Monday, 20 December 2010

A Christingle Service with Kevin McKidd

Last Christmas Eve, Holly, Jack and I went to the Christingle Service at the St Giles Church in Elgin.

Emma and Mark came with us.  We had to go in the back way cos there was no ramp at the front, so there was a great flurry of activity while all these guys put out the ramps in the snow.  It was quite a steep ramp so Mark had to help me push the wheelchair up and then there was a tight turn in the middle but then we were in.

It felt weird sneaking in the back especially when the place was almost full already so we bolted to the first seats we came to which were right at the front.  We'd all just got out of our snowy jackets and were just getting comfy when I looked back and then nudged Holly saying "there's Kevin McKidd, Grey's Anatomy, quick, tell Emma!".

Holly gave me such a look, then looked behind her and was totally struck dumb cos there was Kevin Mckidd, Movie Star, in the flesh, walking towards us.  She never did whisper to Emma cos she was totally starstruck!  So I frantically whispered to Emma but she was about a series behind in Grey's Anatomy so she didn't know he was in it and was like "awww thanks for spoiling it! lol".

There was no time to say any more cos a couple of church elders were frantically putting out chairs for him and his family to sit on, right in front of us, completely blocking our view.

Kevin was about to sit down when he realised that Jack and I wouldn't have been able to see anything so he got up again saying "no we will have to move along a bit, as we are in the way here".  I was most impressed and even more so when he turned around and said to me "how are you doing?" and I said "fine, you?" to which he replied "I'm good", smiled and turned back to chat with his mum and dad.

I thought Holly was gonna fall off her seat!  She was hyperventilating cos he had spoken to me and after that he kept looking behind him at us and smiling.

Jack was in good form as well and he was making quite a lot of appreciative noises during the proceedings and I relaxed a little cos I knew that he could take a seizure at any point and probably scare the bejesus outta half of the congregation not to mention Kevin McKidd himself.  Tee hee hee

The service only lasted about half an hour and Holly was still rooted to her seat, watching Kevin get up and leave.  It's not that she fancies him or anything but she wants to be an actor and here was the living, breathing embodiment of what she wants to be, right in front of her and she was gobsmacked!

At least she didn't do what my friend Donna did.  She went all giddy in the church when she saw him and got all flustered and when he tried to walk past her, he couldn't cos she was standing on his scarf!  To make matters worse, he had to point it out to her!!!  When she sent me a text later that night describing what had happened I laughed out loud.  Too too funny.

I think it made Holly's Christmas and when she told her Uncle Stephen he said "oh I know Kevin well, he used to babysit for your cousins when they were little and when he is home, he usually asks my mates where I am and what am I up to".

Just when I didn't think Holly could get any more impressed............

P.S.  for those of you who don't know who Kevin McKidd is then check out this page


  1. I think I like the word "gobsmacked" :-)

  2. Dad - lol a very Scottish saying!

  3. Feel like I've missed something since I don't have a clue who he is. Never seen the program.

  4. He is rather yummy. I think I would be gobsmacked too. Either that or a dribbling mess

  5. Odie - he has been in lots of movies such as Trainspotting, Percy Jackson and the Lightening Theif, Maid of Honour, Hideous Kinky etc

    Mynx - mmmm definitely! Holly couldn't get over how cool I was but he is in the end, just a guy from my town :)

  6. Oh.My.God. You are so freakin' lucky! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Grey's Anatomy and holy crap you were able to talk to him? I woulda been all "h-h-h-hi Owen!"

  7. JM - I love Grey Anatomy as much as you!! Yeah it was a bit surreal and he is just gorgeous in the flesh too.

    Holly is hoping we meet him again this Christmas Eve and she reckons she is prepared this time! No doubt he wont be there :)

  8. Hi Lynne, thanks for visiting my blog.Your neices mum is welcome to contact me anytime,let me know if she would like my email address or facebook. off to have a read of your blog now :)cheers B

  9. Ahh.. it's lovely to read about yet another cool Kev encounter :) I'm a big fan.. awesome actor and lovely to boot!! :) Hope you don't mind but I sent a link to your article to I'm sure they'll be chuffed for the shout out. Thx

  10. B - Thanks I will talk to her, hope you enjoy my blog :)

    IveOCD - Hi, welcome to my blog, stop by any time and thanks for posting the link....well chuffed :)

  11. yes I am, loved this story, the standing on the scarf made me laugh out loud lol


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