Thursday, 2 December 2010

A Day In Court

Yesterday I spent the day in court.

OMG you say, what have you done?  What? Who me? As if!  For those of you that know me well, no, my badness has not caught up with me, I am far too clever for that, not been caught yet ya know.

No it was something much tamer than that.  I was a witness.

Now it should have been a simple process, get kids off to school and then walk to the court which is ten minutes from my house but then we had snow, heaps and heaps of the stuff and the schools were closed.

Shit shit shit, what to do?  Holly wasn't a problem cos she is 16 and fairly self sufficient but Jack requires 24 hour care so needs someone looking after him who can administer rescue meds for seizures and give cpr if necessary.  

To add to the fun, I had arranged for Loki, the puppy, to get spayed and she had to be at the vets before 9am.  Not a problem normally but my car is, as we speak, buried under a mountain of snow and there is no way there was time to dig it out.  I had a hard enough time clearing the paths again and I only possess a wee spade! And I mean teensy weensy!

So I had to get on the phone and speak nicely to Granny Mac who thank god was able to help me out.  We ended up with two back up plans to cover the school closed and school open scenario and I wasn't able to let her know which plan to put into action til 7am that morning. 

Thankfully the schools did open so plan B was put into operation.  This involved Granny Mac walking to my house (because her car doors had frozen shut) and the roads were so bad, then picking up Loki and walking her up to the vets.  Even this wasn't straight forward because Loki had been booked for the op once already but it turned out that she'd a false pregnancy so we had to wait until her hormones had settled down.  So even getting her there didn't guarantee that she would have the op so Granny Mac had to phone me to tell me that yes, the op was going ahead and that she'd to call back at 2pm. Did I mention that Granny Mac is 71?  She's such a star.

Jack's bus was late because of the weather so it was nearly 8.55am before he got on the bus and that then ate into my beautifying time.  Believe me this is a huge problem cos, I am scary looking in the morning.  So much so that the auxiliary on Jack's bus, Ann, gives me marks outta 10 every morning for how rough I look!!!  Sometimes I even get a minus! It really gives me a laugh though and I know when I get a thumbs up that no matter what the day throws at me..........I'm looking damn good...........cos Ann told me so!

In my defence, there is no time for me to get dressed never mind put make up on before Jack goes to school, so she does see me in my pjs and  fluffy dressing gown,  really not a good look.

So apart from throwing myself into the shower, there was no make up put on just dressier clothes cos hell I had to make a good impression.  I don't know why I bothered cos everyone there turned up in jeans!  My mum would turn in her grave if I turned up wearing jeans to court, that would be the biggest faux pas ever.

After trudging through the snow, the thin black trousers I had on were letting in so much cold that I couldn't feel the top of my legs.  Thank god Granny Mac wasn't around to witness my shivering as she would have probably pulled out a pair of thermal drawers outta that tardis of a handbag that she carries with her everywhere. I swear that woman has everything in her handbag, all you have to do is ask and "poof" it will appear. I am far too young to wear thermal drawers so don't go thinking for a moment about about buying them to me for Christmas guys. I love presents but not that kind :-)

After all my efforts to get to the court, I had forgotten to get money for Nancy. 

How to explain who Nancy is?  Nancy is like my surrogate mum who comes and helps me out once a week with the housework and the ironing.  My life without Nancy would be a lot harder, she is brilliant and just cleans the house like it is her own.  She comes in every Wednesday and with the weather being so bad I hadn't managed to get to the bank so had forgotten to leave any money for her.  Eek!  So I text my dad asking could he drop some money off to her but alas my poor dad had a cold and was feeling lousy. He said he needed flu/cold sachets so I said it would be later before I could get them to him. Well there was little I could do then about Nancy but hope that I would get out of court in time to get home and pay her, not that Nancy would mind, she is that lovely but I would.

Court was so boring!  We were put into one of two witness rooms and there was very little to do but listen into other peoples conversations......well they are quite riveting, especially in court! or read trashy magazines and there are only so many of them you can devour.  I have to confess that I nearly followed a few guys outta the witness room as their case was postponed, cos they were talking about something that was SO INTERESTING!!! They were also quite hot, so ya know, a girl has to follow her instincts!

One bonus was, it was lovely and warm but that just made me sleepy and I couldn't stop yawning which then set other people off.  Luckily we broke for lunch so I went to the bank, then nipped to the chemist and jumped into a taxi up to my dad's with his cold medicine, ran in while the taxi waited then back into the taxi to mine in time to catch Nancy who as I thought wasn't too bothered!

After a quick lunch, back trudging through the snow, freezing my bits off to the court.  Sat there for a further hour until a policeman came to tell us that the trial before was still ongoing so our one wouldn't be heard today and it would probably be March before we were needed again. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

Oh joy of joys, I so wanted this over with cos it's not my idea of fun going to court.  There is so much more I want to say here but I am not allowed but when this is over, I will dish the dirt!

By this time it was just after 3pm.  I had arranged for Granny Mac to be at my house for Jack coming home so I nipped to the shops for a few more supplies before trudging home.  I arrived back at 3.40pm to find Granny Mac up to her eyes in shit, no understatement people, I could smell it before I saw it and that was AFTER the clean up!  Phew was I glad to have missed that lovely present from Jack.  He was, of course, lying there with a wee smirk on his face cos he'd gotten a load off don't you know and I, equally was smirking, cos he didn't save it for me!  

I did of course, give Granny Mac a wee hand, fetching clean clothes etc but then it was time to get a lift from Granda Mac up to the vets to collect Loki.  And oh my poor wee pup, she was NOT a happy puppy at all.  Was most pissed off with the cone on her head and kept walking into stuff which made Holly and I laugh hysterically!  Other peoples misfortunes are ever so amusing at times and even my Loki wasn't exempt from our mockery!

I had to have something to laugh about after the vet stinging me for £185. Pick me up off the floor! People you are in the wrong need to be either a vet or a dentist.........cos they are the ones raking in the money!

Poor Loki had a miserable night and didn't feel much better this morning, after going out in the snow and me laughing at her when she came back in cos her cone was covered in snow, it was just like adding insult to injury.  After watching her try to eat with this cone on and struggling I adapted one of Jack's old t-shirts and she is now wearing that instead and she seems to be much happier, looks daft but hey she's none the wiser!

Aww isn't she sweet?  If she takes a chunk outta my butt when I bend down at any point in the next ten days I think that I will so deserve it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha  


  1. Snow is lovely to see if only we don’t have to get out in it and do whatever we must do. I feel for you, but it seems you have everything under control. Smart lady!!

    Thankfully I live in Alabama in the southeast portion of the USA and snow is a rarity here.

  2. Snow should only be on postcards....I hate the cold!!! A key indicator of how much I adore my daughters is that when I retired I'm moved from a nice warm place to this friggin' icebox place just to be near them!!! Oh, did you know that your Loki looks just like JM's Bowen ?

  3. @ Dad - I totally agree! I have just spent an exhausting hour, digging out my car only to look up and see more snow dropping down on me! Ah you are a good dad though, moving to be with your girls :-)

    No I didn't know that Loki looked like Bowen. Loki is such a happy dog, I am sure she is on uppers! Though not so happy at the moment....bad Lynne!

  4. Aw your dog does look like mine! They should soooooo be doggie BFF's.

    I need to apologize, Lyndy, I thought I was following you until I stopped by today and saw that I wasn't! What is wrong with me?! Sorry about that :)

  5. @JM no need to apologise :)

    I love this little doggie, she is so happy. How long have you had your dog? Loki would love a BFF!


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