOUR MOBILE NUMBER!!!!!

  2. Jack & Holly are so lucky to have you as their mum.

  3. My JM is such a good judge of character! Hope all is well.

  4. it was a privledge to have such an awesome lady come crash at my place. Come back again sometime okay?

  5. Never got a chance to read this until just are in my thoughts and your blog as always is wonderful and definitely deserves a wider audience xxx

  6. Julie - that's good to hear and I know you now have my number, Jack has been told via your texts to BEHAVE!!! I think he is listening to you :)

    Odie - Aww thanks :)

    Dad - yes she is a star.

    Mynx - I definitely will

    Linda - thanks for you thoughts, I need them right now but he is improving XX

  7. Bless your heart (and your son's)! I can't imagine how tough it is with all your family is going through. It's great to see that you can laugh though. I hope I can at least add some to that part of your life. Go laugh at my mom being chased around the yard. :)

  8. You are very welcome sweetie and stories like these are the reasons why I say you are an inspiration.

  9. Oh and thank you for the birthday wishes and kind words!


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